It’s Art Goyim

When it comes to the Jews, everything is pretty much the opposite of what they call it. This is one of the reasons I point out that they speak the language of the devil; lies are truth, what is ugly is deemed beautiful and degeneracy is freedom of speech while anyone who disagrees with them is guilty of hate and should be shut down. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to art. Jews are completely devoid of the ability to create anything of beauty. Why? Because there is no beauty within them. They are like baskets full of snakes: even if the outside looks as though it might be something nice, if you look within it you will find nothing but vipers. Since art naturally reflects what is within a person, it stands to reason that Jewish “art” also is a reflection of what is within them.

111Just look at our Holocaust memorial Goyim, nothing could be more breathtaking than cubes! 

I came across this story today, where a Jew put on a grand art display in (where else?) New York City.  “What does this grand art display consist of?” you ask? Painting naked people, of course.

For four hours, visitors to New York’s Times Square got an eyeful when two hundred nude models put themselves on display as part of a nude body painting exhibit on Friday.
The models descended upon Times Square to participate in New York City artist Andy Golub’s latest exhibit, ‘Body Notes,’ during which their naked bodies were turned into colorful canvases featuring statements aimed at creating ‘a powerful expression of positivity and acceptance,’ according to the exhibit’s notes.

222It’s art Goyim! 

From time to time, I will have some ill informed normie accuse me of saying someone is a Jew without Jew confirmation. Let me tell you, Grandpa Lampshade goes to great lengths to be sure that a Jew is confirmed before giving them the gold star treatment.

6666                                          Step on up Shlomo, you’ve earned a gold star. 

I never jump to conclusions even in cases such as this where it’s obvious that this has to be the work of a kike.

LOL he says in the video, “……well everyone hates us……” Do you ever stop to ask yourself why that is Jew? Of course you don’t. The problem has  to be with everyone else…………on the entire freaking planet.

In Golub’s exhibit, nude models were painted a base color and then their torsos were emblazoned with a statement of their choosing, ranging from phrases like ‘Art is free’ and ‘Friends make the world go round’ to ‘My body my art’ and ‘Ask me why I love my body.’

No doubt, this will be celebrated for centuries to come.

‘Everyone feels that being naked is such a big thing but in reality that’s just who we are,’ Golub told the NY Daily News, adding that his body painting exhibits help to destigmatize nudity.

There’s never an end to it really. Now we must destigmatize nudity. What’s up after that? I don’t know. Ask some Jew.

Among the reasons models participated in the ‘Body Notes’ exhibit were to promote body positivity and experience freedom from judgement.

333How dare you judge me! 

Free from judgment? What they really mean is free from being held to some sort of civilized societal norm when it comes to behavior.

Participant Amanda Cerami told the NY Daily News that it was ‘an adrenaline rush’ to be naked in front of so many spectators without caring what they thought of her.

We think you’re an attention whoring skank, walking around naked in public doesn’t exactly refute this assumption. So there you have it Goys. Back in the bad old days of the Patriarchy, art was something you looked at and was pulled into, something that if it were really breathtaking would be marveled at for generations to come. Now? We get Jews painting naked people who then stroll around on our streets sending some sort of vague message.

444                                                Don’t try to discount my words because they’re from a Nazi. I can tell you Shin Saimdang didn’t go around painting on naked people either. 





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