Matt Bai Struggles With the Timeless Question That All Jews Wind Up Facing: Why Does Everyone Hate Me?

One of the things that I find entertaining about reading things such as this neurotic example of the inner workings of the Jew mind, are the comments from clueless normies talking about “liberals” and “Democrats” at the bottom. I realize that it’s easy to feel a little arrogant when you are aware of who is doing what but come on, it isn’t “liberals” who have been kicked out of 109 countries and counting.

About 18 years ago, when I was a young correspondent covering Bill Bradley’s ill-fated presidential campaign for a magazine called Newsweek, I received a letter from a teenager who lived somewhere in New Jersey.

This kid castigated me for writing so much about Bradley’s tactical failures and so little time writing about his policy ideas. The letter stung me because it was undeniably true. Swept up in the shallow theater of politics, I had been spending an awful lot of time on Bradley’s shortcomings as a performer (which were notable, but still).

But still Matt, did this revelation cause you to write your articles differently? I doubt it.

I got out my personalized letterhead — I swear, the magazine actually gave you that stuff — and typed out a reply, which was probably more defensive than I’d like to admit.

“Dear Goyim, I received your whiny letter of complaint today. Just who do you think you are? Well let me tell you, you are cattle! I hope this doesn’t come off as defensive, by the way….”

Soon after, I got a call from the boy’s mother, who wanted to thank me; her son was bright but didn’t always have confidence, she told me, and my reply had meant a lot to him.

You’re an inspiration to as all Matt.

111Thank you, oh chosen one.

The exchange meant a lot to me, too. I remembered it not only because I really didn’t want to become the kind of myopic journalist who cared more about the game than about the stakes involved, but also because it underscored for me the value of hearing from readers, even when it hurt.

Only now it hurts too much. It was all fun in games when it was some kid and you got a letter back from his mom saying you were a great guy but now that the Goyim know, it’s not so much fun.

I recall all this now, on a slow holiday week in Washington, because recently I’ve found myself wrestling mightily with what to do about reader mail. We’ve changed the way we talk to each other, you and I. And I think it gets to something foreboding about the moment.



There are plenty of inferior ways for readers to be heard now, of course.

You don’t think arrogance could play a role in the way people interact with you, do you Matt?

Social media is crass and impulsive; any writer will tell you that most nasty tweeters haven’t read past the headline, anyway.

This sounds like a classic reaction of someone who doesn’t want to face legitimate criticism to me.

Trying to have a meaningful exchange with a Twitter troll is like walking into a dive bar and trying to reason with the drunkest guy in the joint.

….and getting your intellectual ass kicked. Kind of stings, doesn’t it Matt? That feel you get when you expect people who you consider beneath you to know their place but instead they refuse to be intimidated by you.


Comments sections are most often forums for tortured moans and screams, like a portal beckoning to the underworld.

Seriously, this is his reaction to the fact that people disagree with him. Trust me, Matt Bai isn’t an outlier: deal with Jews on a regular basis in the political arena and you will see this pattern over and over.

People who tell me I should really read the comments on my column, so I can find out just how wrong and unpopular it was, are like me telling my kids: “You should listen to that bully at school! He might be onto something!”

If you disagree with the Marxist Jew while he advocates for your destruction, you are bullying him!

But when people sit down and write you a thoughtful note, there’s something urgent they want you to understand, and often it’s something you hadn’t fully considered. A lot of times, if you’re truthful with the reader and with yourself, that conversation can change perspectives.

I’m going to assume that since you’ve been writing the exact same political bullshit for years now Matt, that by “change perspectives” you mean you eventually got them to agree with you that you’re a great guy.

Sometimes, when a note was especially harsh, I’d respond simply by asking if the reader might reflect on whether he was proud to have written it. As often as not, the reader wrote back to express the same view in a calmer tone.

Matt Bai: tone police.

I’ve come away from a lot of those exchanges wishing I’d written something more carefully than I did.

Thankfully, now you can just block them or demand they be banned.

In the past six months or so, though, something’s different in my inbox — it’s as if the weathered levees of sanity and civility have at last been breached.

It’s what tends to happen when the Goyim know.


It’s not just the occasional physical threat or the ratcheting up of hateful language — this stuff about not belonging in America, or not deserving to live, or not being truly loved by anyone. (Some dude actually wrote that.)

Seriously, I’ve been engaging Marxists online for years now and this stuff he’s whining about (most of which is probably made up BTW) is tame in comparison.

No, it’s the hardening up of factions and the choosing of sides, a kind of cultural finality that precludes any kind of nuance or accommodation.

Yeah you’re right there. The days of accommodation are over. How do you accommodate or come to an agreement with an opponent who ultimately wants your destruction? The left has destroyed the political middle and now they want to whine that there is no political middle. I have said this for some time now: there will be no middle ground, you will either be with the Marxists or you’ll be with the Nazis and make no mistake, it’s not the Nazis who are forcing people into having to make this choice.

It’s no longer possible to be a searching, independent voice, rejecting the reflexive talking points of both parties. Judgment day is here.

You’ve never rejected the talking points of the left Jew. Nice try.

The rhetoric now, most prominently on the right, is of revolution and resistance.

You see, it was all great when the right was just old conservatives who let themselves be kicked around by the left. Now the that right is finally growing a set and fighting back, the fun is over.

Each week I get emails from readers, incensed by my criticism of the president, who speak of overthrowing the powerful elites, as if we all lived in some postcolonial outpost in Africa or Latin America.

They’re being nice Matt. These people don’t yet want to come out and say “The Jews” so they say “The political elite”. Thankfully, I suffer from no such qualms.

777                                Know your enemy and name your enemy. 

These notes are drenched in a kerosene of class resentment and nativism and anti-intellectualism, all waiting for some kind of static spark.

Let me help some of you out by running this through my jewspeak translator.

Class resentment: the condition of resenting being ruled over by a foreign parasite.

Nativism: the frightening state that occurs when white people decide to stand up for their own interests.

Anti-intellectualism: Anti-Semitism

An all too familiar, if admirably succinct, note I got this week read simply: “You are a fool and a traitor.”

Which is a category error. To be a traitor, Matt Bai and Jews like him would have to be one of us to begin with. The Jews have always been a foreign entity so they can’t technically be traitors.

Another typical correspondent told me: “When someone caves in your skull, you can blame us neocons, but really you will be in a world of your own creation.”

This line is guaranteed 100% made up bullshit. Neocons consist of Jews and their shabbos lackeys.

7777                                                                               “Someone is going to cave in your liberal skull you dirty liberal you”

He’s got a point there. It would be easy to lay this all on President Trump, whose coarse language and nationalist appeal have so infused the moment. But Trump himself is probably the logical end to a progression of politicians I’ve covered over the years — Howard Dean, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich — who’ve described our politics in increasingly Armageddonish terms, and who’ve cast the entire media as the venal enemies of truth and democracy.

But why would people think that about the media if all the media was doing was reporting the facts? Also, why does everyone in the world who has to deal with them always wind up hating the Jews? The two questions aren’t non related.

And this is what I find profoundly depressing about the mail these days, more than the meanness or the insinuations of violence. It’s the fact that you can’t exchange ideas or perspectives anymore.

The left has never been about exchanging ideas. It’s like when they’re always on about having an honest conversation about race and you’re like, “Sure. It’s obvious that these niggers are doing a hugely disproportionate amount of violent crimes. We should really do something about that” and they are like, “BIGOT RACIST HATER!”. The thing is the people have figured out that the left never wants to have a conversation, they want to dictate and if you disagree, they want to shut you down and they don’t care if that means forcing you to lose your job, putting you in prison or even killing you. It’s not really hard to figure out why either. Their positions are not based on reality and truth and thus, they are unable to compete with people whose ideas are founded in reality and truth so the only alternative is to shut down any dissent that might shine the light of truth on their lies and tyranny. They themselves have forced the political discourse to the point that it is and they will continue to push until things escalate even further, all the while whining about the fact that people are saying mean things to them on the internet and not having a “conversation” with them. Make no mistake: this has always been the way of the left and it’s always been the way of the Jew.


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