Just So We’re Clear: The Goyim Really Do Know

We get it. We know the plan and yes, we realize it’s you implementing the plan along with shabbos traitors. Flooding our nations with the third world so as to make borders meaningless while you imagine yourselves sitting atop the hierarchy skimming profits. You think that as conflicts break out, the Goyim will be so busy fighting the brown and black hordes as to give you a pass while you do your usual schtick of playing both sides.

7777                                                                                                      These brown people Goyim………I can’t even. 

le oppressed minority                  These oppressive white people…………I can’t even. 

It does seem like a workable plan: bypass the opposition to a one world government run by you and a few of your puppet lackeys by simply rendering borders meaningless anyway since there’s no defined nation any longer since there are all these blacks and browns no matter where you go. A few of your fellow tribe members have been skeptical but mostly as to how fast you plan to implement this. Yet what choice do you have? If you mess around about it the Goyim may be able to mount opposition to this grand scheme. Best to seize the moment while you have control of their governments to make it happen. Why, surely after the deed is done it will be too late for the Goyim to do anything about it but accept that it’s the new reality. The plan has run into a few bumps in the road. Because the brown desert people and black Africans have been so gungho to blow up the native white people, rape their women and sex traffic their children, some of the native white people are starting to really complain and even organize. So what can you do? Double down even harder of course. For a fall back plan, there’s the go to historical play of a big brothers war between white nations, Russia gets the short straw this time around. Time to speed up the plan! Perhaps you can get Trump impeached or at the least, neuter him and make him a figurehead. You just need a few more years to get it done, surely you can buy that much time and then the plan will be fully implemented and the chosen can at last take their rightful place in the world as the overseers of the Goy cattle.

But there’s one problem. You see, the Goyim know. At least, enough of the Goyim know and with the megaphone of the internet, are amplifying what they know so that more and more Goyim know. Impeach Trump? What do you think his supporters are going to do in answer to that: shrug their shoulders and try again next time at the ballot box? Has the thought occurred to you that you may have to suddenly start walking back all of the Holocaust talk because now the Goyim think that may be a really good idea only why mess around with fake shower rooms and bug spray? Can you successfully flood their nations with the black and brown hordes and keep them busy fighting for survival in order to spare yourselves? Perhaps but know this; the Goyim know who facilitated this in the first place and even though we may be busy driving these hordes out of our countries don’t think for a moment that we’re going to let the fact that it was you who put this in motion to begin with slide. Don’t think that we’re going to fall for the, “Only those Jews did that, we’re on your side Goyim” routine this time. Let me give you a glimpse of how this may quite possible play out. First the Goyim drive out the brown and black hordes yet, their rage is not yet quenched. Then you wake up one day and start to see stories of your traitorous lackeys being rounded up and meeting their demise. Then you realize that the day of judgement is coming upon you! What do you do? Flee? What if you are unable because you waited too long in your arrogance that you could control the situation. Then you are left with the only option of hiding in a  basement somewhere like Anne Frank or take refuge among the few leftist Goyim left who are still willing to take the risk of sheltering you. Then you hear the knock on the door……………..


Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

2 thoughts on “Just So We’re Clear: The Goyim Really Do Know”

  1. Hey Gramps, I keep attempting to re-post your refreshing/accurate articles at other blogs, etc.
    Even some “woke” locations tend to edit significant portions-LOL!
    I ain’t gonna stop, though. It’s important to find multiple new platforms to amplify the message and some of your unedited articles in their entirety.


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