Exactly How Are Western Values Superior to That of the Moslems?



I was going to discuss this on the next show but instead decided to cover it here, as I think the written medium will be more effective as well as being able to link to actual details. As you all well know, nobody is harder on these brown desert people (aka Moslems) than Grandpa Lampshade. However I find somethings hypocritical when it comes to claiming that so called “western values” are somehow superior to the values of these brown desert people.

111Triggered yet?

When we say “western values” what do we mean exactly? For most of us, it means “white people’s values” but this isn’t really accurate. Why? I have pointed out for sometime that the U.S. is but a client state of Israel and most of you grasp this in terms of the fact that the U.S. government functions to serve it’s Jewish masters. We don’t call it ZOG for nothing, right? But stop and consider for a moment how much of our culture and as a result our values are also subservient to the Jews. When you stop to actually consider what is being classified as being a part of “our values”, these so called values quickly begin to look just as foreign as the so called values of these brown desert people. You see, our white values have been intermingled with Jewish values to the point that our values as defined today are like some mystery meat baby dropped into the world by a mudshark.

Let’s look at one of the things that gets highlighted quite a lot when it comes to criticism of the brown desert people: female genital mutilation. For those of you who don’t know, this basically entails cutting off a female’s clitoris, not a fun thing to go through I’m sure. The brown desert people believe this will help keep their female desert women from being tempted to slut it up in life. I’m dubious when it comes to this but then again, I’m not a brown desert people and honestly, I could care less what they do with their women. FGM is one of the things pointed to by many folks when it comes to dealing with the brown desert people. We do it to highlight how different than us these people are and how it’s a really bad idea to bring them into our countries. Our opponents even point to this but they do so in the context of why we need to introduce them to our western values, namely by bringing them here. If they don’t come here, we drop bombs on them there to keep them from lopping off clits.

111                                        Yeah, definitely not just like us. 

Now granted, lopping off a female’s clitoris definitely falls in the category of what we’d call barbaric but do we really have a right to claim some sort of moral superiority here? Are our modern Jewish dictated western values actually above the values of the brown desert people? Well, let’s take a look.

The latest class of people to be elevated in or society as to be admired for their bravery are trannys. You would have to be living in the desert with no access to the outside world to not know that all things trans are now celebrated as all the rage today, even kids are encouraged to embrace this. We’re told that this is just our moral superiority correcting God’s mistake of putting this poor soul in the wrong body. All we are doing is helping them enjoy life to the fullest. However how are values that celebrate cutting your male genitals off superior to those that celebrate cutting of those of a female? Now, we talk all of the time about these mentally ill people medically getting their peckers removed but that really glosses over what occurs here. There’s so much more. I’ll warn you, grab your barf bags.

Hi everyone! In this video I will be discussing post-op dilation from sex reassignment surgery. [SRS] Dilation is something you have to do if you have SRS.

I’m going to go easy on ya’ll here and not post up the video. If ya’ll want that you can simply click the link to the source material.

It is primarily to keep the vagina at the depth and width that was achieved during surgery. 


It’s not a vagina. They cut off the male genitals and leave an open gaping wound there. They then attempt to form up a pocket so that if the person decides to have sex, their partner can basically masturbate into it. The problem is, the body naturally realizes that it has a gaping wound and does what it’s supposed to do: try to heal the wound. As a result, you have to take measures to keep that from happening so you can keep your gaping wound open because after all, you are a woman now.

Dilation is torture.

It’s a small price to pay for being who you really are Goyim.

There is nothing fun about it. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and is very time consuming.

It might have been easier just to keep your dick.

But, don’t let this deter you from getting the surgery since, for me, it was something I had to do to be myself, regardless of how much time I had to spend caring for it.

Obviously the words spoken by a totally sane person.

222Oh hell! 

My dilation schedule ……….. was five times a day for the first eight weeks. Three times a day for weeks 9-24. Once a day for weeks 25-52. And then twice a week from then on. Each session should last about 20 minutes once it’s fully in.

If you want pics of what this actually looks like go find them yourselves. There are limits as to how far Grandpa Lampshade will go to make a point.

My depth was 5in, and I have not lost any. This is because I have kept up with the dilation and only ever missed one session within the first month when I saw a lot of blood.

I read somewhere once about a torture tactic that involves cutting a person open and forcing the wound to stay open so it can’t heal. Here in the modern west, this is a medical procedure.

Make sure everything is well lubricated. It was suggested I use mineral oil, and this worked out but was very messy. Plus, it didn’t seem to lubricate the very back of the vagina and this caused pain. After about five months I switched over to lubricating jelly and it works so much better, but it can make everything quite sticky inside since you can’t really clean it out all the way in the back.

Yeah, I’m sure when other things get deposited way in the back, along with the blood from keeping a gaping wound open, it’s quite sanitary.

So, there are four dilator sizes I have. The first one is 1⅛”, the second one is 1¼”, the third is 1⅜”, and the largest one is 1½”. They gave me the first two and I had to purchase the second two and they are quite pricey. They are these hard plastic dildos that are very uncomfortable, especially the largest one. I don’t use the first one at all anymore. But, I have to start with the second one and then work up to the largest one. I can’t just use the third or fourth one without working up to it. UHHHHH, I hate the largest one so much. It tears me up, literally.

At least with female genital mutilation, it’s over in a few seconds and they allow the female victim to heal.

All that dilating made my hip get out of place because it’s an uncomfortable position to be in multiple times a day. So, it’s always best to stretch before and after.

So now we can add joint dislocation to the thrill ride of not allowing a gaping open wound to heal.

333We once put mentally ill people in institutions but that was oppression. Now, we celebrate them and have our doctors cut their dicks off and make sure their gaping open wounds aren’t allowed to heal. Thanks Jews! 

So, after the scar retraction phase, which for me seemed to be from the two month mark to the fourth, dilation should’ve gotten easier. But, it hasn’t, at least in terms of width. It still hurts very badly from the tearing near the opening, and is so tight that it is very difficult to dilate. I was told to do massages to help with this. Basically as I’m dilating I move the dilator as hard as I can to one side and hold it, then repeat on the other side. This help get it in easier since it stretches the very tight muscle about an inch in that makes it so difficult. But, overall it is still very very tough.

I think you get the point. Sadly, where western values should mean what they once meant: white values they now include Jew values. Do you see the point yet? What do Islamic values as illustrated by female genital mutilation and western values illustrated by the practiced genital mutilation of mentally ill people have in common? These are both illustrations of foreign values. The values of the Jew are as foreign to us as the values of the brown desert people and the black Africans. What has happened to our western values? When a mudshark mates with a nigger and creates these half breed offspring, they always wind up looking predominantly black, as the white genes are drowned out by the black genes. Well, our values and culture have mudsharked with the Jew. As a result, what now passes as western values mostly resembles the vales of the Jew as assigned to the Goyim, with only a little bit of the latent white values seeping through. Unsurprisingly when you import brown desert people into your country, you also import their values such as FGM. Equally unsurprising, when you import Jews into your country, you also get their values as applied for the Goyim, such as mentally ill genital mutilation. Perhaps it’s time we abandon the term “western values” for a more accurate term as to what we desire: “white values”.


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  1. Cartier McCloud • 3 minutes ago
    Cutting off your dick is natural???? Hahahahhaa! A few psychiatric sessions would have saved you time, money and pain. Good luck, kid. But you’ll never be happy being a pretend, sex doll woman.

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