Mentally Ill Trans Faggots BTFO

You might think that getting your dick cut off probably doesn’t cost that much but you would be wrong. It turns out that getting your dick cut off and all of the other disgusting things that go along with that is actually very expensive. Well before the African Occupation of the White House ended, they sought to render the financial barrier for mentally ill people to get their dicks cut off by providing a go around. It turns out that if they simply announced that the government would start paying for the mentally ill to get their dicks cut off, that probably wouldn’t sell very well. So what to do? The answer was to allow the mentally ill to join the military and the Goyim taxpayers could pay for their dicks getting cut off in exchange for their “service”. It was a great plan until the Trumpening happened.

President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets Wednesday morning saying that transgender people wouldn’t be allowed to serve in the U.S. military ‘in any capacity.’

333I just want to serve my country and fight for our values….right after I get done using a dildo to keep this gaping wound from healing. 

‘After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow.. transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming … victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,’ Trump wrote.

On the one hand, those who are for this nonsense tell us that these people are valuable members of the military who can’t be replaced then they turn right around and whine that it’s only a small segment of the population so what can it hurt to have the Goyim taxpayers pay for them to get their dicks cut off.

‘Thank you,’ he concluded.

No. Thank you Mr. President.


During the last year of the Obama administration, then Defense Secretary Ash Carter instituted a policy allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military, ending a prior ban. But he also gave the military a year to come up with a way to implement the policy.

If you haven’t read it already, read the first link I put up where dilation after getting your dick cut off is discussed. Now tell me how these people are going to be combat ready.

A statement from the Pentagon indicated that the agency known to plan for all military contingencies didn’t see the sudden turnaround from the president coming.

LOL Somebody is out of a job.

Since October, transgender troops have been able to get medical care to begin changing their gender identity, Military Times wrote.

Aside from the always ongoing attempt to destroy our societies that the jews promote, this is what it comes down to: they want the Goyim taxpayers to pay for these mentally ill people to mutilate themselves and if you’re against paying for mentally ill people being mutilated then you are promoting hate, pure and simple.

111                                                             Isn’t it funny? Out of all of the outlandish stories of experiments that the jews accuse Mengele of doing, they’ve never once accused him of experimenting on cutting off the dicks of jew men to try to turn them into yentas. 

But a White House official, in an early comment to Axios, said of the new policy: ‘This forces Democrats in rust belt states like Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin to take complete ownership of this issues. How will blue collar voters in these states respond when senators up for reelection in 2018 like [Michigan Democrat] Debbie Stabenow are forced to make their opposition to this a key plank of their campaigns?’

As it should be. The Democrats have hitched their wagon to catering to a tiny segment of mentally ill people in the population at the expense of what are supposed to be their constituents. Now let’s see them try to sell it.

The policy reversal drew immediate condemnation from transgender activists and others on-line.

Gay rage: it’s always lulzy.

‘Donald: With your ban on trans people from the military, you are on notice that you just pissed off the wrong community. You will regret it,’ tweeted Star Trek actor George Takei.

If you’re wondering who this is, he’s an actor who played a side character on a TV show that was cancelled 50 years ago.

222More recently he’s known for giving guys hand jobs in public. 

Transgender military leaker and former prisoner Chelsea Manning tweeted: ‘so, biggest baddest most $ military on earth cries about a few trans people but funds the F-35? [aircraft] sounds like cowardice,’ wrote Manning, ending with the hashtag #WeGotThis.’

If you were imprisoned by the military and tortured over a number of years, would you then go out and advocate for more people to join?

Twitter user Marcus Anthony wrote: ‘This transgender statement from POTUS is confusing. I LITERALLY just finished briefing troops on transgender inclusion last month.’

Meanwhile in Russia………………


The Log Cabin Republicans responded: ‘This smacks of politics, pure and simple. The United States military already includes transgender individuals who protect our freedom day in and day out. Excommunicating transgender soldiers only weakens our readiness; it doesn’t strengthen it.’

So much for those based faggots we were all hoping would make us look inclusive.

The gay Republican group added: ‘The president’s statement this morning does a disservice to transgender military personnel and reintroduces the same hurtful stereotypes conjured when openly gay men and women were barred from service during the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ era.’

Yeah well I have a newsflash for you: stereotypes exist for a reason.

Carter said when he announced the new Obama administration policy last year: ‘Although relatively few in number, we’re talking about talented and trained Americans who are serving their country with honor and distinction. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to train and develop each individual, and we want to take the opportunity to retain people whose talent we’ve invested in and who have proven themselves.’

No you’re going to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on hormones and dildos.

He called it a ‘matter of principle,’ adding: ‘Americans who want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so.

If your standards include skills in the art of dick sucking then yeah, I guess I can see your point.

The ACLU blasted the policy change in a statement.

But of course. While Nazis are having their freedom of speech attacked daily, the ACLU is worrying about the constitutional right of mentally ill people to get their dicks cut off at taxpayer expense.

‘This is an outrageous and desperate action. The thousands of transgender service members serving on the front lines for this country deserve better than a commander-in-chief who rejects their basic humanity,’ said Joshua Block, a senior ACLU staff attorney.

“We the Founders of this great land, hereby recognize that it’s a basic human right for all men who wish to removeth their penis as they so desire. Furthermore it is our belief that if a man cannot afford to removeth his penis, it is the obligation of his fellow countrymen to pay for it” ……………………the Declaration of Independence.


Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John McCain said in a statement: ‘Any American who meets current medical and readiness standards should be allowed to continue serving. There is no reason to force service members who are able to fight, train, and deploy to leave the military—regardless of their gender identity. We should all be guided by the principle that any American who wants to serve our country and is able to meet the standards should have the opportunity to do so—and should be treated as the patriots they are.’

I’ll tell ya, waiting for that brain cancer to get it’s job done is like a kid waiting for Christmas to get here while staring at the Sears and Roebuck catalog (you’ll have to be my age to get that one). This is the way the game has always worked: the Democrats get elected and they push these things forward. Then a Republican would get elected and they wouldn’t push any further but they wouldn’t undo any of the so called progress that they had made. Then a Democrat would get elected and they would continue on. Now that Trump isn’t playing that game and is actually pushing back some of the left’s advancements, they are going into full hysterical meltdown. Here’s the thing: this is just the beginning. They are so focused on Trump that they believe if they can just stop him or get him out of office via their outrage or something, then the game can go back to like it was before but there ain’t no going back now faggots. Trump is just the beginning and the harder you try to stop him, the more hysterical and angry you get, the closer the nation goes to finding a final solution to all of this Marxist degeneracy.


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13 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Trans Faggots BTFO”

  1. “you haven’t read it already, read the first link I put up where dilation after getting your dick cut off is discussed. Now tell me how these people are going to be combat ready.” except you lie about it being a wound. After surgery, the tissue that was previously the penis literally develops into actual, differentiated vaginal tissue. Source It is not an open wound, or mutilation. It is a vagina.~~


  2. “No you’re going to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on hormones and dildos.” Except not fag:
    Donald spends more:
    A very crude analogy: Removing breasts because of breast cancer. That is a “mutilation”, too. A mutilation that saves lives – similar like SRS.
    “Meanwhile in Russia………………” meanwhile in history:


      1. I didn’t delete your post. I approved your post so everyone could look on in amazement. Now I have to go. I just cut myself and I need to get something jammed in this thing so my new mini vagina doesn’t close up.

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