It’s Almost As Though Anywhere You Have Lots of Africans It Starts to Look Just Like Africa

I am well aware that there are many who attend the Semitic Truth Center who live in other parts of the world besides America. Thus, some of you may not be aware of the demographic make up of certain areas of the country. Take the nation’s capital for instance. When you think of Washington DC you probably get a picture in your mind of something like this …


However this is only the government area, often referred to as the beltway. Outside of the beltway, Washington DC looks more like this………..


This is why all of the politicians live in either Maryland or Virginia because even though they would never admit it, they know they just can’t relax in Washington DC outside the beltway. So with this in mind, lets take moment to look at a little snapshot of what life in Africa DC looks like. We’ll call this one, “Healthcare, the black version”.

Three Howard University Hospital employees were fired after video emerged of a disturbing incident in the treatment of one of its patients.
Security guards were seen dumping a woman from a wheelchair onto the sidewalk outside the Washington, DC-area hospital last month.
They then leave her there on the pavement and walk away as horrified passersby look on.

Wow, this sounds like something you would expect to happen in a place like Africa. I wonder if there is any reason why that is?

The incident that occurred last month, in video obtained by ABC7, shows a male officer pushing the barefoot female patient in a wheelchair.
He then abruptly stops and the woman tumbles out of her chair and onto the pavement.
A second male officer and a female officer watch as the woman hits the ground. The female officer then walks away and throws up her gloved hand, telling the male officers to ‘leave her there’.


Nobody wants to work in black area hospitals because this is the jungle you deal with every day.

777   TFW you just leave dat bitch on da sidewalk. 

Metropolitan Campus Police Officers Union President Gabriel Adegoke, said the female patient was brought to the hospital by ambulance and became ‘agitated’, according to The Washington Post.
She reportedly refused treatment and was discharged, and officers were assigned to escort her out.

So the nigger patient shows up at the hospital, starts raising hell and refuses treatment. The nigger officers then roll her black ass out of the hospital and dump her on the sidewalk. Yay diversity!

888The look you have when someone thought you were just frontin when you said, “Oh no you didn’t”

In the original report, hospital spokesperson Dr Shelly McDonald-Pinkett told ABC7: ‘Well, it’s horrifying to see what happened to this particular patient. And I could never condone that as a practicing physician or as someone who’s very concerned about what happens to patients and people in our community.’


The community. Have you ever noticed how blacks always talk about the community as though they have some sort of social cohesion? If you were in Africa and started raising hell in a hospital or for that matter you just showed up at the hospital for any random reason and perhaps the staff there were having a bad day, what would you expect to happen? You would probably get dumped out on the street. In Washington DC the same thing happens and the area just so happens to be full of Africans. Now some might surmise that perhaps Washington DC is in an area where the magnetic fields of the earth cause the magic dirt there to be less effective thus causing blacks there to act like blacks in every other part of the world. However this theory fails in the fact that literally every other black dominated area on the planet follows the same exact pattern. Now if you only have a few of them around, you could isolate them in something like nature preserves, you could call them nigger preserves. They could be like a curiosity and people could look on in amazement at these genetic throwbacks and wonder how the hell they fit in to the grand scheme of things. Sadly, when you have as many as we do now, you are stuck with entire cities destroyed by these pavement apes and instead of a mere curiosity, you are left pondering much more pressing questions, such as “What the hell do we do will all of them?”

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2 thoughts on “It’s Almost As Though Anywhere You Have Lots of Africans It Starts to Look Just Like Africa”

  1. Wash. DC?
    LMFAO! Where crack barry served as mayor from jail and was RE-ELECTED.
    But das nun mah bizneth…

    Compare pics of Hiroshima years after the atomic bomb with pics of Detroit after years of niggers, SHEEEIIIT!

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