Archive Photos Depict Nazis Destroying Women, Children and German Families

The Daily Mail is sort of a go to source for news around these parts. As far as what’s considered “mainstream news” they are better than anything in America. That having been said, there must be something in their company bi-laws that requires x amount of Nazi stories per week, as they just come up out of nowhere. For this week’s installment of the horrors of life in Nazi Germany, we’re shown the way in which the Nazis degraded women, children, families and society in general. Don’t worry don’t worry, they mention the Jews too. You didn’t really think they would leave the chosen out, did you?

Skipping, waving flags and playing games. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking these smiling children were engaging in some of the most wholesome activities of childhood.
But a closer inspection of the photographs reveals that they were actually being indoctrinated as Nazis.


What’s so funny is that people don’t understand why the Jews are against whites having any sort of pride in their race today, as though this is something new the Christ killers have come up with just the past few decades or something.

And more still show how, at the same time, Jews were attempting to flee the country and were being violently persecuted wherever they lived.

For absolutely no reason, I might add. In fact, it’s happened well over a hundred times over the centuries, always for no apparent reason. Logic then dictates that the problem must lie somewhere with the rest of humanity, as there is no way that the Jews’ own behavior could have anything to do with it.

The photographs, contained within the German National Archive show how the nation’s youth was corrupted by the Nazis.

Yes, you are about to witness what real corruption looks like Goyim!

333Look at these poor women! Do you know what this is?! Oppression, that’s what! 

Slutwalk in Stuttgart                                            Thankfully, Adolf Hitler was defeated. Now, women are liberated and free to be sluts! Thanks Jews! 

111Look at this! Men marching with shovels! They’re probably on their way to dig the graves of six trillion Jews who have been gassed in fake shower rooms. These men were forced to dig the mass graves of the Jews so deep, that no one has been able to find them yet. 

222Now that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are long dead and gone, they are no longer corrupting young men by having them march with shovels in the name of racial pride. Now, they march in the name of sucking dicks. Really, we owe so much to the Jews. 

111On the surface, you may think, “Hey, what’s so corrupting about jumping over a fire?” but what you don’t realize is these young men are actually jumping over the smoldering remains of a few thousand Jews. 

333Sadly, not all young German men can be reformed and freed from the bonds of hate. That’s why it is necessary to replace them with these guys. 

111The Nazis enjoyed corrupting children so much, they were evacuating these kids in order to keep them from being bombed when everyone knows that for kids to be truly liberated, they need to be bombed once in awhile. 

333Now look at these kids! The Jews flew over a special package of bombs, paid for by the working Goy in America just so they could find out what true liberation feels like. 

111Children in Nazi Germany were often forced to eat Ice Cream. However they were only allowed to eat Vanilla Ice Cream as it was believed to be the master flavor. 

222                                                                     Now young boys in Germany are taught about the dream of someday getting their dingus chopped off. 

111You want to see female oppression? Women were encouraged and even celebrated for having babies! 

222Now German women don’t have to worry about that whole baby thing anymore. Now they are free to run through the streets showing their tits while they abort their babies. Because racism has been defeated, they openly welcome brown desert people in since they have lots of babies. It’s sort of like outsourcing the whole baby having thing to cheap foreign labor. 

111Utterly disgusting.

222Now this, this is what a wholesome family is supposed to look like! Now some of you racist haters might feel the need to comment on the fact that they look like they’re fixing to have nigglet ass for desert but that just shows that you don’t know what real familial love looks like. 

111A christening might seem like a harmless thing on the surface but these are Nazis FFS, they never did anything wholesome. What you are actually seeing here is a Mengele experiment. The guy on the right is attempting to suck the brains out of that Jewish baby and implant a German baby’s brain. 

111The Nazis hated Christianity and in fact almost persecuted Christians as much as the Jews. Almost

111The caption below the picture reminds us that the Nazis forced retards to be sterilized. In our new modern society, science! has discovered that the key to having a truly healthy society is to have as many retards as possible making retard babies. 

111Since the internet didn’t exist back then, the Nazis had to get creative when it came to getting their maymays out into the public. This is what so called “dank memes” looked like back then…..

6666                                                                                              …….and now. Sadly, we still have a long way to go. 

111In this photo, we see hordes of rats Jews fleeing the country. The Nazis decided to blame all of their country’s ills on the Jews when they had done nothing but try to help the German people. This is what doing good deeds gets you. 

111“What’s so bad about this picture?” you ask? What do you not see in this picture? That’s right, non Jews. In this photo, we see the Jews being forced to jew  sell their wares to one another. Sadly, not much commerce was able to take place because they would stand in the streets and negotiate price for days on end, even if the difference was only a few cents. Those who didn’t starve to death in these ghettos while trying to get a better deal over their fellow Jews, were later turned into lampshades and soap. 

And there you have it folks. It’s so important that we never forget that white people everywhere, not just in Germany owe so much to the Jews. Not only have the Jews obviously not held a grudge over having so many countless of their brethren turned into household appliances and cleaning agents, but they have worked tirelessly to make all our countries better. This is what they do: work to make non Jews’ societies rise up to be the best they can be. Sadly, often these same societies wind up blaming all their woes on the very Jews who have been trying to help them. Which is why we must always look back at the horrors of Nazi Germany and join with our Jewish friends in the promise to never forget.



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  1. It is sad the harm that the Cultural Marxists have done to Western Civilization. There are many useful idiots in their ranks, but the key players and the leaders are (and have been) Jews.

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