A Woman Writes An Article That All Women Should Read

Whether you listen to the globally acclaimed Thoughts of the Day program, follow me on Twitter or Gab or simply just enjoy taking in the material here at the Semitic Truth Center you need to understand this: Grandpa Lampshade strives to share truth how I see it and where ever I find it no matter the source. I came across this little article today by a woman and was left with the feeling that this is something all women should read and understand. To top it off, there’s a good chance (according to my built in kikeometer) that the author is a Jewess. I know I know and don’t worry, GPL isn’t getting all soft when it comes to these kikes. Still, when I find the truth, I will share it and to be honest, with all the talk about how relations between women and men are in such bad shape, this little glimmer of truth should be shared. It’s nothing grand but sadly, things that were taken for granted just a few short decades ago now seem like revolutionary truths in this current state of lies that we all live in.

Having been sold a pack of feminist lies that make both men and women unhappier, those of us in the millennial generation who are interested in happy marriages have had to rediscover a lot of politically incorrect truths from scratch.

But every feminist I’ve ever interacted with seems so well adjusted and happy though. Oh wait.

111             Seriously, have you ever met a feminist who wasn’t perpetually angry?

But there’s one truth that is particularly difficult for our genderless, sexless culture to accept, because it eviscerates not one, but two shibboleths of the age: first, that men and women desire the same things in relationships, and second, that a selfish, “be yourself” attitude is a good prescription for marital bliss.

Mothers used to share simple truths with their daughters in preparation for a life of marital bliss. What happened? When did this break down? I blame the boomers……….and of course the Jews.

The unspeakable truth is this: a spouse’s physical appearance is much more likely to be important to men than women.

nuclear pepe

I don’t care if the author is a Jew or not, this is a thermonuclear truth bomb. Granted, for those such as myself it pretty much falls in the category of “No shit Sherlock” but you have to understand: most people no longer grasp these obvious truths.

Terrifying truth number one: a spouse’s looks are much more important to men than women. That men are visual creatures when it comes to picking a mate has been confirmed by brain scans, but any appraisal of the dating scene will lead the average intellectually-honest person to the same conclusion via observation.

This truth is only terrifying for fatties and fugs. Here’s the good news though (being the ray of sunshine that I am): things have never been easier for plain Janes and homely girls. Seriously. Things are so bad now in America, that all a woman has to do is not be fat and she is already in the upper tier of desirability.

Women are no less shallow than men when it comes to sheer attraction, but they are different. Women tend to be turned on by men who display social dominance, power, or the ability to provide more than by hunky looks.

Read that over and over beta cucks until you get it through your programming. Women aren’t turned on by your willingness to cry. Women aren’t attracted by your ability to jump up and defend her honor no matter how wrong she is. If you want to attract women being sensitive and an emotional tampon isn’t going to cut it. Social dominance and power. Now, those of you who don’t want to put in any effort will simply scoff and read this as “money” and no doubt, money does attract women but why? Because men with money tend to be………….socially dominant! So what if you don’t have money? Don’t lose hope, there’s always fat black women.

222Bring yo skinny white ass over here. 

No, not really. Do you want to know another term for social dominance? Confidence. You have got to find a way to gain self confidence and that way will be different for different people. A good starting place is to get yourself into a place mentally where you don’t give a shit what women think. This will quell the reflex urge you have to seek their acceptance which is the opposite of what you want to do because it reflects the opposite of what women find attractive.

The de-emphasis that women place on physical appearance sometimes leads us to project our own attraction patterns onto our spouses: sure, it’s easy for us to imagine still loving our husbands plus 50 pounds, but how easy is it for us to feel as gung-ho about, say, their extended unemployment?

If you are married and your wife tries to throw up the “You married me for better or worse” argument in your face when you point out that she needs to lose the weight, simply ask her how she would feel if you quit your job and decided to dedicate yourself to full time gaming while laying on the couch.

This is an appeal to women in healthy, loving marriages. It’s not an excuse for cruel behavior or dangerous fad diets. Your husband doesn’t—and you shouldn’t surround yourself with anyone who does—want you to be thin at the expense of being unhealthy, super stressed, or extreme with your fitness regimen.

She misses the mark here. “Super stressed” is so vague that the average woman will use that as an out. “I can’t do this anymore! I’m so super stressed over not having another piece of pizza!”

333The stress I’m feeling: you can’t even. 

This is not about the pursuit of perfection, but rather, about achieving your best self. Your husband knew you weren’t a Victoria’s Secret model when he popped the question, and he won’t expect you to look like Gisele Bundchen now, especially after years together and possibly growing tiny humans in your body. He doesn’t see the thousand nitpicky flaws you obsess over in the mirror, but he does notice the general shape of your body in comparison to when he met you

Your husband doesn’t expect you to not get older or to have the body of a 20 year old. However, when you have to ride the scooter at Walmart, it’s a bit much to then turn around and ask him, “Do you still find me attractive?”

There is a Marilyn Monroe quote that frequents social media profiles these days: “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve my best.” This sentiment—that if they’re truly in love, men should just put up with any amount of negative behavior and presentation from women without even voicing a complaint—is echoed in romantic Hollywood movies, and dressed up as female liberation from the “male gaze” or the Patriarchy™.

But if you’re truly in love, why would you want to make the man who loves you put up with your worst? Really, it boils down to an ideological, you-go-girl gloss on selfishness.

444                                                                                                            If she’s a Jew and if I were Le Happy Merchant, I would totally waifu this bitch. 

Grandpa Lampshade talks to lots of different people about all sorts of things and topics and such. From time to time, wives will ask Grandpa Lampshade his opinion on whether or not they are being a good wife or how they can know if they are doing their best to have a happy healthy marriage. I always give them the two simple GPL rules for wives: don’t be fat and don’t be a bitch. This sounds overly simplistic but honestly, we men are fairly simplistic creatures. Nobody is saying you have to agree with every single thing he says or that you aren’t allowed to have a bad day but let’s be honest here ladies: you know if you’re being a bitch or not. On the same note: stop asking your husband if he thinks your getting fat. You have a mirror and a scale, you already know the answer and yes, so does he. If he tells you “No” and the scale says, “Yes” then you can rest assured that he simply doesn’t want to deal with the drama that will be involved with telling you that you are turning into Shrek. I have people ask me about the epidemic of porn in our society and how it poisons the minds of men and they ask me “Why are men doing this?” There are a number of reasons but one of the most basic ones is that men would rather fap to pics of pretty girls than wrestle around with a whiskey barrel in bed. What about aging? Don’t sweat that. One of the great things about being married to the same person over time is that even though the outside world will see you as the age that you are, your husband will always see you as the same young woman he married years ago. Unless you look like a lard ass, that is.


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