Finally a White Male Terrorist!

We’re going to set aside for today the possibility that this is some sort of false flag (which even though I’m not a big conspiracy sort of dude I wouldn’t rule out of the question) and take these latest developments in Britain at face value.  As we go through the following long article on the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the idea that a white person may or may not have killed one of the noble brown desert people in an act of attempting to take his country back, I would like for you to keep in the back of your mind the lack luster response from the government after the recent London Bridge killings, which involved running people over and stabbing white people. All over the news this morning were experts, warning that this is what they have long feared: that now this will cause a backlash from the otherwise benevolent brown desert people community and the violence will escalate. In other words: “We’ve warned you not to fight back. Fighting back will only make them mad and will make the otherwise peaceful brown desert people start killing even more of you in your own country.”

The smirking Finsbury Park terror suspect was hauled to the ground and pinned down by the congregation until the police arrived as he screamed ‘kill me’ hoping witnesses to his Islamophobic attack would seek retribution, it was revealed today.

If this is terrorism and if the cause is Islamophobia then what is the cause of the terrorism from the brown desert people? Oh yeah, that’s right whiteophobia. In other words, they hate us.

crying-moslem                                              I just came to live on welfare forever, rape their women, pimp out their little girls and kill them for being white…….and this is how I get treated?! You can’t imagine the feels. 

The unnamed white man in a blue T-shirt – who suffered a black eye and cuts to his face and hands – was filmed repeatedly shouting ‘kill me’ to the men who grabbed him.

This is amazing. In all of the terror attacks in Britain, Europe and America I can’t recall a single time the suspect was listed as being brown. I wonder why that is?

Officers held back crowds after arresting the terror suspect who continued to goad witnesses by smiling, waving and even blowing kisses, with police today praising the ‘restraint’ shown in aftermath of the van attack.

By restraint, they mean they’re so thankful they didn’t immediately go full Allah Akbar.

Witnesses said he ‘deliberately’ drove onto the pavement outside north London’s Muslim Welfare House – yards from the Finsbury Park Mosque – and jumped out of the cab shouting ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims – I did my bit’.
But as he tried to run from the scene a group of men gave chase and were filmed pinning the suspect to the floor before dragging him along the road as bodies lay strewn across the ground.


I’m supposed to feel bad about this………..I guess?

The mosque’s imam Mohammed Mahmoud was among those on top of him and as one member of the public kicked the suspect in the head he yelled: ‘Don’t hit him – you do not touch him – hand him into the police’.

This man understands the value of respect for law and order better than the white British do!

moslem-men                                                           We are here to be sure you understand the concept of law and order Infidel. 

Today Mr Mahmoud called for calm and forgiveness as he spoke outside Finsbury Park Mosque and said: ‘By God’s grace we managed to surround him and to protect him from any harm. That’s all we did. It wasn’t me alone – there was a group of brothers who were calm and collected and managed to extinguish any flames of anger’.

No wonder it’s known wold wide as the religion of peace.

111                                          This is the face of pure evil……..and it’s white. 

Describing what happened to the one victim killed he said: ‘The deceased had collapsed and people came to tend to him, they brought him a chair.
‘As he regained consciousness, the van drove perpendicular to seven sisters road, he drove at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the road – it was enough to make some people fly off under the side.
‘He dragged two people underneath him, one said they were worried he might be paralysed because he could not feel his arms and legs’.

Bear in mind that they’re not even sure if the one dead guy was even killed by this man. He had collapsed before the van of justice even arrived.

Scotland Yard has said they are treating the white van attack as a terrorist incident and assistant commissioner Neil Basu today praised the ‘restraint’ of those who detained the suspect at the scene and handed him over to police.

So when the brown desert people killed native whites in Britain twice within the span of one month, did Scotland Yard praise the restraint of the white British for not going out and killing any Moslems they came across? This is amazing, they are openly bowing and praising the brown desert people for not retaliating by immediately going out and killing as many white people as they can, as though such a response would be totally reasonable.

222                                            We could all learn so much about love and restraint from this man, let me tell you. 

They have arrested the 48-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder as they ascertain if the elderly man who died at the scene had already passed away before the white van ran him over.

So this guy may have not even managed to kill even one person.

Outside Downing Street the Prime Minister Theresa May described the Finsbury Park as ‘another terrorist attack on the streets of London – every bit as sickening as those that have come before.’

Whether a false flag or not, it’s obvious they’ve had this response prepared and waiting in the wings for some time.

The attack is fourth terror attack in Britain since March – one in Manchester and three in London – claiming 36 lives so far.

All of whom were white people. Well, this one brown desert person may or may not have been killed by an angry white person but that doesn’t matter. What matters is now it is obvious that what we’ve been told is true: that white people are even worse than these brown desert people who are showing such restraint by not retaliating by killing another 36 white people.

111I’m not saying the problem is white people…………but the problem is white people. 

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Mrs May said the attack had ‘once again targeted the ordinary and the innocent going about their daily lives – this time, British Muslims as they left a mosque, having broken their fast and prayed together at this sacred time of year’.

Yes you see, 36 white people within a month have been murdered by brown desert people  but now none of that matters because this one white person may or may not have killed one brown desert person. Can you not see now that we really are totally equal here?

She added: ‘Today we come together, as we have done before, to condemn this act and to state once again that hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed.’

I remind you again as I did when the London Bridge attack happened: when Theresa May talks about the enemy being “hate” and “evil” what that means is they are going to focus their efforts not on doing something about these brown desert people (after all, this incident shows that the problem is just as much white people) but on targeting people complaining about it on the internet. No, they may not be able to do anything about these brown desert people but you can bet they will spare no expense on being sure that never again will some white guy dare to even contemplate fighting back.

333Yes yes, we know that white people are the problem. Please tell us what to do about them Imam. Rabbi, what are your thoughts?

Mrs May said that the attack on Muslims was ‘every bit as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life’ as the recent string of terror attacks apparently motivated by Islamist extremism, adding: ‘We will stop at nothing to defeat it.’

Oh I’m sure you will.

As details of the attack emerged, the Muslim Council of Britain condemned the incident – which took place shortly after the congregation finished Ramadan evening prayers – as ‘the most violent manifestation’ yet of Islamophobia and called for extra security around mosques.

Of course they will get it. Think about this for a moment: your country is being invaded and your government instead of defending you and driving out the invaders is not only letting them in but is using their police and military to protect the invaders……..from you!

The Met Police has now vowed to put extra security around mosques at this ‘sensitive time’ as Muslims continue to mark the holy month of Ramadan. Mr Basu said it was an ‘incredibly challenging time for London’ with emergency services ‘stretched’ but that officers would do all they could to keep people safe.

Actually, they’re just going to do all they can to keep the brown people safe. The rest of you are on your own.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also urged people to ‘remain calm and vigilant’ and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has said the attack was ‘quite clearly an attack on Muslims’.

Why in all of the previous terrorist attacks, have you failed to point out that they were clearly attacks targeting white people? This is not a point that can be debated, this is a clear and obvious fact, yet not mentioned. Why is that?

444You have my word that I will do all I can to protect the brown desert people from the native population! 

Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed the incident is being treated as a potential terror attack and called an emergency meeting of the Cobra Committee.

No expense will be spared in protecting the invaders from the native population. If this is allowed to continue, the invaders may get mad and then all of them may start killing us in our own country!

Today, Toufik Kacimi, chief executive of the Muslim Welfare House, said the suspect had shouted ‘I did my bit’ after carrying out the attack.
He told Sky News: ‘After the event, he did say ‘I did my bit’. It means he is not mentally ill, he is conscious, he did what he did deliberately to hit and kill as many Muslims as possible.’

Well this is strange. I would assume that only a mentally ill person would wake up one day and decide that perhaps his country was being invaded and he might want to do something to stop that. It sounds like the clinical definition of insanity to me.

555Old boomer bitches were on hand giving out flowers along with their phone numbers to comfort the injured. 

777I’m on a personal mission to introduce these brown desert men to free love like back in the 60’s. 

Jeremy Corbyn expressed his shock at the incident, which took place in the heart of his Islington North constituency, and appeared to be in tears.
He said: ‘I’m totally shocked at the incident at Finsbury Park tonight. I’ve been in touch with the mosques, police and Islington council regarding the incident.
‘My thoughts are with those and the community affected by this awful event.’

666                                          Muh brown desert constituents.

I’m sure there will be some stuff coming out in the near future where people will be pointing to this as a false flag attack of some sort and maybe it is, who knows. But let’s just review the situation with the actual facts that we have while stripping away all of the worthless words used to cover up these facts, such as “our values”. Brown desert people and black Africans are invading Britain. These people have raped countless women and pimped native women and little girls out as their whores. These same people have also killed a significant number of the native white British. The answer to this from the government has been to flat out state that no matter how many of the native population is killed, they will not stop letting these people into the country, much less do anything about the ones already there. During all of these incidents, the government has said that the problem isn’t brown desert people but instead “hate”. If you’re not sure how the government would be able to combat something that is defined as an emotion then just stand by, because they have made it pretty clear what they plan to do. They plan to target anyone complaining about the state of their country under the rule of brown desert people with their cat lady front people in the government. Now a lone white guy has had enough and may or may not have killed a single brown desert invader. Where the deaths of all of these native British have been met with lukewarm responses about “our values” the possible death of a single invader is being treated with what amounts to the authorities of the nation wearing sackcloth and ashes and wailing from the rooftops. Your governments aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and decide to defend you. They are not on your side at all, they are on the side of the invaders. If the invaders put in their own government, how would it look any different from what you have now? Here’s another thought exercise for you: if Britain had simply surrendered to Adolf Hitler, would Britain look worse than it does now? Does anyone think that Hitler would have flooded white Britain with brown desert people and black Africans? This is more than a rhetorical question and it’s actually quite relevant in light of the fact that pretty much everything Hitler warned us about is coming to fruition. May God help us all.




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