The Longer You Break the Law, the More Sad Your Story Becomes

The media battle lines are clearly drawn now. Where as at one point, people pretended that the fake news wasn’t really fake news and maybe, just maybe there were some news outlets that weren’t acting as part of a political agenda. Alas, those days are gone. On the one side you have virtually every single establishment media outlet in the country (even local news outlets) who are on team Marxism. They peddle the leftist agenda in almost all of their stories and don’t even bother to hide it anymore. On the other side, you have the internet or to be more precise; you have internet Nazis. Just as has really always been the case, while the Nazis have been slandered as the biggest lie tellers of all time, it is actually we who are telling the truth while the Marxist left peddles lie after lie and tells the public that they shouldn’t believe their lying eyes or heaven forbid, their logical thinking. Case in point for today: we have the sad sad story of a meskin woman who’s been in the country illegally but since now she finally got caught, we’re supposed to feel sad.

111These gringos, I can’t even. 

An Ohio mother of four was scheduled to be deported on Tuesday after authorities discovered her immigration status during a traffic stop last month.

One of the things I always find funny when these sob stories come up is the fact that they tell it in the context as though now she will be separated from her family and it’s so sad because family. However her family are all meskins too so there’s nothing keeping them from going to Mexico with her. Hell, they could go ahead and head down there now and meet her when she gets off the bus.

Beatriz Morelos, who’s lived in Painesville — just east of Cleveland, Ohio — for nearly two decades, was arrested for driving without a license last Monday, according to city records, which is when officials discovered that she had been living in the country illegally and turned her over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Driving without a license and thus, driving without insurance. Stereotypes; they exist for a reason.

She is scheduled to be deported to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, on Tuesday, an area of Mexico that the U.S. Department of State warns travelers to avoid “due to violent crime including homicide, armed robbery, carjacking, extortion and sexual assault,” according to its website.

What if while she was driving without a license and no insurance, she hit someone and killed them while being negligent? Do you know what she would probably do? That’s right, go back to Mexico. I’m sorry media kikes but the days of “Oh look at this sad story about a sad individual” to justify ignoring problems created by groups of people are over.

1111The era of falling for sob stories while our nations are turned into places like Mexico are over. We’re in a new era now: the era of “You’ve got to go back” 

Morelos’ Husband, Jose DeJesus, said he feels like his family’s worst nightmare has come true.

One of my worse nightmares is the idea of waking up one day to find that my country looks just like Mexico.

“For years, this has been her worst fear and it’s coming true,” DeJesus told ABC’s Cleveland affiliate WEWS Monday. “She said that she’s very afraid, that she doesn’t want to go back to a country where she’s coming from because her life is at risk over there.”

Do you know why Mexico is like that though? Mostly because it’s populated with meskins. The meskins don’t like living in a country that sucks so they go to a country that doesn’t suck: namely a country built by white people. However if too many meskins go there then the country that used to be better becomes just like Mexico and alas, sucks. A nation is not an idea or a value or a sum of it’s laws. A nation is what it is because of the people. If you replace the people, you replace the country.

222                                    On the bright side: I hear everyone in Mexico speaks Spanish so you won’t have to worry about whining about instructions being written in English. 

Morelos, 33, was awaiting deportation at an ICE detention center in Tiffin, Ohio as of Monday evening, but her attorney, Elizabeth Ford, said she is still working to get the U.S. to rethink its decision.

What’s there to rethink? “Oh your story is sad so this law doesn’t apply to you”

“It is absolutely impossible for people in her situation, and in many other people’s situations, to correct their status with how the laws are written now,” Ford told WEWS on Monday. “If she was able to correct her status she absolutely would have just like many of the other people would.”

The only thing incorrect about her status is she’s in the wrong country.

Ford said her client does not have a criminal history and noted that she would be separated from her four young children, who are U.S. citizens, and her husband who’s in the country on a visa.

Arrested for illegally being in the country. Lawyer says she doesn’t have a criminal history. Hmmmmm

“I can’t imagine putting a mother, who’s in her mid 30s with four U.S. citizen children there alone,” Ford told WEWS. “She has no family in Mexico, her entire family is in the United States, it’s absolutely horrific to think that this is where this young woman is going.”

It’s horrible! This poor woman is going to be forced to go live in the country she should have been living in to begin with! Nice try but you fail. You’re going back and honestly it’s best that you go back now rather than later. At some point things will continue to heat up until open conflicts start breaking out. When that happens, much of the U.S. will look like those parts of Mexico that are supposedly so scary for this woman to be sent to. Yet, we’re not supposed to consider that. All we’re supposed to care about is the fact that this one individual person is in a difficult spot. Well those days are over. Our sympathies have been played out and we’re done having our sense of empathy and compassion manipulated by those who will ultimately lead us to destruction. I’m sorry this woman feels the feels she feels about having to go to Mexico (ok, I’m not really that sorry) but the fact remains that if we don’t get a handle on this, then the neighborhood she’s been living in these past 20 years as well as the rest of the country will look like Mexico. If that happens, none of us will have a better place to go to. Will the media write sympathetic sob stories for us then?

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2 thoughts on “The Longer You Break the Law, the More Sad Your Story Becomes”

  1. Hah!Gramps you are missing something there.
    1st.Yes her attorney says “no criminal record”,but not only was she caught being illegal,but also she was caught for driving without a license.

    2nd.She says she is afraid of going back to her country.Why is that?Could it be that it’s filled with people who don’t follow the law?Don’t migrate legally?Don’t get a drivers license?She is afraid of her life because she will be going back to a land where there is more of her and less of white folk.

    3rd.And this is the best one.From her sob story we understand that absolutely all of her family and family members are “US citizens” now.And this woman was in the US for 20 years,and for this time she never took the time and money to register and be a legal migrant?It’s not like it was impossible.Looks like everyone in her family did it.And now she whines “well I can’t do it now,because of the changes in law”. Where were you just an year back.An year back with Obongo laws you could had been registered as a legal without even been in the US. But hey it’s just so much work …right?
    And they wonder why their country is shit.


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