I’d Take the Word of the Dog

Grandpa Lampshade loves animals. In fact just like Adolf Hitler, I really like dogs. People who know me laughingly call me the dog whisperer. Even strange dogs will come up to me and sense the fash and try to go home with me.  I would have to say that I probably overall like and understand dogs more than I do people. As such, it’s no surprise that I think niggers shouldn’t be allowed anywhere around dogs. It seems as though most of the time when you hear of some sort of horrible animal cruelty story, there’s a low IQ pavement ape at the top of the headline. But what about other races? Asians aren’t above eating dogs so they’re out. What about specific people? Surely even though a person might be a degenerate Jew, if they are a celebrity a dog should have a life of luxury, right? No. Degenerate Jews shouldn’t be allowed around dogs either, especially if that degenerate Jew’s name is Lena Dunham.

The no-kill shelter from which Lena Dunham adopted Lamby — the dog she recently gave away after what she described as “four years of challenging behavior and aggression” — isn’t buying her story.

What’s this? Implying that a Jew would lie?! No way!

On June 21, the Girls alum shared on Instagram her “heartbreaking” decision to give away Lamby to an “amazing professional facility” in L.A. to be cared for by someone “educated in a rescue dog’s specific trauma.”

I’d give odds this lying kike dumped the dog out somewhere to fend for itself.

111                                                         TFW you’ve been adopted out to Jews. 

Dunham noted that “Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup,” which “made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others” and she and boyfriend musician Jack Antonoff “needed to be responsible to ourselves, our neighbors and especially our beloved boy.” They also needed to save their home, as the dog “ruined floors and couches and our life.”

Wow, sounds like the dog did everything but try to stuff her fat ass into a gas chamber. Maybe she should try a cat instead.

7777                                  I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine Lena Dunham waking up from a sound sleep to find this cat sitting on her couch like chest staring at her. 

This dog probably faced abuse alright but was after the adoption. The center where she got it from is calling this lying rat out for what she is.

A spokesperson for BARC Shelter in Brooklyn — where Dunham adopted Lamby in January 2013 before going on to make the dog a star by detailing his adoption in a New Yorker article, showing him off in magazine spreads like Vogue, and spotlighting him on her Instagram feed — has a different story though. For starters, the pet didn’t have a long history of abuse prior to Lena bringing him home.

Lying Jew rat lies. Color me shocked.

“We checked the records for Lamby,” Robert Vazquez told Yahoo Celebrity via email. “He was ‘owner surrendered, not enough time,’ so we do not know where she got ‘multiple owners that abused the dog.’” (In her New Yorker piece from March 2013, Dunham said the dog had “three other homes, three other names, but now he’s mine mine mine.”)

She made it up, just like the Holocaust.

222Look in this dog’s eyes. This is not a dog that is living in a happy home. Also, WTF is that 1st grade level drawing on her back?

At the time of his adoption by the star, the dog was just 1 “nearing 2-years-old” — and he didn’t have a history of being aggressive.

Like I said, I understand a lot about animals and dogs in particular. I’m not saying that there are not some dogs with bad pasts who are pretty much impossible to straighten out but here’s the thing; those dogs are older dogs. If you get a dog that’s say 5 years old and has lived it’s entire life in a chaotic household, it will be near impossible to straighten that dog’s problems out. Puppies under 2 years old: no problem.  Secondly, young pups who have been abused aren’t aggressive, they’re cowed. In the past year, I added another small dog to the Lampshade household that’s about a year old. She was found abandoned in a parking lot and the biggest challenge with her besides the house training was her reaction to everything was to cow down and try to hide. This is how puppies react when they have an abusive past.

“When she adopted the dog from us, it wasn’t crazy,” Vazquez continued. “I have pictures of the dog loving on Lena and her mom, which is weird if the dog was abused. It wouldn’t be cuddling with her or be in the bed with her ‘boyfriend’ in the pages of Vogue.” (Lamby appeared with Lena in a 2014 Vogue spread, which also featuring her co-star Adam Driver. The dog, which seemed like a trained pro, was with the pair on city streets, in bed, and chilling with the pair in the bathroom.)

333                                          The things this poor dog has seen. 

Vazquez says he personally was there “the four times Lena visited Lamby” prior to the adoption “because I’ve been in-charge of the dogs for the last 14-15 years at BARC. If Lamby had a bad past or was abused, do you think BARC would have adopted him to Lena knowing she’s a new star and put her — or the dog — in that situation? We would have told her if the dog had issues. We are a no-kill shelter. We don’t lie about the dogs’ histories because that gets them returned — and mentally it’s not good for dogs.”

Well Mr. Vazquez do you know what else isn’t mentally good for dogs? Adopting them out to Lena Dunham, that’s what.

Lena has previously said the dog’s aggression started immediately.

More like the abuse started immediately. She got the dog for the signaling points not for putting in the work of house training.

In the New Yorker piece, she wrote that despite Jack’s allergies to dogs, she adopted Lamby anyway.

Of course you did, the drama was a bonus to the signaling points.

Things were fine at first — because Jack wasn’t there — but the first night the singer met the dog, the dog bit him.

Out of the blue. For no reason at all.

444Just like Adolf Hitler, the dog attacked me for absolutely no reason whatsoever. 

In 2014, she posted an Instagram photo of her blood-stained panties after she said the dog bit her in the rear.

Yes, she actually posted a picture of her panties. I was going to put it up here but this place has standards. If you want to see the rat Jew Lena Dunham’s blood stained panties, you can find the link in the original article.

She tweeted that it was the second time Lamby bit her (both times the dog became upset because Lena was “sobbing”).

Do you ever notice that even when Jews smile, it looks like a mask they’ve put on? That’s because Jews don’t have the sense of empathy that we do. Thus, when telling a fabricated story such as the one here, they don’t know how to put it together to make it remotely believable because they have no sense of empathy, either with people or animals. The notion that a dog would attack you because you were crying is beyond nonsensical. Perhaps she was sobbing while beating the dog, that’s a bit more believable.

The BARC rep said, “It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when Girls was still a thing 4 years ago.”


LOL That’s gotta sting: “When Girls was still a thing……….” I think Mr. Vazquez isn’t really impressed by this lying Jew rat.

Vazquez is also disappointed that Lena got two new puppies shortly before giving away Lamby. (Dunham brought the cute canines with her to a Tonight Show appearance in February. During the interview, in which the new pups were passed around, she didn’t hint at trouble with Lamby. “Their brother, Lamby, lives in California. He’s more of a Cali kinda guy. More of a laid-back, West Coast dude,” she said.)

Right now he’s laid back sniffing in an ally trying to find something to eat and thinking to himself, ‘Yeah this homeless thing sucks but at least I got away from those damned kikes.’

Additionally, Vazquez pointed out that BARC — like other shelters — has a provision in its adoption papers mandating that if things don’t work out with the pet, which happens, it must be returned to the rescue organization instead of being re-homed, as Lena did and urged her 3.3 million Instagram followers to do.

Sadly, it’s also possible that her and her boyfriend wound up killing the dog in some sort of fit of Jew rage. I hope not but the fact that she didn’t return the dog (probably out of fear that the shelter would recognize the abuse signs right away) is a bad sign.

777           If the dog bites you at random for no apparent reason, why would you place it right by your head you lying Jew rat? 

“Really the only thing we can say is that she is still under contract, which states that if it doesn’t work out, they have to bring back the dog to us, so we can evaluate it,” Vazquez said.

Which she didn’t do. Why? Read it again: “so we can evaluate it”. In other words, they look to see if you’ve been abusing the dog.

Yahoo Celebrity also reached out to a source close to Dunham, who said the actress went to great lengths to get the dog help before ultimately deciding to re-home him in an environment where he’s getting the best care and love.

I’m sure your source would never lie.

Lamby now lives at the L.A. canine rehabilitation center, the Zen Dog, which takes in and treats dogs with intense behavioral issues.

Do we actually know this though? I mean, besides this lying Jew saying that’s where the dog is? And if the dog is at this Zen place, I’d love to hear their evaluation of this dog’s abused past. In particular, I would like to hear when this abuse took place. Of course, if the dog is actually there, I’m sure she’s paying them a lot of money to keep quiet about any such topics.

On Thursday evening, Dunham addressed this story in a post on Instagram, which featured a picture of a painting of the dog which hangs in her house.

We don’t believe you kike.

She started by saying, “It’s come to my attention that the staff at the shelter where I adopted Lamby have a very different account of his early life and behavioral issues than I do.” However, she noted that she “can’t apologize.”

Yeah I don’t remember the last time I’ve read of a Jew apologizing. Ever.

888                                                                                  There’s more significance to the presence of the boots in this picture than you might initially believe. 

Of her decision to give him away, she said, “I did what I thought the best mother would do, which was to give him a life that provided for his specific needs…..

Yes, all the best pet owners dump their dogs off and go buy new ones like fashion accessories. The sad thing here is also that now this poor dog is probably screwed up beyond repair. Granted, if he were in the Lampshade household he might have a chance but instead, he wound up in a house full of kikes. I put in months of cleaning up piss to get my most recent dog house trained and now instead of cowering down continuously she lays on my chest while I watch Korean dramas and I rub her chin. She can lay like that for hours. It’s a ton of work but now she’s house trained, now she doesn’t cow down if you simply look at her (though she still doesn’t like strangers) and she’s playful and runs around the house. Such is the life of a dog in the house of a Nazi vs the life of a dog in the home of a Jew. I’m a firm believer in being able to judge a person’s character by the way in which they interact with animals. Judging from this story, it’s obvious that Lena Dunham and her boyfriend are degenerate Jew rats with no sense of empathy or compassion. Then again, we already knew that anyway.



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