Good Boys Dropping Like Flies

It’s going to be a long hot summer. Sadly, things are heating up in more ways than one and our good boys are dying in the streets. Somebody needs to do somethin!

As a spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department, it has been TJ Smith’s job to notify the public about the city’s numerous homicides.

I wonder if there is some sort of common denominator when it comes to these cities with a ridiculously high homicide rate?


On Sunday, Smith found himself on the receiving end of devastating news when his younger brother, 24-year-old Dionay Smith, was identified as Baltimore’s 173th homicide victim of the year.

Here’s a thought: if the government instituted nigger season and people payed like a thousand dollars for a permit to drive through the hood and bag a dindu, I would be willing to bet that more blacks would still be killed by other blacks than by whites.

The younger Smith, a father-of-three, was found fatally shot inside his home at about 8pm on Sunday.

111                                                                                  Well I personally find the news that this find young man sporting a Raiders cap with the stickers still on it whose file pick is a selfie at the Cricket store getting gunned down to be a total shocker.

Since Smith’s death on Sunday, there have been three more homicides, bringing this year’s total to 176 – significantly higher than the same time period last year.

Niggers killing niggers; aside from the destruction of our once great cities it’s really pretty hard to find a downside here.

No suspects have been arrested in Smith’s killing, but police on Monday released surveillance video showing two men entering the home where the shooting took place, with one of the persons of interest holding what appears to be a gun.

Here’s the picture of the suspects:


LOL Not really!


According to WBAL, investigators are not sure if the person seen in the footage wearing a T-shirt is connected to the case, but they wish to talk to him.

Yeah we wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions here.

Police were called to the residence in the 1400 block of Argyle Avenue at 8pm on Sunday for report of a person not breathing and found Dionay Smith dead from a gunshot wound.
TJ Smith was at work when he saw a painfully familiar name on a list of homicide victims.

6666                                         TFW your job is to go through the names of random niggers killed by other niggers and your own family member makes the list. 

Speaking of Dionay, Smith said the 24-year-old was a ‘good kid’ who was not ‘about that life,’ presumably meaning a life of crime.

Yes, he was a good boy. Aren’t they all? Here’s another question: at what point is a male pavement ape old enough to not be considered “a kid”? If you watch sports ball of any sort, you will hear these announcers say things like, “I’ll tell ya Mike, this kid’s just an amazing talent” and then the camera shows this so called “kid” running around and he’s covered in tattoos and well into his 20’s.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Smith said he believes his brother knew his assailant and that shoot was not a crime of opportunity.
‘He was targeted,’ he said. ‘A coward with a gun entered my brother’s apartment and shot and killed him.’

Yes but at least a white person didn’t kill him. If they had, that would be a hate crime and would make his death something for blacks to turn out into the streets over demanding “justice for Dionay” but since this was once again another case of blacks killing blacks, there will be no white taxpayer pay off for the family so it won’t even be a blip on the hood radar. Let me tell you about a murder that is much sadder than that of yet another black with a made up black name: the murder of our society and our nation. We once built great and beautiful cities that were the envy of the world. We once dreamed of having flying cars and space travel. Now our once great cities are war zones inhabited by low IQ jungle people and we can’t decide which bathroom people should use. RIP America, you had a good run.


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