The Semitic Truth Center: National Geographic Edition

When I saw this article today highlighting black female beauty, I couldn’t help but remember the trauma I suffered as a child when I picked up a National Geographic magazine and was thumbing through it because of zebras and elephants only to be confronted with black banana boobs.

A group of women have gone viral after staging a photoshoot that spotlights the beauty of black women — and the fact that they come in all different shapes and colors.

Oh it’s viral alright.


To celebrate their friendships — and themselves — the ladies all wore skin-tone swimwear and posed together on the beach in a series of stunning photos they called ‘Melanin Illustrated’.

“Stunning”……..yeah I guess that word could be considered appropriate.

222   LOL oh shit. Is it possible to feel sorry for water? Because TBH I’m feeling sorry for the water right now. Also, does anyone know the weight rating for rocks?

The women like to get together every five years for a reunion, and this year added a little something special to the trip.
They decided to come together for a joint Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue-style photoshoot, standing together on the beach in sexy, powerful poses.

The term sexy has been defined down a bit I’d say. Powerful? Mmmmmm well the term heavy would definitely apply.

666Blacks call this “thick”. 

‘We wanted to convey the message that beauty is being confident; that you are good enough and that is beauty in itself, no matter your size or shape,’ Amanda Byrd, 32, told USA Today.

Unless you’re fat and black.

‘Beauty is bringing your personal best to the table. That’s what beauty is to us,’ she added.

So we get to have our words redefined to whatever you want them to mean right now. Wow that’s so cool! Of course, it renders communication meaningless but hey, it’s a small price to pay for fat black empowerment.

Fellow sister LaToya Owens told Yahoo! Style that they wanted to promote the beauty of black women in particular.

I know a lot of you are thinking to yourselves, ‘Wow. This would be so different if white women were doing a bathing suit shoot to promote white beauty. They’d be called racist and be denounced immediately’ but you would be missing the bigger point here. White women don’t have to promote white beauty because it’s naturally well, beautiful. When someone has to promote something else as beauty it’s because the entire rest of the planet with the exception of some tribe chief in Africa finds it revolting.


‘Black women are often overlooked in beauty…..

Hint: there’s a reason.

The women decided to coordinate outfits, too, to give the photos an even more powerful punch. Each of the sisters found swimwear to closely match her own skin tone, embracing the nude swimwear trend.

Well I would say they came in second place.

999Ladies and gentlemen, I present to your our first place winner. 

This is where things proved a bit tricky. Though there are plenty of ‘nude’ swimsuits on the market, retailers often use the word to being beige or peach, which are only ‘nude’ for white women.

Which coincidentally are the only women that anyone really cares to think about in the context of the word “nude”.

222   Credit where credit is due: the one on the left is at least trying to smile, which isn’t easy with that mustache. The one on the right is going for the natural “groid in the wild” look and nails it………and that hair LOLOLOL

The result was a set of images that have gone viral. In the most buzzed-about one, all 28 women are spread out near the shore. Some sit, some jut out their hips, and some raise their arms above their heads — but they all look confident and sexy.

If you needed some sort of proof that these things that we are told “go viral” is about as spontaneous as an episode of a so called “reality show” you need not look any further than this. So a bunch of mostly overweight black women posed on a beach somewhere, glared at the camera and called themselves powerful and we’re supposed to believe that everyone on the internet was so amazed by this show of empowerment and modern weave technology that it was shared an amazing amount of times and in fact, the entire planet is marveling at this display of black beauty. Yeah, right. This is such transparent leftist propaganda that I don’t really even need to point it out. To top it all off: the only thing that makes the very few among this group of behemoths remotely attractive are the trace amounts of white dna they have. Think I’m wrong? Then they should take it the next step and just have a bunch of bush bitches pose in the wild. If they need source material, there’s probably an old National Geographic still floating around somewhere.




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4 thoughts on “The Semitic Truth Center: National Geographic Edition”

  1. This reminded me of how the Jewish media tried desperately to convince anyone who would listen that Michelle Obongo was beautiful. I would hear that on television back in 2008-2012 or so. Funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love it how these black women are trying to sound smart.And give a good excuse for slut posing.
    However the stunt looks more like “why there no black skin tone swim suits”.


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