Jews Release New Study on Anti-Semitism, Struggle to Figure Out What’s Wrong With These Goyim

So one of the countless jew groups that tracks anti-semitism has released their startling new findings in the UK. It would appear that there is something desperately wrong with the Goyim, causing them to hate the jews more and more for no apparent reason. Unsurprisingly, their findings conclude the answer must be more education for the Goyim to teach them not to hate the jews for no reason.

CST recorded 767 antisemitic incidents
across the UK in the first six months of 2017,
a 30 per cent increase on the 589 incidents
recorded in the first six months of 2016.


If I woke up one day to discover that everyone who lived in my neighborhood hated me, I would try to figure out why. I wouldn’t assume that there must be something wrong with all my neighbors.

• The total of 589 antisemitic incidents
recorded in the first six months of 2016 was
itself an increase of 18 per cent from the 501
incidents recorded from January to June
2015, and was part of a record high total of
1,346 antisemitic incidents during the whole
calendar year of 2016.

Now granted, out of these 589 so called incidents, a substantial portion are made up of jews having their feelings hurt on the internet and jews spray painting graffiti on their own buildings but still that’s a pretty impressive increase. It’s almost like maybe the Goyim are starting to know or something.

• CST recorded over 100 antisemitic
incidents in every one of the six months
from January to June 2017. This continues
a pattern of monthly totals exceeding
100 antisemitic incidents since April 2016,
a run of 15 consecutive months. This is
unprecedented: for comparison, CST only
recorded monthly totals above 100 incidents
on six occasions in the preceding decade,
from 2006 to 2015.

But why though? I mean, it just stands to reason that there must be something jews are doing that makes everyone hate them.

6666           Please stop hating us for no reason Goys. 

Rather than a single, specific reason or
temporary trigger event, it appears that
the high number of recorded antisemitic
incidents during the first six months
of 2017 (and since April 2016) may be
due to the cumulative effect of various
long term factors…..

Various long term factors, eh? Yeah I suppose so. The Goyim are sick of wars that are only for the benefit of the jews. The Goyim are sick of a foreign parasite draining their economy. The Goyim have figured out that perhaps the people promoting the destruction of their nations aren’t really their greatest ally ever. In other words, the Goyim know.


Average monthly antisemitic incident totals
are now more than double what they were
in 2011-2013.

It’s almost like there’s a pattern here. I wonder where this could be headed? Is it time to order the emergency evacuation to Israel yet or should you wait around to try to drain a few more shekels?

• It is likely that the high incident totals
recorded by CST since early 2016 reflect a
general, sustained rise in the baseline
number of antisemitic incidents in an
average month, and there is no obvious
reason why these incident levels should fall
significantly in the near future.

Yeah because it’s not like the jews are going to stop and reflect on why the hell it is they once had it on easy street in Goy land but now everyone is starting to really really hate them. So no doubt they’re going to just keep doing what they’re doing.

• There have been some improvements in
the reporting of antisemitic incidents
which may have contributed to the overall
increase in incident numbers, but these
cannot explain the scale or breadth
of the increase.

The reason is a complete mystery.

These improvements
include better reporting from victims and
witnesses of incidents as a result of growing
communal concern about antisemitism; an
increase in the number of security guards
at Jewish buildings in recent years…..

Man it sucks that you jews are having to pay for more security but hey, at least you have the sense not to force the people who are really starting to hate you to pay for security to protect you from the people who are really starting to hate you. Because you know, that would like be a really bad idea and not be helpful in helping stop people from hating you.

…….many of these commercial guards are funded
by a government grant to provide security
at Jewish locations that is administered
by CST……

So the people in the countries you are parasiting off of are beginning to resent the fact that their governments only serve to extract money from them to funnel to you. So your conclusion is to have the government extract more money from the people to provide you with security to protect you from the people who are getting fed up with you parasiting off them. Sounds like a good plan jews. What could go wrong?

pepe-tea-cup                                                                                                      Oh no, just keep doing what you’re doing jews. I’m not going to stop you. 

• CST recorded 142 antisemitic incidents
that took place on social media,
comprising 19 per cent of the total of 767 incidents recorded during the first half of
2017. In some cases, social media has been
used as a tool for coordinated campaigns
of antisemitic harassment, threats and
abuse directed at Jewish public figures and
other individuals.

LOL 19 percent of their dreaded anti-semitic incidents are from people pointing out what they’re doing on the internet! You know what you jews should do? You should create a jewish internet police force to go after Goyim complaining about you online. Of course you should also be sure that the Goyim who are complaining about you are forced to pay for this jewish internet police force whose sole mission will be to go after Goyim online who are pointing out what you are doing. It’s a great idea! Do it!


• Seventy-four per cent of the 767 antisemitic
incidents recorded by CST in the first
six months of 2017 were recorded in the
main Jewish centres of Greater London
and Greater Manchester.

Wow kikes. Perhaps there was a downside after all to your brilliant plan to facilitate bringing all of these brown desert people into the Goyim countries to destroy the native white population. Oh well, you know what they say about making omelets and eggs.

In addition to the 767 antisemitic incidents
recorded by CST during the first six
months of 2017, a further 483 potential
incidents were reported to CST which, after
investigation, did not show evidence of
antisemitic targeting, content or motivation
and are not included in the statistics in
this report.

LOL Can you imagine how lame the reports must have been for even this jew group fishing for anti-semitism to turn down? It was probably like:

CST: “Hello. How may I take your report of anti-semitism to day?”

Shlomo: “Yes I’d like to report a case of anti-semitism.”

CST: “Oh great! We’ve been getting flooded with reports of everyone hating us jews for no apparent reason. So what happened? Did you find a swastika spray painted on your door? Did someone call you a rat faced kike on Twitter?”

Shlomo: “Oh no it’s way worse than that! I haven’t payed my bill for trash pick up for three months because I figure these filthy Goyim owe trash pick up for life to me because of the Holocaust. You know my uncle Eli was turned into a lampshade by Mengele in an experiment. Anyway, these damned Goys haven’t picked up my trash now in two weeks! It’s starting to smell like a gas chamber around my house, which I think is actually what they’re going for here! Can you help me?”

CST: “…………………………”

It never ceases to amaze me, it really does. I mean, even though I can’t identify with it I get that blacks do crime because of things such as predisposition to short time preferences and poor impulse control. However watching these jews being completely incapable of self reflection and considering the possibility that the reason everyone all throughout history winds up hating them might, just might  have something to do with their actions is nothing short of amazing. When you consider their history and then watch what they’re doing now, it’s the same pattern over and over and they are completely incapable of recognizing this and taking a logical change of course. They just keep doubling down and doubling down on the very behaviors that make everyone wind up hating them until the push back comes and then they whine about the Goyim hating them for no reason. So by all means jews, just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be happy to just sit back and watch.


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