A Snapshot of White America 2017

One of the things people enjoy about  the globally listened to Thoughts of the Day program is the fact that we always try to be upbeat and positive. However I’m not going to lie: sometimes I look around and think that for a very large part of the white population of the country there really is no hope. Let’s take the topic of white birth rate. As we know, the birthrate among white people is in decline. The reasons given for this are numerous but sometimes an example serves to give us a better picture than words.

Julie and Will Rom of Cincinnati, Ohio, have been fostering children for nearly 10 years.

Julie Rom said she and her husband were never able to conceive a child of their own, so they decided to help children who were in need of care.

If you’re wondering why they haven’t been able to conceive on their own, it will become more clear in a moment. For now, let’s just keep going.

“We [said], ‘It’s not meant for us to be parents right now. Let’s foster and be the bridge for these kids while the parents get themselves together and eventually get themselves through reunifactions,'” Julie Rom said.

But late last month, the couple finally got a family of their own……….

Oh hey, sounds like good news!

……….adopting five siblings — William (Will), 12, Truth, 9, Marianna, 6, Keyora, 3, and KJ, 2 — who had been placed with them over the past three years.

Wait a minute. Going by the kid’s names, why does it sound like they came from the arrest report from a crack house raid?


Well on the bright side: apparently there aren’t any white kids in foster care because every time I read one of these stories it’s always blacks. Of course I realize that there are white kids in foster care which really brings me to the point: ok, so they can’t have kids of their own so they decide to help foster kids. Yet, is there something more righteous about fostering future welfare recipients than fostering children from your own race? Furthermore, if these people had adopted five white kids, would it be a nationwide news story?

“It was awesome, we actually had a very large adoption party on Saturday night,” Julie Rom, 33, told ABC News.

Yeah well enjoy it while it lasts. In the future when there’s a party at your house involving your “kids”, there will also be a high likelihood of things getting spicy with a drive by shooting going down.

The Roms fostered children for long-term periods before meeting Will and Truth, the eldest of the group of 5 brothers and sisters, who were placed into foster care due to their previously unfit environment, according to Julie Rom.

Were any of them white or is this strictly a signalling thing for you?

“They were our first within their family in February 2014 when they were just 6 and 9 years old,” Julie Rom said. “Then Marianna came to us in December 2015 and then KJ and Keyora came to us July 2016.”

Remember, these kids are all siblings which means that their sheeboon mom continued spitting out nigglets and these gullible white people continued to take them in to pay for their care.

“We’ve always said that when we had children come into our home, we would never have them uprooted another time,” she added. “If the opportunity came along, that we would just keep them. It’s extremely important that they do stay together because they’ve lost so much from their past.”

What are the odds that any of these kids have the same daddy? But wait: the picture isn’t complete yet. We have heard about this white altruistic couple who haven’t been able to have kids who are trying to be good non racists by adopting a troop of little monkeys but we haven’t actually seen them yet.






222Sure they didn’t have any kids of their own but thankfully we’re all exactly the same but for the color of the skin so they’re raising these kids who will grow up to be no different than if they had kids of their own except they’ll be darker. 

444I bet their parents are so thrilled to be able to finally be called Grandma and Grandpa. 

Will, Truth, Marianna, Keyora and KJ, 2 all had their last names officially changed to Rom. Their parents also bought a larger house and SUV to accommodate their growing family.

Better think about that long term life insurance for when the day comes they get old enough to start chimping out on you.

333Let’s be honest: the diabetes will probably get him before the nigs. 

So here we have it: a snapshot of a sadly not insignificant segment of modern day white America. A morbidly obese couple who probably can’t have kids because their baby making parts aren’t able to reach one another due to the vast tundra of lard in between who instead supplement their child rearing instincts by playing catcher for some black crack whore who spits out kids at a rate of an automatic pitching machine. I’m sure they draw quite the attention as they ride around Walmart on their mobility scooters with their “family” in tow. Sometimes I’d swear that if there’s anyone left in the future able to write and record history, they’ll tell of the once great people who conquered new lands and brought about a golden age of civilization only to turn around in a few short generations and ride over the cliff on mobility scooters with their little adopted nigglets in tow. They will tell how these people’s last words as they careened over the precipice were recorded as, “Please don’t call me racist……………”


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