Trump ((Advisers)) Triggered Over Him Speaking to Foreign Leaders

If you want to see something that really illustrates what a joke democracy is, just observe how the system is having a melt down over Trump meeting with a foreign leader and *gasp* talking to him. Seriously, they just can’t stop going on about the fact that Trump is talking to Putin without his ((advisers)) present and by “advisers” I mean Jews and neo-cohen shills.

President Donald Trump’s persistent overtures toward Russia are placing him increasingly at odds with his national security and foreign policy advisers, who have long urged a more cautious approach to dealing with the foreign adversary.

I would hardly classify advocating for war as a cautious approach. Then again, I’m not a shill for the Jews.

111TFW the President just doesn’t grasp how necessary a war with Russia really is.

 The uneasy dynamic between the president and top aides has been exacerbated by the revelation this week of an extended dinner conversation between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the recent summit in Germany.

This is where we’re at now: a dinner conversation is a scandalous revelation. You know it’s funny I always thought that talking to other foreign leaders was a part of the President’s job.

The previously undisclosed conversation, which occurred a few hours after their official meeting, raised red flags with advisers already concerned by the president’s tendency to shun protocol and press ahead with outreach toward Russia, according to two U.S. officials and three top foreign officials.

6666                                                 Thankfully John McCain is busy right now dying from brain cancer so we don’t have to hear his opinion on this matter. 

The officials were not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Oh those good old anonymous sources again.

Deep divisions are increasingly apparent within the administration on the best way to approach Moscow in the midst of U.S. investigations into Russian meddling in the American presidential election.

It’s a hoax. Everyone knows it’s a hoax but the media keeps pretending as though we don’t know it’s a hoax in hopes that we’ll all wake up tomorrow and decide to go along with the hoax. It’s sort of like global warming.

Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russian government sought to tip the election in his favor and has dismissed investigations into the possibility of collusion between his campaign and Moscow as a ‘witch hunt.’

Gee, why aren’t ya’ll saying “17 intelligence agencies” anymore? Oh yeah that’s right, because it turned out that you made that number up. You would have probably gone with six million but that would have been too obvious, even for you.

Meanwhile, he has pushed for cooperation between Moscow and Washington on various matters, including the raging conflict in Syria.

Yeah most people would think this is a good idea.

222With John McCain out of the picture dying from brain cancer, you would think they would go to choice number 2 Lindsey Graham. However he was unavailable for comment as he’s busy trying to figure out if it’s possible to catch cancer through butt sex. 

But some top aides, including National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster, have been warning that Putin is not to be trusted.

McMaster is a neocon shill who sees sending other men to fight and die in wars that put him in no danger as a way to further his career. Being sure these wars are for the Jews insures that he will find lucrative shekels down the road.

An intelligence officer-turned-politician, Putin is known for steering discussions in his own favor.


As you might figure, I read a lot of retarded shit wading through the news on these interwebs but I have to say, the above statement is some of the most retarded shit I’ve ever read. I don’t know of a single person on the face of the planet who doesn’t try to steer discussions in their own favor. I mean like literally everyone on the planet. If you were talking to Mubumfe Nagumbo in Africa about the price of poached lion pelts, he would try to steer the discussion in his favor.

The three foreign officials who have spoken with top Trump advisers described a disconnect, or ‘mixed signals,’ between Trump and his team over Russia, highlighting a lack of a clear policy.

In other words, the neocons and Jews keep saying they’ve got this under control and Trump keeps doing what he wants.

U.S. officials echoed that sentiment, with one saying diplomats and intelligence officials were ‘dumbfounded’ by the president’s approach, particularly given the evidence of Russia’s election meddling.

Evidence you say? That’s funny because I have yet to see any evidence. All I’ve seen so far is anonymous sources quoted by an already discredited media over and over again in what honestly appears to be an attempt to get people to forget that no actual evidence has been shown of this yet.

McMaster expressed his uneasiness over Trump’s course to foreign officials during the lead-up to his trip to Germany.
The general specifically said he had reservations about Trump’s decision to hold an Oval Office meeting in May with top Russian diplomats and with the president’s reluctance to speak out against Russian aggression in Europe, according to the three foreign officials.

How is this guy not fired by now? Why is it General Flynn got fired but this shill still has a job? I know some of you Trump supporters out there don’t ever want to admit he makes a mistake ever but come on, there’s no excuse for this one.

222Excuse me General. Could you tell me whether or not you would be shilling this hard for war if we brought back the age old tradition of Generals leading their men (literally) on the front lines?

McMaster and other national security aides also advised the president against holding an official bilateral meeting with Putin.

We’re trying to get a war started here damn it! Do you think these defense contracts are going to fill themselves? Do you think greater Israel is just going to build itself? Get with the program already!

In a highly unusual move, McMaster did not attend the meeting with Putin. Only Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and a translator made up the U.S. side.

This is encouraging in that it shows the Trump seems to know he’s got a problem here.

Foreign and U.S. officials said the Russians recommended that a note taker be present in the bare-bones official meeting. But Trump, who has repeatedly expressed concern over leaks, refused, instead relying on Tillerson to document the meeting.
The session was scheduled for 30 minutes but stretched to more than two hours.

It sounds as though Trump trusts Tillerson. Now he needs to start thinning out these shills in his ranks. He should very publicly announce a new policy: that any General or politician who openly advocates for war will lead men on the front lines of battle. I guarantee you these arm chair warriors like McMaster would retire to take up their Israeli lobby jobs so fast your head would spin. Why would this be unreasonable? If these guys really believe that these wars are necessary, they should be willing to put their lives on the line instead of someone else’s lives. Why do better men than them have to go die while these faggots sit back home, sipping drinks and paying lip service about how hard their job is because they have to order other men to go die so they don’t have to.

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