I Refuse to Believe Any of These Accusations Against an Empowered Black Female

As a white person, you just can’t imagine what life in America is like. You struggle week in and week out for generations building this country out of cotton until it is what it is today and yet, you are constantly oppressed by the racist system. For black women, this can be even worse because they have to deal with the patriarchy to boot. Imagine all that it took for this strong black woman to reach the position of Judge, only to have it stripped away be racist white people. I just can’t believe this could happen in 2017.

A Texas judge was suspended from the bench on Friday, after reportedly admitting to using hard drugs and sexting her bailiff.
The Texas Supreme Court decided to suspend 46-year-old Hilary H. Green after reading a 316-page report from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, based on complaints stretching back to 2012.

Blacks using drugs: a myth perpetuated by the white racist system.

Green allegedly admitted to the Commission that she used Ecstasy and marijuana with a boyfriend.However, she said she added that she stopped ‘misusing’ cough syrup three years ago and that it never impacted her work life.


In the black community it’s called “lean”. Now you might think that someone who has reached the position of Judge might be above drinking cough syrup to get a buzz but you would be wrong. But don’t worry, she assures us it never effected her work life. In fact, she probably missed fewer days being out sick, since she was pro actively treating any oncoming cough. If you have ever had the misfortune of working around blacks you know, they miss lots of days for being sick and dead grandparents / aunts (pronounced by blacks as “onty”).

She also said she traded sexts with a bailiff in her court between October 2013 and March 2014, but that she eventually asked him to stop texting her.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume the bailiff is also black.

After the decision on Friday, Green’s attorney Chip Babcock said he was surprised by the supreme court’s decision, since it didn’t address any of Green’s arguments to stay on the bench.

You’re not the only one who is shocked by this decision Chip. I for one and just floored.

‘We’re a little surprised that the Supreme Court issued a three-paragraph order when the judge had raised serious and substantial constitutional issues,’ Babcock said in a statement. ‘We’re disappointed in the court’s ruling and we’re still studying our options.’

444I wonder where she’s hiding the bottle of cough syrup? Oh. Never mind. 

He says many of the allegations against her are false, brought up by a bitter ex-husband and a jilted former extramarital lover.

Wow. For a Judge, she sure is the victim of a lot of different people.

‘She’s going to be fighting it. She’s been doing a terrific job as a Justice of the Peace Precinct 7. She was reelected last November overwhelmingly,’ said Babcock. ‘The allegations that are in this complaint about her as to sex, drugs, and even the rock and roll are false and not true.’

This is how elections go in black areas. No matter how bad they are, as long as they’re black they get reelected. However, if white’s practice this, it’s called racism.

222Can you imagine finally getting your day in court, and this is your judge?

Many of the Commission report’s claims were based off allegations from Green’s ex-husband, former city councilman and ex-controller Ronald Green, in 2015 divorce court papers. Other allegations come from her ex-boyfriend Claude Barnes, who she was seeing behind her husband’s back during their marriage.

Yeah but they’re not really just “allegations” when she’s admitted to them. I mean, at this point her defense is basically that yeah, she was doing drugs and drinking cough syrup, just like they talk about in the rap songs but don’t worry, it never really effected her work life. I’ll be honest: if this were happening in some African country I would simply find it lulzy. What’s bad is it’s happening in our country, which makes it much less lulzy. The simple fact of the matter is that you can’t have the rule of law and justice which are white people principles and have those principles respected and practiced by blacks. It’s as foreign to them as getting high from drinking cough syrup is to Grandpa Lampshade. This path of pretending that these people are our equals has reached levels of absurdity that are becoming harder and harder to ignore. At some point in time the tough questions are going to have to be answered. Namely, if these people are completely incompatible with our societies and our way of life (which they are) then what the hell do we do with them?




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