Housecleaning Time Again

restaurant to another world animeNot technically maids but close enough. 

If you frequent the Semitic Truth Center, you know that I’m big and I mean BIG on using pictures and memes. If you pick any random article here, just note how many images I use and multiply that by how many articles I put up a day. As one might imagine, this leads to my library becoming very very full of different pics, many of which are one off’s that are used for a single piece. The problem then becomes that it bogs me down as I have to sort through this huge file of pictures to find some of my standard go-to’s. Thus it’s housecleaning time once again. Chances are you will not even notice that I’ve cleared many of these out. However if you scroll through some of the older articles you may come across some broken pics if I have deleted them. Sorry but it can’t be avoided.

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