War With Russia

It has become obvious that the decision was made some time ago that we had to have some level of war with Russia. Obviously, those who have made this decision think that they are extremely clever and can keep it from escalating to a nuclear level but my confidence in this is shall we say, muted at best.

putin anime girls                                                        Who would think that we must have war with this guy? The Jews, that’s who. 

Ever since Russia quashed Israel’s plans to topple Syria, the narrative in the U.S. is that war with Russia is not only inevitable, but desirable and just. Hillary Clinton’s entire foreign policy during the campaign was WWIII with Russia because they were blowing up ISIS. Then ((they)) were shocked when the American people failed to jump on board with the idea. After Hillary lost on her WWIII with Russia platform, the narrative switched to this Russians hacked the election hoax. The fact that this hoax is utterly transparent hasn’t stopped them from continuing to press forward with it. We are at the point now that anyone remotely related to Trump who has met with anyone who is remotely Russian is now cause for suspicion that somehow Trump is a Russian puppet. Through all of these accusations of Trump being a Russian puppet, we aren’t supposed to notice that America has become a client state to Israel and virtually every American President in probably the past 100 years or so has been a puppet for the Jews.

111                                          Remember, these were supposed to be the good guys fighting on behalf of world Jewry in WWII. 

The narrative has failed to gain the momentum needed to get the war kicked off, yet they continue to push it anyway. Why? Inevitability. At some point, the narrative simply becomes a permanent part of the landscape and people just come to accept that this has to happen without ever stopping to ask, “But why does it have to happen?” Exactly what has Russia done to us that should warrant the level of hostility that is being shown to them right now, much less the level of hostility that is being demanded? Forget the election hacking hoax, remember these people were calling for these hostilities long before the election was decided. The answer to this may come as a shock to you.

It’s the Jews.

6666                                              Yes, in this ground breaking internet article, Grandpa Lampshade finally reveals the identity of the mysterious figure behind the demands for war with Russia. 

You have to understand, the Jews do much of what they do simply on the basis of their genetic drive to foment upheaval and destruction in the societies in which they live. The justification they use among themselves for this behavior is that all things are morally right if it’s deemed “good for the Jews”.  Conflict will arise from time to time among the Jews themselves on this matter not because some Jews don’t want to cause upheaval and destruction, it’s just that they disagree with their fellow Jews on which path is “good for the Jews.” Take Donald Trump for example. American Jews almost down to the very last hooked nose hate him with a passion while I think Netanyahu actually likes him. Does this mean that Netanyahu and the Israeli Jews are suddenly our greatest ally ever because Trump? Not at all. It simply means that Netanyahu and the Israeli Jews think it’s “good for the Jews” to use Trump as a means to their ends while American Jews think it’s “good for the Jews” to overturn the entire election and install someone of their choosing.

222The answer is the Goyim. It’s always the Goyim who get jewed. 

Which brings us to Vladimir Putin. This push against Putin and Russia is one of the few things the Jews are pretty much in agreement on. When Putin killed the Syria step in their grand plan of redrawing the middle east using their American client state, the gloves were off. If you deal with Jews on any level at all, you come to find that they are completely incapable of changing course when their plans don’t work out. Once they commit to something, they will double down until they get it, even if it means costing the lives of their own people. Syria was the next country on their list that needed to fall and by golly, they want it toppled. Thus, American Jews and Israeli Jews are united not simply in their rage at Putin (which make no mistake is very much real) but in their belief that Russia has to be dealt with so that Syria can be toppled according to their plans. Does this sound crazy to you: the idea of risking a world war just to topple some country in the middle east that the rest of the world really doesn’t care about? If so, then you are making the mistake of trying to project your morals and way of thinking on to these kikes. You also mustn’t underestimate the arrogance of these people. They truly believe that they can kick off a big war with Russia and yet still keep control of things so that they don’t go to a nuclear level (not that they care about the repercussions for the Goy if that happens, they’re just concerned that it might not be “good for the Jews” if it does).

1111I’m going to say something very controversial here: if America can’t uncuck itself from being a client state to Israel and starts a war with Russia, it deserves to get nuked. 

Adolf Hitler said that if Germany lost it’s struggle against world Jewry, he believed it would mean the end of civilization as we know it. After the war was lost and America was thriving, people were like, “Ha! That fool! Look how good things are!” People believed that since no huge disaster befell civilization right afterwards, that must have somehow meant that Hitler was wrong. Yet look at where we are now. Look at your culture under world Jewry. Look at your societies. Look at your monetary systems. Look at the landscapes of never ending wars with no objective other than it’s been deemed “good for the Jews” and tell me that our civilization isn’t very much in danger. We hear the phrase tossed about all the time about being on the wrong side of history. The truth is, one country and one man once tried to stop all of this that we are going through now and our nations were on the wrong side of history. Now, all bets are off as to the outcome. Will civilization survive or will it not? I don’t know the answer but I do know this: it didn’t have to be this way.


Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

2 thoughts on “War With Russia”

  1. The US mainland made it through WW1 and WW2 with barely a scratch. That will drastically change in the next major war. Look on the bright side Grandpa: No more Jew York, Los Angeles, “Hollywood”, Chicongo, or Washington DC by the time the Russkies and/or Chinese are done. Good riddance! I have been saying for years that if white nationalist Americans are not able to take back control of the US from the Jewish marxists, then some foreign country or countries will take care of the problem in the not too distant future.

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  2. Good summary of things gramps. Nothing more really needs to be said. If only we could get everyone to understand it all. Alas, sportsball and the latest super hero flick matter more than the future of our children.

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