A Lesson In Projection and Wishful Thinking Courtesy of Matt Bai

I came across this article this morning by Matt Bai proclaiming that not only is Trump a mean ugly bully but he’s being totally punked out by the likes of Anglea Merkel. Now I realize your first reaction to this is probably like “LOL wut?” but you have to remember, these are the same people who tell us that if we stop allowing the terrorists to come into our countries to blow us up then that means the terrorists win.

President Trump woke up incensed Tuesday morning, apparently because after he finally got through lecturing European leaders about how they had to take more responsibility for themselves, Germany’s chancellor had the audacity to suggest that European countries should take more responsibility for themselves.

Yes it was one of the bright points in Trump land the past week or so. Watching Trump tell a group of so called leaders who consisted of weird cat ladies and faggots that we weren’t going to pay for their defense budget any longer while they stared on in disbelief was quite the site to behold. I also saw Merkel’s speech later and it amounted to, “Well we may have to start paying our own bills since it looks like America isn’t going to anymore”. I mean sure, it had an air of butt hurt to it but in the end it boiled down to an acknowledgement that the party was over.

111Cat ladies and faggots BTFO! With the exception of the blonde on the far left who in every photo with Trump looks as though she’s ready to “form an alliance”, if you know what I mean. 


“The times when we could rely on others have passed us by a little bit,” was Angela Merkel’s takeaway from her most recent meeting with Trump. She said European powers “needed to take our fate into our own hands,” which prompted Trump to fire off an angry tweet assailing the trade gap with Germany and vowing to make the country spend more on defense.

Because what we really need are fewer BMWs manufactured in South Carolina and more of a German military presence in Europe. That’s always worked out great before.

So after reading that, you may be asking yourself, “So is he saying Merkel = so much better than Trump or Merkel = Hitler?” Well you see, it’s actually both. One the one hand, Merkel has been a steadfast supporter of the ((Marxist agenda)) but on the other hand, she’s still the leader of Germany and any German at any time could morph instantly into the Nazis and start gassing sixty quadrillion Jews in fake shower rooms with bug spray. “What sort of neurotic mind would think that way?!” you ask?

444Surprise surprise! 

Trump is weak, and our rivals have figured it out. They’re walking all over the American president in a way we haven’t seen since at least the days of disco and Space Invaders.

So Trump shows up, stands in front of these cat ladies and faggots and tells them they’re going to have to start paying their own bills after which the head cat lady in charge makes a speech saying that they are going to have to start paying their own bills because Trump told them so and this equals they’re walking all over him. LOL Only in the mind of a Jew.

Trump punches down. Like all bullies, he prefers to flex his muscle with those who are inherently smaller, or where the stakes are impossibly trivial.

You know that rule? The one that says SJW’s always project? Well in this instance, let the “J” stand for “Jew”.

Like all Twitter trolls, he’s got an endless supply of insults to be dished out in 140 characters or less, using all caps and exclamation points, as long as he doesn’t have to stand in front of you and look at you level.


Someone is butt hurt over being trolled relentlessly on Twitter. Yes Matt you are so right. I’m sure that IRL those mean nasty Nazi trolls wouldn’t even be able to look you in the eye because you’re …………..LOL…………….so intimidating………….

laughing gif

Just how tough is Trump when the adversary isn’t someone who works for him or serves as a prop in some way? Ask the Turkish despot, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Yes because Erdogan was so afraid of Obama. Oh just stay with me, it gets better.

A few weeks ago, just after Erdogan visited the White House, a bunch of Turkish goons kicked in the heads of protesters outside the country’s embassy on Massachusetts Avenue. Thanks to this excellent video analysis from the New York Times, we know that several of these thugs had ties to Turkey’s security service, and they could be seen conferring with the Turkish president himself before deciding to plunge into the crowd.

Erdogan watched the bloody crackdown from behind the armored window of his car, two miles from the White House.

You see, Erdogan has bionic vision. From two  miles away he can sit in his car and watch all his evil plans coming to fruition.

America does business with all kinds of characters, of course, and what you do at home is your problem. But here we have certain laws and convictions, and when you come to our country, people get to tell you what they think without being bludgeoned.

Oh FFS, do I actually have to point this out? Ok I will. Let’s say you go to the Turkish embassy and you step foot on their property. Where are you? “Murica!” you say? No. You are in Turkey. There’s no way this neurotic Jew doesn’t know this fact but he’s just counting on the fact that none of you do so you will start thinking, “Yeah I guess the turkroaches really made Trump look like a pussy, especially compared to Obama.”


What did Trump, who talks so tough with other NATO allies, have to say about any of this? Where was the outraged tweet blasting back at a foreign incursion in the American capital? How many Turkish diplomats were expelled?

Foreign incursion in the American capital?! Has he not watched what is happening in Europe? He must have missed that little episode when Merkel, having yet to morph into Adolf Hitler, bowed to Erdogan’s demands that Germany charge some guy for making fun of him?

6666                                   What is this guy talking about? This is sovereign Turkish soil. Even I know that. 

The answers are nothing, nowhere, and none. Erdogan flipped his middle finger to the White House, in full view of the world, and Trump hid in the West Wing, whining about his press coverage.

Of course literally none of those things are what happened but we are talking about a Jew here so it pretty much is to be expected.

You can bet that Erdogan had been watching the way Trump handled Vladimir Putin, after Russian planes and subs showed up to menace the coasts off Alaska and Connecticut

It was so menacing that you probably never heard about it. Well it turns out they were in this thing called “International waters”. That means pretty much anyone who wants to can go there.

A stronger leader might have politely put the Russians on notice that we take our borders seriously…..

Jews seriously. If they weren’t such rats you would have to give them credit for the way in which they change positions and what they say as the occasion suits them. So I guess Matt Bai now supports taking our borders seriously. I wouldn’t count on him holding that position tomorrow though.

Then there’s Kim Jong Un, who’s setting off a new rocket every week now, boasting about his intention to reach American targets.

A rocket every week, eh?

Why are Trump’s competitors so confident they can brush him aside?

Oh please tell us Mr. Jew.

Probably they can see that he doesn’t have much grasp of world affairs, or a ton of interest.

Really? This is what you bring us? “Probably they can see……….”?

8888I’m thinking maybe not. 

……what they see in Trump is insecurity.

Wow. There is projection and then there is Jew level projection.

All of this creates an opening for a leader like Merkel or France’s Emmanuel Macron, who see a vacuum emerging in the West.

444Trump is about to get totally run over by the new super strong leader of France. 

Macron made a point this week of demonstrating what spine in a statesman looks like, condemning Russia’s anti-gay bigotry and state-controlled media while standing next to Putin himself.

One of the ways the Jew keeps you confused and unable to formulate a response at times is by muddling your mind. One of the ways they do this is by contradicting themselves and telling lies that counter the lies they just told. As Adolf Hitler pointed out, when you or I discuss or debate a matter it is to try to come to an understanding of the truth but when the Jew discusses a matter it is to make the truth as muddled and obscured as possible. So in the first part of the article, we are told that Trump was weak because he stood in front of the NATO leaders and told them to stop being deadbeats and start paying their bill because America wasn’t going to be their defense department anymore. Then in the latter part of the very same article, he tells us that Macron is super strong and tough because he stood beside Putin and……….whined about faggots? Seriously? What happens is when you listen to this or you read it all at once your mind gets to tangled up trying to make sense of the many contradictions and outright baldfaced lies that by the time you are done, you throw your hands up and give up. At which point the Jew declares himself having won the debate. This is why debating a Jew beyond simply for the lulz of triggering them, is one of the most pointless things you can do. Any attempt at a serious discussion or debate of a topic and you will find yourself spending all of your time trying to back things up to get the Jew to admit his contradictions while all the while he carries on as though the lie and the contradiction was never said. This will be done while he strikes an intellectually serious posture for the audience. Labor camps obviously don’t work to cure them of this so I’m thinking the next thing to try is sending them all to their little crime base in the Middle East. Then we’ll see how well a parasite does without a host.


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