Now We Are Told That Eastern Europeans Are Street Shitters

If there’s one thing that a nation can’t have enough of, it’s diversity. However, racist bigots of the native population often wind up complaining about the benefits of diversity such as rape gangs, drug trafficking and people shitting in the streets. Thankfully, we have the media to tell us that Eastern Europeans are street shitters too! 

Newly arrived Romanian immigrants are defecating in the streets and publicly decapitating chickens since moving to a Pennsylvania borough less than two months ago, residents complained during a packed town hall meeting on Thursday.

ROMAnian immigrants eh? That’s weird because most eastern Europeans I know of are based as hell. I’ve never  heard them mention anything about relieving themselves in the street.

Members of the Californian Borough community in Washington County said they are repulsed by the behavior of their new neighbors, with over 600 residents signing a petition demanding that they alter their lifestyle.

Are these ROMAnians fleeing a brutal civil war in Syria? I’ll assume not which then brings the question: why are they here?

‘What I’ve seen is men and children – never usually the women – the men and the children dropping their pants in the middle of the street, defecating, pulling their pants up and going on their way,’ one man told Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News.

I guess this is just a part of ROMAnian culture.

111                                                      It’s weird, when I think of Romanians I just can’t imagine these people shitting in the streets. 

So what sort of ROMAnians go around shitting in the streets?







According to borough administrator Dr. Richard Martin, they are part of a program called Alternative to Detention set up by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).
Part of the program is to give local residents orientation ‘about who these folks (the Romanian immigrants) are, why they’re here,’ said Martin.

Yes, I would love to hear the excuse for why they’re here. I suppose fleeing the brutal civil war in Romania.

Not all resident of Californian Borough agreed that the newly transposed Romanian population was creating a problem.
‘I think they are a bunch of bigots and racists in this community, Larry Papini told the local broadcaster after the meeting.

I would bet money Larry is a boomer cuck. You should remember this Larry: today’s signaling points are tomorrow’s evidence of treason. The plan is now clear: if you refuse to take your borders down then they will simply import all of these different people into your country until your borders are rendered meaningless anyway. Knowing this, stop paying attention (beyond taking the time to mock them) to their excuses as to why they are doing this. The excuses change, first it’s a brutal war, then it’s sad they’re poor then it’s because of muh human rights all the while the plan moves forward: destroying all white nations.




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