What About Paying Those Pensions Though?

I guess the older I get, the more I remember things. I’m not just talking about the ancient history of the 1980’s here, I’m talking about more recent things. For example, remember when Merkel and the rest of the EU told us that the answer to economic stagnation, an aging population and needing someone to pay the pensions was to simply import Africa? Remember when Gaddafi warned everyone that if anything happened to him, Africa would wind up flooding Europe so as a result our leaders showed him that nobody stands between us and our economic prosperity and pensions getting paid and had him killed? Well in came the Africans and thus ushered in a new age of economic stability and comfy pensions. Well, not so much. 

AUSTRIA has warned it will send soldiers to close the border with Italy in 24 hours if Rome decides to take the “nuclear option” and grant visas to almost 100,000 migrants stranded in the Mediterranean country.

Whoa wait a minute. I thought importing Africans was going to make things better. If importing low IQ Africans brings economic prosperity and paid pensions, shouldn’t these countries be fighting over who gets the blessing of these people’s presence?


Desperate Italian officials have said they are considering allowing thousands of migrants out of the country and into the rest of Europe, as they struggle to cope with the 10,000 people arriving every day.

But according to the Merkel plan, Italy should be an economic powerhouse from this. In fact, these other countries should be complaining that Italy is hogging all of the economic prosperity for themselves.

Austria, which shares a border with Italy via Brenner, an Alpine mountain pass, has reacted to the proposals with fury, saying it would immediately introduce border controls in the region.

Mmmmmm the smell of the EU dying. Feels good man.


He said: “If the number of illegal migrants towards Austria keeps rising we will close the border in Brenner.

“Within 24 hours we can close the border and carry out strict controls with our soldiers”.

Then do it faggot. What do you mean if the number keeps rising? The number of Africans you want into your country should be zero unless you’re Merkel and you believe that they are bringing with them a tide of economic prosperity.

Italy has long complained it is being left alone to cope with the brunt of the refugee crisis with high numbers of migrants arriving on Italian shores, as the country marks an entry point to the EU on one of the most popular routes for people arriving from Libya.

“These Africans keep trying to come to our country in rubber boats which is dangerous so we go out and pick them up and bring them to our country which gives us a problem of too many Africans. This problem is obviously very difficult and we just don’t know how to cope with it.”

333.gif                                                                                 I wonder if this guy could have figured something out?

Deputy Foreign Minister Mario Giro said Italy is considering issuing 200,000 temporary migrant visas, allowing them to travel throughout the EU in a bid to force other countries to take note of the problem.

So are our so called leaders finally ready to admit that bringing Africans into the country is actually a problem and not a benefit? Hold on, truth bomb incoming……………

Mr Sobotka said he wanted to “close the Mediterranean route” taken by thousands of refugees each day and added that “co-operation between the so-called rescuers and the trafficking mafia has to end”.

BOOM! Oh and by the way, the trafficking mafia is actually comprised primarily of Jews. So Mr Sobotka just dropped a truth nuke here: the rescuers and the kikes are working together to bring as many Africans into the country as possible. No seriously, how else can you see this? These Africans leave Libya, the Italian Coast Guard meets them at sea and pick them up and bring them to Italy! Now, they’re threatening to release a biological black weapon on the rest of the continent while all the while crying about they don’t know what to do with all of these niggers that they keep bringing into their country. It’s sort of like these crazy people you hear about on the news who can’t help but compulsively bring cats and dogs into their house until they’re living in utter filth. All of this is theater to make you think they’re actually trying to solve a complex problem when in fact, they are carrying out a deliberate plan to genocide you. If they wanted to fix this problem they could but they don’t want to fix it. Why? Because it’s not a problem at all it’s a plan being carried out. If Grandpa Lampshade were in charge, I could fix this in a week.

6666I know what you’re all thinking but I’m a humanitarian at heart. 

First, you send your ships out to intercept these African invasion boats. You turn them around and escort them back to Africa with the explicit message that any crossing over into your waters will mean being shot. The Africans of course won’t believe this because the Jews will insist that the GPL Administration doesn’t have the balls to do that. Then when the next wave comes across into your waters, you machine gun the lot. Hopefully some will wash back up on the shorts of Libya so the rest will know you’re not bluffing. If not, well it’s not like we have a shortage of African niggers in this world. As for the ones who are already in the country: as I said I’m a humanitarian and these people were welcomed in so it wouldn’t be all together fair to just start spraying them with Raid right off the bat. So you set up immediate transportation back to Africa and tell them they are leaving. When they chimp out (and let’s be honest we all know they would) and start burning their shanty town down, you bring your Panzer 1C’s out of retirement and clear them out. Those that remain will be glad to accept the expense paid trip back to Africa in a shipping container. Problem solved. See? That’s not so hard is it? And even though Jews and faggots will whine that this is inhumane and evil, the reality is that long term the GPL repatriation plan would actually save lives. So what’s stopping our leaders who claim to be trying to find a solution to this problem? Because I’ll be honest, I don’t think this paying the pensions plan is really working out as advertised.


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