I Do Feel Bad For the Dog and the Baby Though

Sluts used to be avoided beyond the one night romp in the sack. However, with the trend of American women becoming so fat as to render themselves completely undesirable, fit sluts with nice bodies are getting moved into men’s long term relationship pool. Unless a man is ready to be cucked, this can wind up with tragic consequences. 

The medical director of the American Red Cross killed his infant son, his girlfriend and their pet dog police in Nevada say.

The baby and the dog didn’t do anything, let me say that up front. There’s no excuse for this. However, now that abortion is a sacred right in the country, infanticide can be looked at as simply a post delivery abortion. No, I’m not actually advocating that. I’m pointing out there is no denying the fact that widespread legalized abortion does indeed cheapen the value of life in a society.

The bodies of Dr. John Lunetta, 40, his girlfriend Karen Jackson, 35, and their son John Jr. who would have turned one-year-old Wednesday, and the family’s dog were discovered Monday night in their Las Vegas home.

111The eyes. You can always tell so much by looking into the eyes.

Neighbors said Lunetta had a reputation for having had many women over to the house before Jackson moved in about a year and a half ago.

So he was a player who decided he might settle down when one of his one night flings got knocked up and told him he was the daddy.

However rumors had emerged that Lunetta was controlling and the couple argued a lot, said some neighbors.

What does “controlling” mean in this context though? I have found that when you dig into these things, a “controlling” man often winds up meaning he wasn’t ok with her slutting it up.

Whenever you read a story about a tragic female victim and one of the file photos is a picture of her basically in her bra and panties for a public picture, it tends to be a red flag. 

They also saw a moving truck in front of the home over the weekend and wondered whether Jackson was leaving.

Oh she was leaving alright.

Jackson had just passed a certification test to become a family nurse practitioner.

She sounds like a trad girl, getting her life back on track.


Jackson was an Air Force veteran, neighbors said.

No doubt fighting for ‘Murica on the front lines against muh terrorism.

Police have said the woman’s 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship was not home when her family was killed and is now with other family members.

Single mommyhood FTW!

555Guys, if you get the idea in your head to try to trad up one of these sluts, look at the eyes and just don’t. Seriously, just don’t. It will turn out badly for everyone. 

I would be willing to bet he got fed up with her sluttery and may have even got the DNA results back and found out the baby wasn’t his. Whatever it was, people don’t just up and decide to kill everyone in the house including themselves one day out of the blue because of misogyny. I can hear some of you now, “Come on Grandpa Lampshade, you have gone too far this time! Besides the fact that one of the best pics they could find of her for a story about her death was an underwear selfie in the mirror that she probably took to send to her mother, you have no idea if she was slutty or anything!” Trust me, she was a slut and this guy made the fatal mistake of trying to trad her out. Even low IQ blacks know you can’t make a ho into a housewife. When it comes to these sorts of things, you really should just trust your Grandpa Lampshade. Or then again, maybe I’m wrong and the naysayers and the writers of the original article are right and she’s a complete victim who couldn’t have done anything to bring this outcome on herself.

444Really though, you should always just go with the Lampshade. 


Author: grandpalampshadeblog

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3 thoughts on “I Do Feel Bad For the Dog and the Baby Though”

  1. You’re right! It made me feel bad for the Kid and Dog, both innocent. A stupid Doctor should know how Birth Control works if he’s been banging mega sluts for years. It might not have been his kid and he found out he’d been cucked.

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  2. I wonder how many mudsharks and/or their children/pets were murdered by their pavement apes.
    How many leash laws were broken?


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