Random Musings

As we all sit around and wait for WWIII to kick off, I find my mind wandering to random topics which to be honest, isn’t really anything new. I was thinking today about this one: how you can always guess the race before the story.


Now I’m not just talking about stories such as, “Robber shoots convenience store clerk for no apparent reason” as those are a given. I’m talking about other, slightly more subtle stories usually designed to offset the observable reality that blacks and other racial groups cause us so many problems while contributing nothing to our society.

On the local news, they always do a segment titled something like, “Tell Us Something Good.” It would appear that nothing good must ever involve white people because I don’t think I’ve seen a single story that wasn’t about blacks. You could have a white kid going to college at the age of 13 but the TMSG segment will be something like: “Watch this amazing video of this young man making this incredible basketball shot!”. You already know the race of the “amazing young man” before the film even rolls. We get criticized over stereotypes and yet everything framed as positive about these people usually centers around some form of sports ball.

It’s back to school time again which means that it’s time for all of the altruistic white people to put on a drive to provide school supplies to “underprivileged kids”. The good news is that white people are apparently never underprivileged because when they show the film, it’s always crammed full of blacks and meskins.

111                                        Daiz ready to get their learnin on n sheit. 

The only white people present are usually the people running the operation. As many of these events that are put on around the nation every year, you would think that the black community would show us some appreciation but the last time I checked, they still hate us. Perhaps it’s time to try something different.

I saw a filler story today titled something like, “Watch video of amazing moment a toddler starts singing with it’s grandmother in church”. We all know white people don’t take toddlers to church and even if they did, they never try to sing. Sure enough, it was boon time once again.

It’s easy to just brush these things off as harmless but in actuality they serve a much darker purpose. If they are constantly bending over backwards to portray blacks and other ethnic groups in a positive light then the direct correlation would be that they are not doing that for whites, in fact it’s just the opposite. When blacks commit crimes it’s “A man” or “Teens” but when it’s a white male his picture and race are featured front and center. When you couple that with the transparent effort to always portray blacks in a positive light, it’s not hard to figure out the conclusion they want you to form: blacks = good whites = bad. Oh well, we’ve got to find a silver lining in every situation one way or the other. If Kim Jong-Un nukes us, at least it’ll kill a lot of niggers.

Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

4 thoughts on “Random Musings”

  1. Show some sympathy Grandpa!. It’s much easier to extort the Lunch Money and I Phone out of your White Classmates when you use a sharpened #2 Pencil at their throat as a weapon!


  2. This one isn’t even “A man” or “Teens”.
    This one was reported tonight simply as “road rage” in Cleveland(happened a week ago). I look it up. Before I find pictures of what I’m sure to see, I notice something else. Every result on the first page is by Fox News(not that they aren’t jewed too), none of the other channels.
    Kinda funny with all their muh vibrancy.
    Two pavement apes don’t like getting honked at, shoot 4yo niglet through the head in other car:

    Never heard about this one either- guess why? Happened a year ago.
    “Officer shot” (yep, y’all know what’s coming)

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  3. As for your very last point, not so much. The immigrant invaders have ethnically cleansed many of the blacks from California’s major cities.


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