This Is How You Raise Good Boys

We all know that virtually all black males are good boys who wouldn’t do nothing. Oh but if only the rest of us could learn something from this epitome of parenting achievement. How do they do it? How do they mold these precious little nigglets into the fine upstanding good boys that they all become? Today we get a rare glimpse into the amazing parenting abilities of the black community.

A toddler shocked investigators who were conducting a child welfare check of his home when he pulled out a loaded gun from his toy box on Tuesday.

Sure a loaded gun in the toy box might seem like a bad idea to you but in the black community this is known as gun safety intervention at an early age.

The three-year-old was playing with his toys when the Boynton Beach officer and an investigator from the Florida Department of Children and Families arrived to his home over child neglect allegations.

111Child neglect? I just can’t believe that! (LOL look at those eyes, is she even alive?)

Police were called to the home on complaints that a man was selling drugs from the apartment.

Somebody gotz to feed dez kidz.

While officers were speaking with the child’s mother, Rosalyn Faniel, 34, the child brandished a loaded pistol that he pulled from his ‘my little learning’ toy box, according to the Palm Beach Post.

So who do you think paid for the toy box? The drug dealer or the taxpayer?

One of the officers immediately took the black 9mm semi-automatic pistol away from the boy.
The officer found that there was one bullet in the chamber with the safety off.

Real niggaz don’t worry bout no damned jive ass safety. Real niggaz learn to hold that bitch sideways like a gangsta.


Faniel told authorities the gun wasn’t hers and she didn’t know it was in the apartment, according to the Post.

She didn’t know nuffin bout dat, why dat wasn’t even her gun. Not the most original black excuse but hey, sometimes you can’t go wrong with the classics.

After a search of the home, the officers found a yellow box of 9mm ammunition on top of the refrigerator.

Also on the fridge was a black scale and a pink makeup bag filled with six plastic bags of white and pink powder, according to the Post.


You might assume that those things had something to do with drugs but that’s just racism.

The powder tested positive for Oxycodone and weighed .6 grams in total.


I’m sure she didn’t know nuffin bout dat either.

Faniel was arrested on a charge of child neglect and her bond was set at $3,000.
She was released from jail on Wednesday.

Wow, they must be confident that she’s not going to jump bail.

Court records show that Faniel was previously charged with failure to appear in court and violated her release conditions. She is scheduled to appear in court on July 13.


So she has a history of jumping bond, gets found with her kid playing with a loaded gun with a round in the chamber and they release her on $3000 bond. Why are they even bothering to arrest niggers at all? I mean yeah sure I guess the jail is probably full of niggers who are doing worse things but still, it seems to me that they are just going through the motions here. And now no doubt, the state and the (read white) taxpayers will pay for her little nigglet to grow up in the system which when you think about it probably isn’t that much more money since no doubt the state (white taxpayers) were pretty much already paying for everything for this future good boy who no doubt wouldn’t do nuffin. Looked at as an isolated thing, this may not seem like that much money and time spent but this is just one sheboon and nigglet out of the nearly countless sheeboons and nigglets that we are being drained supporting. I think some of you believe it’s a stretch to say we would probably have moon colonies right now if we weren’t being drained of finances supporting this obsolete farm equipment that doesn’t even work anymore but if you stop for a moment and think of all of these people we have paid for and supported over the years from cradle to death row, the costs are staggering. Surely there has to be a better way. Surely we can bring together our creative genius and figure out something else we could do with these people because one thing is for sure: the current arrangement isn’t sustainable.

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2 thoughts on “This Is How You Raise Good Boys”

  1. Also notice that there’s absolutely NOTHING further mentioned about the 9mm at all.
    You see, we can’t be having any discussion about:
    -this sidearm “belonging” to a nigger felon(LOL, like I had to add felon),
    -or the sidearm more than likely not “belonging” or registered to the nigger,
    -or the fact that this is really a case of a gun in the commission of a nigger crime(a heavy crime sentence),
    -or any MSM “facts” about “gun crime”(LOL, the gun commits the crime) REALLY = nigger crime.
    -ALL of these known FACTS would more than doubly complicate (((their))) agenda.
    -because another truth in this story is that math constants(1+1=2) DO NOT apply when niggers are in the equation. -niggers automatically exponentially multiply the problem.

    And (((they))) know destroying our 2nd Amendment is key to ultimate submittal.

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