It’s Almost As Though It’s Natural to Find Fat People Revolting

Science! has just come up with a shocking new discovery: children who are young enough to have not finished mental indoctrination naturally find fat people repulsive. I’m sure the answer will be to intensify the indoctrination.

Young children can have unconscious prejudice towards their overweight peers, which leads these chubby kids to gain even more weight, a study claims.

You see, the reason little Sarah is a fat ass is because the other kids avoid her because she’s a fat ass.

111                                                                           I can’t think of any other reason. 

Duke University researchers found that children as young as nine years old can have a bias against fatter children, using their weight to determine if they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

Obviously just like racism, these kids need more “education” to get them to understand the importance of going against their natural instincts.

Previous research shows that children who are stigmatized because of their weight, tend to gain even more, which can lead to health complications as adults.

222 “Why?” you ask? Well, let me tell you about my childhood. 

Experts noted that children who were shown pictures of chubbier kids were more likely to determine them as ‘bad’. Researchers said these children may not even realize their bias.

Kids have a hard time actually articulating what they feel because they naturally have a more limited vocabulary. I think in this case, they don’t so much mean “bad” as they do “gross”.

Dr Asheley Skinner, an associate professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine, said: ‘When children are stigmatized for being overweight, it can cause further weight gain and other health consequences.
‘Given that, we felt that it was important to determine if we could identify unconscious attitudes towards weight in this 9-to-11 age group.’

I think the time and effort would have been better spent trying to find a way to improve the quality of our food so that we don’t have pre teen diabetics anymore.

Fatter children are also more likely to have unreciprocated friendships – thinking other children are their friends when the feeling is not mutual.

Obese girls when they get older, are more likely to have unreciprocated relationships. They think they’ve finally landed a boyfriend when instead, it’s just a one nighter.

333                                                                                  Sure it was only one night and he’s never called me back but I’m already planning the wedding. 

‘Fat-shaming’ – insulting or bullying children because of their weight is causing obese children to be treated a social outcasts, researchers claimed.

That’s natures way of trying to get them to reverse a self destructive behavior.

This can create a vicious circle which can lead to further overeating, the researchers warned, and anti-bullying strategies need to take into account anti-fat prejudice in schools.

Don’t you just love it? Kids naturally feel what too many adults are afraid to say and the answer is that we need more programs to get them to deny the natural feeling they are having.

The researchers from University of South California said that as well as the negative impact on physical health, being overweight or obese is damaging to children’s mental health, increasing their chances of depression in later life.

Well no shit Sherlock. I remember growing up and even into High School, there were like 2 girls maybe 4 in my class who were fat and to be honest, one or two of them wouldn’t even be considered fat by today’s (lack of) standards. Now I see all of these young people, even little kids are are just disgusting. From 9 year old diabetics to teen girls with a big ass fat role hanging over their too tight jeans. How do parents let their kids just stuff themselves and not see that there is a problem here? Another thing I believe can’t be excluded from the equation is what they are putting in our food. I honestly believe that high fructose corn syrup is poison. Grandpa Lampshade has never been fat but last year I went on the paleo diet and when I cut out HFCS I went through literal detox and lost 20 lbs. I wound up weighing what I did when I graduated High School.  I’ve fallen off the paleo wagon a bit but I still avoid HFCS and I haven’t gained but a few pounds back. So why do they put it in so much of our food? Is it an insidious plot? I think it’s simply because in muh capitalism it’s a really cheap way to sweeten food and make it highly addictive so that you will consume more of it and drive up muh profit margins. Sure it causes health care costs to go through the roof but these new hospitals aren’t going to pay for themselves! This is one of the huge draw backs of non nationalistic capitalism: it degrades the people to the point of being nothing more than livestock whose sole purpose is to provide money to the system.




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5 thoughts on “It’s Almost As Though It’s Natural to Find Fat People Revolting”

  1. When I was young, we might have had one “chubby” kid in the entire school and the assaults were merciless. Later at a job it was even worse. Hell, the Military didn’t even accept fat asses. Today, half of America is disgusting fat globules.
    Thanks joooz.

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      1. LOL, and they’re all over the internet, posting how much they love themselves. And everyone including themselves KNOWS they’re lying out their fat asses.
        -Grow Mastodon sized fat reserves
        -Hate yourself
        -Claim victimhood status
        -Point the finger at fat-shamers
        Rinse and repeat. How pathetic.


  2. North Korea should open up a Fat Camp. We could recruit at the local Wal-Mart by where the Electric Fat Carts are dispensed. Offer it as Free trip to a Trendy Spa in a foreign country and offer unlimited Flaming Hot Cheetos for the Niggers. If they don’t return, so what?

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