Group of Dindus Attack Whites. Media at a Loss to Explain Motive

If you are a young white person, say in High School and you live in an area where you are likely to come in contact with blacks, you need to seriously consider getting in shape and forming a gang. Niggers will attack you anywhere they are confident that they have the numbers to overtake you. This is a fact. In today’s story, a group of pavement apes comes upon some white kids minding their own business on the pier. The niggers have the size and number advantage so of course, they can’t miss an opportunity to attack.

Shocking video has captured a group of teenagers launching an unprovoked violent attack on defenseless peers.

Of course they were provoked. The victims were guilty of the crime of being white.

Are you offended by the term “race war”? Well you better pull your head out and get unoffended because like it or not, you’re in one. 

The attack was reported at 5pm on a dock in Quincy, Massachusetts.

If your teenager wanted to go hang out at the dock in the  middle of the day in Massachusetts you would probably think that it would be safe. However you need to always remind them and yourself of the number one safety rule.

around-blacks-never-relax                                                             You can think about it……..just don’t do it. 

Cellphone footage appears to show one group of boys surrounded by another group that begins taunting and spitting on them.

Say media kikes, how about pointing out the racial aspect of this attack. I’m sure if this were a group of whites setting upon an innocent band of groids we would be hearing about this non stop. In fact, the FBI would probably be investigating the case.

Three teenagers throw one of the boys, wearing a light blue T-shirt and white cap, to the ground and punch and kick him and he covers his head on the ground.

Be sure and watch the video in the linked story. If it doesn’t get your blood boiling, nothing will.

333                                                                                  You niggers can mark my words: one of these days you will pull this shit on the wrong white man’s kid and then you will find out that race war goes both ways. 

He’s able to get up and walk away with his group before the attackers throw another one of the teens down on the dock and he too is punched and kicked.

If a group of based Nazis showed up and rushed these jungle apes, they would have scattered like cockroaches when the lights are turned on, I can guarantee you that.

The video has made the rounds on social media, as police ask for help in identifying the boys, including a Facebook group for Quincy residents.
‘Disgusting. I think it’s inappropriate and they looked like they did nothing wrong,’ Quincy resident Shelby Chiasson told Boston 25.

What? You expect niggers to have a sense of remorse? LOL

The teens had fled by the time Quincy and Massachusetts State Police arrived.

Which was probably two hours later. “What’s that? A group of oppressed minorities are attacking a smaller group of whites? We’ll be there right after the coffee break is over.” When you read stories about civilians being brutalized by an invading army, it can seem surreal that even though they had ample warning that this is what was going to occur, they still remained to be brutalized. It’s amazing the level of self denial that people are capable of when faced with an unpleasant reality. Well if you are white anywhere in the world, the reality is that race war is upon you. You can scoff at the idea, you can close your eyes and ears to it or you can mock those who are warning you  about it but the reality of the situation will not go away. The fact of the matter is that you are in a race war and you only have two choices: fight back or be the victim. Trust me, the niggers would much rather you choose the later. If you do choose to go the victim route you can at least take comfort in that even though  you’re getting your ass kicked and you may be killed, there’s a possibility that the jews and Marxists at least won’t call you a racist.


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3 thoughts on “Group of Dindus Attack Whites. Media at a Loss to Explain Motive”

  1. I know that you already know this, Gramps, but too many don’t comprehend. It is constant sniping against Whites conducted by all races, but especially niggers. All of them, and the innocent unawareness fostered in regular whites, are orchestrated by jewry. So long as people do not wake up to the jew, and learn enough to determine jewry’s plan against Whites, it will continue and become worse and worse.

    It’s not just Whites who are the targets of the ferel negroid, but jews media tries to hide most of it.

    “Man Punches his 2-month-old Baby in the Face till it Dies; Buries it at a School”

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