The Danger of Unconventional Pets

You’ve heard of the type: folks who just can’t settle for a wienie dog or a chihuahua for a pet. They’ve got to have something more edgy, more different than everyone else. It’s kind of like getting your dingus pierced: it just screams “edgy”. Of course when you are discussing this category of people, you will notice that there are varying degrees of this behavior. At the tame end of the scale you might have pit bull owners. Then as you work your way up you have people who keep venomous snakes and even tigers. Then you have the rare few who take things to a whole other level; they surround themselves with the one pet that is virtually guaranteed to turn on you at some point or another: the North American Pavement Ape.

A lecturer teaching slave history at the University of Tennessee Knoxville has been fired following a dispute with a black student who accused her of being racist.

111                                                                                 “What does racism look like?” you ask? It looks like this: thinking you can teach a course on black oppression to blacks and then question their opinion when they’re wrong. 

Judy Morelock, a lecturer in the department of sociology, was terminated in April after the dispute with student Kayla Parker.

Be an SJW professor helping the poor oppressed negros.                                                   Suggest to negro that they might perhaps be wrong about something.                        Lose your job.                                                                                                                           Get REKT


The argument was based on a multiple-choice exam question about the impact of slavery on African American families.

Do you know what this proves? This proves that the left are the real racists after all! Because if there’s one thing those of us on the right would never do, it’s question a black concerning their wisdom when it comes to slavery or being kangz.

222                                                                                  Whatchu think u know bout slavery cracka?

In a passionate Medium post, Kayla Parker wrote: ‘The whitewashing of Black history has historically been used to justify the barbaric behavior that White people inflicted on Black people for centuries and I was seeing this happen again in my class.’

You thought lynchings were bad? Ha! Just imagine being questioned on something about slavery in class………….by a white person!

She claims the professor was not interested in ‘having a conversation or hearing my concerns.’

And if there’s one thing that blacks are known for: it’s having rational unemotional conversations when it comes to a different opinion. So let’s stop for a moment and take a look at exactly what this college level question was that started this whole tragic chain of events. Now granted, if you haven’t been to college this will probably be over your head because as we all know, college is for people who are able to grasp very complex and multifaceted theories and such.

Historical research on African-American families during slavery shows that:
A) Family ties weren’t important in African cultures where the slaves’ ancestors originated; consequently, family bonds were never strong among slaves.
B) Two-parent families were extremely rare during the slave period.
C) Black family bonds were destroyed by the abuses of slave owners, who regularly sold off family members to other slave owners.
D) Most slave families were headed by two parents.
Parker chose C, but was told by her professor the correct answer is D.

Ummm well wow yeah. This actually reminds me of like those questions where it’s obvious what answer they’re fishing for. Sort of like doing a questionnaire on gun safety and it looks like this:

Which of the following answers is incorrect:

If you own a gun and have children in the house, you should always:

A. Keep the firearm unloaded and locked in a secure safe.

B. Use a trigger lock.

C. Never leave the firearm unsecured for any amount of time.

D. Store the firearm with a round in the chamber in your child’s toy box.

IF this is what amounts to college level work then the Semitic Truth Center is obviously an institution of an advanced level that even I didn’t realize.

‘After class, my Professor and I went into the hallway for our scheduled meeting. Before letting me speak, she spent 3 minutes flipping through various books and citing sociologists who didn’t explicitly mention the destruction of family bonds.’

333                                                         TFW some cracka ass SJW professor professor thinks they know bout da slavery than you do. 

Ms Parker added: ‘Fortunately, this story has the unusual ending of a University standing up for a student.
‘I was removed from the class, given alternatives for completing the course, and offered additional resources to ensure my safety.’

Her safety! The SJW professor threatened her safety by pointing out that she picked the wrong coddling answer on the quiz.

She went on: ‘When white people refuse to use their privilege and voice to fight against a society that disproportionately victimizes people of color, they are in fact contributing to a racist and unjust society.’

So she’s the hero of news stories, the SJW professor got fired and the takeaway is supposed to be how this highlights what a racist and unjust society we live in that obviously victimizes people of color. The only real victim in this entire story is our university system. This is what it has become now: leftist SJW professors teaching low IQ groids about how big a victim they are and how they once were kangz who get fired for having the racist audacity to ever disagree with a person of color who gets a third grade level multiple choice question wrong. As to this professor who lost her job all while crying about how she’s sooooo not a racist, one can’t help but have the same sort of reaction as when you read a story about some numb nuts who decided it was a great idea to keep a tiger as a pet and then got eaten by it: meh. So let this be a lesson for you kids: when it comes to pets, stick with parakeets, kittens and puppies. Don’t try to be clever and edgy by keeping alligators and Pythons and whatever you do, don’t surround yourself with pavement apes. They will turn on you every time.


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