Jeff Sessions

111What the heck is going on?

There is a lot of talk about Jeff Sessions lately: is he in or is he about to get the boot? He obviously dropped the ball as far as Trump is concerned when he recused himself from the Russia hacked the election hoax witch hunt investigation. In his defense, I think he was like, “This is stupid and isn’t going anywhere. Sure I’ll recuse myself so they’ll leave me alone and I can do my job.” To be fair, Trump dropped the ball as well when he fired Flynn. Whether Flynn deserved to be shit canned or not, the left took it as a sign of being able to get their way and have been relentless ever since. This is all a bit of a black pill for us, as we’ve considered Sessions one of “our guys” in the Trump Administration since the get go. There are no shortages of opinions when it comes to Sessions’ future and let’s be honest, nobody really knows so everyone is just taking their best guess. I for one have a different take on this whole Sessions thing.

6666             Is this a repeat of what we’ve seen before?

I see this as Trump playing organ grinder while the stupid ((media)) dances around to his tune. Journalists today are the laziest lot in the world and if looking farther forward than what’s in front of their faces takes any sort of effort at all, they’re not going to do it. Trump realizes this and has played them time and again. Now let’s look at Sessions’ situation in particular. On the one hand, there is no denying that Session screwed up when he recused himself from the hoax hunt. That having been said, had he not done so, he would be spending all of his time dealing with this stupid Russians hacked the election thing and the focus would have been on whether or not a tip he gave one time in 1987 to a Russian born waiter at a restaurant constitutes foreign influence in the election system. Now he looks like an out of touch idiot and people are shaking their heads wondering what the hell he’s doing or if he thinks it’s 1986 again as he goes around rambling about the drug war and stuff that nobody has cared about for years. Trump then comes out and blasts him in an interview with the Jew York Times, a media outlet that Trump himself is openly hostile to as they are considered an enemy. After Trump blasts Sessions the media is running non stop on how Sessions’ days are numbered.

333Is everyone being trolled? 

But what’s the Justice Department actually doing? While the media is running around counting the days until Jeff Sessions’ impending firing to give them a headline to talk about, the feds have arrested a Paki IT worker who happened to work for ((Debbie Wasserman Schultz)) for bank fraud. Looking into everything surrounding this guy, it’s pretty obvious the bank fraud thing is going to be the leverage to get this guy to talk about Democrat corruption. This guy had tons of hard drives, computers and other stuff that he was obviously trying to destroy or hide. The jew Wasserman Schultz is in full rat mode trying to cover herself but it’s too late. This Paki  has no choice but to cooperate. Knowing what he knows about the corruption inside the DNC, he’s a dead man walking regardless of the outcome of the  bank fraud case. Whether he’s in prison or free, there’s unexpected suicide in his future and he has to know this. I suspect that’s why he’s been basically in hiding right up until the feds busted him. I suspect this guy has the intel that not only did the Russians not hack the DNC server to give information to Wikileaks but that it was likely Seth Rich who just so conveniently turned up dead.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Patton Mills, David Wecht, Christine Donohue, Heather ArnetDo you feel the walls closing in yet…………..kike?

While the left and the media lay in bed at night masturbating over their fantasy of Trump being impeached because of their Russians hacked the election hoax, the noose would appear to be closing in around this den of rats. Yet, in their arrogance they act as though nothing will ever happen to them. If my theory is correct, these kikes will wind up really wishing they had dropped this Russia hoax angle of attacking Trump before they ever started it. Now that they have refused to back off time and again, they are going to be sorely disappointed when they start trying to backpedal it all when the heat comes down on them. It will be too late and I don’t expect Trump to be of a mind to show them any quarter. Now, could I be wrong? Of course. I don’t have any more information about this than any of the rest of the people who are putting their theories out there. However I would suggest you ask yourself this: how many times now have we seen Trump play this rope a dope game of distraction? How many times have we seen him making his moves while the media runs around incompetently dancing to his tune? I remember one time back during the campaign, Trump was asked what one of his weaknesses was. He answered that he never forgets when someone has done him wrong. I think these leftists are going to wind up wishing they had taken that seriously.

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2 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions”

  1. To all my Celtic homeboys:


    This is a great site for exposong the Poz agenda against our White Race 14-88

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  2. Behind the scenes, Sessions has been cracking down on other things like illegals. The chosen want him gone, and I can’t help but think Trump made a compromise with the (((devil))) in order to get other concessions.
    Sessions is the one guy that had his back. Yeah, there’s a lot we don’t know, but there’s rumblings down in Alabama that other repubs are discussing stepping aside so that Sessions can reclaim his senate seat.

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