Happy Birthday!

Imagine being a young black female and having the birthday present of your dreams come true: getting to meet your favorite black singer and then getting a call to go to his HOtel room and have sex with him. I mean, what could be better, right? Well you need to understand this: when Usher gives you a birthday present, it sticks with you the rest of your life (or not).

Two women and a man are suing Usher for failing to tell them he had herpes before sleeping with them.
The lawsuit is set to be filed by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom today in California.


I’m really not sure how to gauge the truthfulness of this story. On the one hand the suit is coming from a jew shekel grabbing lawyer so normally I would approach it with a certain amount of skepticism. However on the other hand, these are blacks we’re talking about and they have sex like the rest of us shake hands. Ultimately I would say this is a toss up.

111She has a deep concern for the sexual health of sheboons everywhere. The shekels are just a bonus. How much do you want to bet if they panned the camera out for this shot, she was rubbing her hands together?


At a Monday morning press conference in New York City, Bloom had one of the alleged victims, 21-year-old Quantasia Sharpton, speak about the nerve-wracking moment she learned about Usher’s alleged diagnosis – three years after sleeping with the singer.
Quantasia said she has always loved Usher’s ‘artistry and music,’ so her friends took her to a concert of his to celebrate her 19th birthday a few years ago.


Quantasia lookin to get paid n sheit.

She says she was selected from the crowd to go backstage before the show and meet Usher – real name Usher Raymond – because of the birthday crown she was wearing.
Later, she says a security guard came up to her and asked for her number because Usher was ‘interested in her’.

And it’s not hard to see why. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m a Nazi racist hater and all but for a sheboon, Quantasia is pretty hot. It would be hard for even me to resist smashing that.





222Niggas don’t smash Quantasia, Quantasia smash niggas. 

smiley emoji gif

Every healthy man on the face of the planet has at some point or another wondered in the back of his mind what it would be like to be a celebrity and being able to pick out hot young women from the audience like it’s a sexual buffet or something. However when you look across the audience and spot a girl who looks like she just left the buffet, that’s a whole different matter. Maybe she promised to bring snacks.

Sharpton said she was shocked last month to learn that Usher possibly has herpes, an incurable sexually-transmitted disease.

birthday dog

When Sharpton read about that case, she contacted Lisa Bloom to see what her legal options were, even though she tested negative for the virus when she had a child last year.

Wait, wut? So she didn’t even get herpes but she’s suing anyway? Why exactly?

While Sharpton doesn’t have the disease, at least one of the three clients that Bloom is representing say they caught the disease, and blame Usher for it.

Hold up now. So there are other parties to this lawsuit who didn’t get herpes either but they’re suing too?! I’m sorry but I don’t get what the hell they’re even suing for? Are they suing because they didn’t get herpes?

Sharpton says if she had known that Usher had herpes, she ‘would have never consented’ to sex with him.
She said she ‘would not have taken the risk’ because her ‘health is very’ important to her, especially since becoming a mother.


Yes I can see that your health must be your top priority Quantasia. I mean sure, she may have had a little trouble losing a few pounds after the baby was born and all but who hasn’t struggled with that?

‘I feel like my rights were violated, ‘ Sharpton said.

I’m sorry but I’m still having trouble following. What rights were violated exactly? Your right to catch herpes? Don’t get me wrong: I know these blacks will basically have sex with anything and anyone who’s readily available but this is just an over the top shekel grab. How in the hell can you sue this good boy for not giving you herpes? At the beginning of this article, I stated that I wasn’t sure how to come down on it but after going through it with all of you I’ve made my decision: jew shekel grab. The notion that this fat boon wouldn’t have slept with Usher for any reason is just silly. What’s even more over the top is that she and others involved in this suit brought by this kike didn’t even catch herpes. Thus, in the case of Usher and the fat boon who didn’t catch herpes Judge Lampshade finds Usher not guilty. Now get that rat faced kike out of here and someone take my damned donuts away from Quantasia.

judge pepe



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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. top notch there grandpa.Yes she does look like a person who is interested in it’s own health.I think whatever the outcome may be…Usher will never get the end of it,for trying to swallow a bigger bite than he can.One can only wonder…how did her baby got out of there,and how did she got pregnant in the first place.Although this explains the myth of black male p-lenght.They need it so a woman like Quantasia can get pregnant.

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