They May Stop Me on Twitter but They Can’t Stop Thoughts of the Day


That’s right folks, time once again for Thoughts of the Day! As you can tell from Boatsinker’s artwork, we’re going to be talking about muh capitalism. We always hear about how muh capitalism is superior to any form of socialism whatsoever. But what exactly does muh capitalism wind up turning into? Socialism for large corporations, conglomerates and the ((elite)). How often do we see any sort of socialism that might benefit the people shouted down in the name of it being against our values or some other such nonsense while programs that amount to socialism for the mega corporations or ((big banks)) pass without so much as a blink of an eye? We’ll get more in depth on this topic obviously as well as a host of other topics. For those of you who enjoy the Christian segment, well you’re in luck (if you don’t enjoy the Christian segment, then not so much LOL) because the Christian segment is back this week. We’ll be discussing the importance of Christianity to the long term stability of our people’s future and why our victory as a movement will be directly tied to our people turning back to God. But that’s not all! Act now and get the rest of the show, absolutely free! Oh wait, the show is free anyway so you don’t have any excuse not to listen to Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

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