In Case You’re Wondering: Yes, I Still Hate John McCain

It’s not as though I want to attack anyone who is critical of Trump. I have called out the President when I think he is doing something that is, shall we say counter productive. When he does things that we elected him to do, I praise those moves. This is called being honest and holding people that you voted for accountable. It’s not loyalty to blindly disregard things that someone you supported and voted for does something that is not what you elected them to do. If anything, it’s helpful in that they can get the feedback that we are indeed paying attention and they can’t just jew us over now that they have been elected. Then you have John McCain. I think I may hate John McCain worse than I do Jews like Chuck Schumer. I mean, Jews just do what I expect them to do pretty much right on schedule but shills like McCain are out right traitors who openly serve the interests of a foreign government over the interests of the people they supposedly represent.

John McCain has said US leadership was stronger under Barack Obama and said Donald Trump’s criticism of Sadiq Khan suggested American ‘doesn’t want to lead’.

In case you’re wondering, he apparently defines leadership as WWIII with Russia to protect his ISIS dudes.

111                                        These good boys are just waiting for some leadership so they can embrace the democracy and our values. 

The senator from Arizona had said America’s standing in the world was being damaged by Mr Trump, who has championed an ‘America First’ approach.
He said the US had been better off under Obama, despite being a fierce critic of the former president and particularly his foreign policy which he awarded an ‘F’ grade.

Pretty much all of McCain’s criticisms of Obama were whenever Obama passive aggressively tried to not do what the Jews demanded.

Mr McCain, who ran against Obama as the Republican nominee in the 2008 presidential election, said Mr Trump was in danger of alienating its allies.

Yeah he ran against Obama…….and lost badly. Thank goodness. This may come as a shock to those of you who come here strictly for the evil racist hate but one of the things that I found consoling during the eight years of African occupation was the knowledge that as bad as Obama might have been, at least he wasn’t McCain.

It comes after Mr Trump attacked London Mayor Mr Khan after the London Bridge terror attack which left eight dead and dozens injured.

John McCain is the quintessential shill. When desert brown people are in their desert countries like they should be, he loves nothing more than bombing and killing as many as possible. When they invade our own countries, he is the staunchest of defenders of their feels.

mccain-memeWe have to respect these desert brown people’s feels………..unless they are in their own countries……….then we need to kill as many of them as we can. 

When asked about that, Mr McCain told the Guardian: ‘What do you think the message is? The message is that America doesn’t want to lead.
‘They [the rest of the world] are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica.’

American leadership in Antarctica. Yeah don’t ask.

When asked if America’s standing around the world had been better under Obama, Mr McCain replied: ‘As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.’

You may be wondering how it is that McCain manages to get these obviously cherry picked questioned designed so that he can give his canned anti-Trump answers. Well you see, the media is primarily owned, run and staffed by Jews…….

Mr McCain had previously said there was ‘profound concern across Europe and the world’ that America was ‘laying down the mantle of global leadership’.

More war!

Discussing Mr Trump’s alleged links to Russia, he added: ‘I can remember the Watergate scandal and how it brought down a president. I’m not suggesting that’s going to happen to this president, but we are in a scandal and every few days another shoe drops from this centipede, and we’ve got to get through that.’

I have news for these old faggots: nobody under the age of 65 gives two shits about Watergate. I know it was a big deal for you back in your day but for the rest of us, not so much.

Mr Khan had previously criticized Mr Trump’s remarks about Muslims and his attempts to bring in a travel ban against people from six mainly-Muslim countries trying to enter the US, and Mr Trump labelling him a ‘buffoon’ and challenging him to an IQ test.

He denied he was stoking up a feud which went back to 2016, when the mayor described the then presidential candidate’s calls for a ban on Muslim entry into the US as ‘ignorant’.

444You don’t want to bring in more brown desert people to kill you in your own country? There’s a word for that……..hate. 

You all may think that I just have some sort of blind hatred for these brown desert people when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I see more blind hatred for these people from normie conservative types who still feel restricted to criticizing Islam instead of being able to openly talk about the fact that it’s race we’re dealing with here. I simply don’t want these people in my country. I don’t care how they treat their women, children, goats or whatever in their own countries. I don’t think they should be bombed for democracy or more accurately because the Jews want to wreck their countries while stoking up conflict by flooding ours with these people. Send them back and leave them there, it’s as simple as that. Then you contrast my position with that of John McCain who advocates killing as many of these people in their own countries as possible when it’s for Israel but is the first on the scene to defend their feels when someone points out that importing them all is destroying our nations. Isn’t it amazing? The end result is nothing but destruction of all of these nations! Both the nations of the brown desert people and our own white nations. The only nation that miraculously gets left out of this equation for destruction is Jew Israel. What an amazing coincidence.


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