Daily Mail Echos Grandpa Lampshade: Jew Kushner Likely Source of Jew Infested Trump Jr. Scandal

In an earlier article, I pointed out all of the kosher ((cohencidences)) in this latest Russians hacked the election scandal involving Trump Jr. meeting with this Russian lawyer. One of the things that has struck me about this whole narrative is the fact that Trump’s Jew son in law was also present at the meeting and yet, there has been zero criticism aimed in his direction. You always want to look at these things in the context of the big picture. All of the leaks not attributed to the FBI have come from sources inside the White House. Some of the information was from meetings that only a handful of people attended but all were attended by one person in particular: Kushner.


As soon as I found out Kushner was at this meeting that was set up by a Jew with a Russian attorney that I suspect if we dig deep enough we’ll eventually find out is a Jew I had a pretty good idea of how this set up went down.

444Do Russians wear the star of David like goths wear crosses here in the U.S.?

Well much to my surprise, the Daily Mail today has an article up speculating this very same thing: that it was ((Kushner)) who put the knife in Don Jr.’s back all along.

……what is still unknown is who leaked the fact of the meeting and, even worse, the explosive emails between the president’s son and the portly British Svengali who offered the dirt on Hillary.
So who started plunged a knife into Don Jr by starting Spygateski – and who has means, motive, AND opportunity?

A Jew stabbing a Goy in the back? No way!

To be able to leak the fact of the meeting and the emails means firstly knowing about the meeting, and secondly having the emails.
Jared Kushner had both: he was at the meeting, and he was copied in on the emails setting it up.

I like Trump, I really do but he needs to realize he has a Jew problem in the White House and if he doesn’t deal with it, things will continue to get worse.

The reason the meeting came onto any radars at all was because of Kushner’s security clearance process.
Details of that were revealed Friday by Yahoo News – with the crucial detail that it was Kushner’s lawyers who discovered the emails.

Am I the only one who finds it strange that it’s Don Jr. who is being flamed by the ((media)) when he doesn’t even hold a position in the White House while Kushner has a position of high influence in the White House as well as being the President’s son in law and yet, he’s a ghost in this whole thing when it comes to media coverage?

111   I only married this Shiksa because I was told that it might turn out to be good for the Jews. 

Donald Trump Jr is family – so what on earth would make Jared Kushner leak the most damaging information yet to hit the White House?

Um…….because he’s a back stabbing Jew rat. Duh.

The most plausible explanation is that the White House is a kill or be killed environment and that Jared’s camp were calculating that the meeting would emerge in some form anyway – so better to get the focus on Donald Jr than on Kushner.

LOL they try to frame this in a way as best to not highlight typical Jew behavior and are completely unsuccessful.

There is no doubt that if that was the intention, it has succeeded.

The intention has been to weaken and undermine the Trump Administration. It’s the same intention as it’s been all along.

It was Don Jr, not Kushner, who featured in headlines and on Chyrons, and it was Don Jr who changed his explanation repeatedly, went on Fox News’s Hannity show on Tuesday to claim he had told ‘everything’ only for the list of attendees to grow to include a Soviet spy by Friday.

I love this whole Soviet spy angle too. Never mind the Soviet Union hasn’t existed in over 20 years, it helps to reinforce the narrative that Russia = the Soviet Union.


And there are now claims of an operation to ‘protect Jared’ inside the White House.

I’m sure there is. There is also an obvious operation going to protect Jared by the media. In both cases, I’m sure it’s being run by conniving kikes.

‘Who do you have to protect, You have to protect the guy who filled out the form saying I never took this meeting,’ said an unnamed source.

Protect the Jew!

The downside to the theory that it is Kushner is that the Trump family have in the past always been utterly united.

The Jew is always the outsider. They will marry into your family or claim to convert to your religion if they think it will keep you from noticing.

But Kushner’s family is different….

Of course……..they’re Jews!

……..when Charles Kushner, Jared’s father was under investigation for making illegal campaign contributions, his own brother-in-law co-operated with federal investigators.

Jews make our nations so much better.

In revenge, Charles Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law and sent a tape of the encounter to Esther, the man’s wife – and Charles’s sister – to stop her testifying in an intra-family civil suit. Charles went to prison for witness tampering.

WTF?  I mean I realize that technically Trump couldn’t prevent Ivanka from marrying this kike but come on, you pretty much know if he pulled the plug on the nuptials it wouldn’t have happened. So why did he let this kike marry into the family at all, much less make him a close adviser in the White House? Is this some sort of multi dimensional chess move where he pulls the curtain back and tells the people, “See?! It really is the Jews!”


If there are two lessons for Jared, it’s that loyalty inside family counts for nothing and that striking first is the best plan – and if that is true, it is now Don Jr paying the price.

It’s also known among Nazi circles as standard operating procedure to expect when it comes to these Jews.

The recipients of the leaks so far have been the New York Times, the Washington Post, and NBC. Kushner is hardly short of links to all three.
Kushner, a former newspaper owner, has rarely spoken on camera but he is known to speak to journalists individually and to obsess about his press coverage to the extent that he has his own spokesman, Josh Raffel.


Is DM pretty much naming the Jew here?

Probably frontrunner for the leaks candidate; no smoking gun yet – but a grand deal with the media seems a conpsiracy theory too far.

It’s not a grand deal with the media, it’s a grand deal with his fellow Jews. The rest of the article is stupid conspiracy theory crap about maybe the Russians did it or maybe it was Trump himself. I really don’t know how many times we have to point to the reality and the probable outcome when it comes to these Jews and be correct before people stop covering their ears and screaming “Anti-Semite!” It is literally every single time. Yet, what do we hear? NAJALT! Well I’ll tell you what, perhaps not every Jew is like that but when even your Jew son in law will jew you over it’s a pretty fair bet that this is a genetic pattern behavior vs some sort of outlier attributed to an individual. It’s one thing to be wrong but it’s another entirely to refuse to learn the lesson, even after being stabbed in the back time and time again. Figure it out or keep learning the hard way.


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