Do to several circumstances, not the least of which I have to work and my cash funds suck, Grandpa Lampshade didn’t make Charlottesville. However just like most of you, I am catching up on the whirlwind of events that have taken place. More details will come forward in the aftermath of the event from those who were actually there but I thought I would offer some brief points on what we have learned so far.

The Police: Unprepared or taking sides?

I have made it clear on more than one occasion that the police need to realize who it is that supports them. If white people drop their support for the police, they will be on their own. 

Reports from the scene are that the police pushed the legal protest out of the park and attacked the protesters and pushed them toward the Marxist groups. Who do the police think puts that stupid blue tape on their cars and signs about “backing the blue” in their yards and on their businesses? Marxist street niggers? I realize the city has a jew mayor and this is probably where this came from but that aside, this is a very bad move on the part of the police themselves. Literally the only people in the entire nation who are on their side when they are forced to gun down some good boy who didn’t do nuffin on his way from his Grandma’s house are white people on the right. Actions such as what occurred today will draw that support away. The days of following orders hoping to draw a pension down the road and make your paycheck are over. If you are on the police force you will have to take a side and today, you took the side of the very people who attack and kill you. You took the side of those who spit on you and call you pigs. You took the side of those who call you Nazis. You can justify today’s actions away all you want but if you take nothing else away from this you need to understand this: WHEN WHITE PEOPLE WITHDRAW THEIR SUPPORT FROM YOU, YOU ARE LEFT TO FEND FOR YOURSELVES. Some defenders of the police’s actions will say that they were simply overwhelmed and did the best they could. To this my response is that whoever was in charge should be fired immediately for incompetence if that is the case. Seriously, this rally was in the making for sometime and they knew that it had the potential for violence and if they were this unprepared then they are obviously unable to coordinate their way out of a paper bag and are of no use to society or the city.

Based Chally is based. 

333It is a well known fact in the car enthusiast community that Dodge Challengers hate niggers. 

You know how you read things like, “You can’t just run people over to escape a violent mob because the car will high center or blah blah blah”? Well all of that might be true but not if you’re in a Dodge Challenger, the niggernator of the automobile world. It’s rumored that the engineers at Dodge designed the Challenger around the idea of a vehicle being Mad Max tier ready with zero modifications necessary. I would say they’ve hit the mark.

Seriously though, the ((media)) which is almost totally run by rat like jews is trying to frame this as “White supremacist mows over counter protesters” when the police early on and the video evidence would suggest that the driver simply got caught in this mob who started throwing bricks at their vehicle. The driver then did what any sane person would do and tried their best to escape the situation post haste. Of course, I’m sure the JEWdicial system will do everything they can to railroad this person to prison unless it turns out the driver was black.

The Take Away. 

There will be analysis and criticism on the event for months to come now. However we will learn from this and grow. Grandpa Lampshade will not criticize anyone who was able to show up because showing up to this event took a lot of bravery on the part of our people. The lying jew mayor of the city actually had the nerve to call our people cowardly for showing up and facing a violent Marxist mob and as it turns out, their police allies. This isn’t cowardice, this is just the opposite. Leave it to a jew to call what is evil good and what is good evil. These kikes wouldn’t know how to speak the truth if someone gave them lessons. In the future, there needs to be plans and contingency plans, that is obvious. For example: if we are pushed out of the planned position we will fall back to this position and reorganize but all of that is just details. As I said, we will learn from this and grow and whether you want to admit it or not, learning is a process and not always a pretty one.


Here’s the thing folks: no matter what ((they)) say. No matter how ((they)) try to spin it. The fact is that today we won. Today we sent a message. Today we told the world that white people are back. We are not going to sit idly by while the jew destroys our nation. We’re not going to be shamed into silence while we watch our culture and people fade off into oblivion while some rat faced jew rubs his hands together. We will not be intimidated by low IQ niggers claiming that they own what we built. We are not afraid of hairy arm pit leftist feminists screeching at us. If these Marxists want to take our nations from us, if they want to destroy the future of our people they’re going to have to fight for it. It may not look like much to you now but make no mistake: the lion is rising.

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5 thoughts on “Charlottesville”

  1. Ideed it was a great day for White people and for all people that still love this country. The people responsible for this violence are the Jewish dominated City Council, the governor and the political establishment that tried to remove an statue that has been there for many decades without producing any violence. But the City chose conflict, insulting all Southern Heritage, the Antifa all they had to do to keep peace is stay home but Obama and the Jewish DEM jihadist are subverting and encouraging violence…This is not just a white issue is an American issue about FREE speech,freedom of assembly, factual History, ..this is a sign of things to come if the JEWS dare to carry outa Coup Dtat, or impeach Trump. White people are finally resisting in an organized manner, losing their fear of the JEWS. For 2018 elections the marching orders fro any true American is NEVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMS JEWS.

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  2. Your comments on whites withdrawing their support for the police is 100% spot on. Let them buddy up with the antifa and the nigs and see how long that love fest lasts. The really amusing thing is that these pensions the cops are selling their souls for are likely to be vaporized the next time the economy stumbles.

    Living in Virginia, and having to travel there for work, I have said many times Charlottesville will be a Cambodian level killing field if CW2 or RAHOWA gets rolling due to nigs, muds, leftists nuts, and every other assorted freak and mutant being crowded into a relatively small area.

    Charlottesville may have some history to it but for now it’s the biggest open air sewage pit in Virginia (and that’s despite some stiff competition from NoVa and Tidewater).

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  3. I’m as happy as anyone can be when I see REAL Americans, our knowledgeable and aware White people, stand up to the jews and their propagandized leftist garbage who operate subversively inside our America. After all, as the owner of Freedom Preppers has put it, “If you can’t defend it [America], it isn’t yours”. I think most cops on the line agree with that, but respond to a Freemasonic hierarchy. Having said that, we all know that jewry stealthily attempts to lure us into traps, and the jews often use controlled opposition (who are emplaced to act as White leaders), to do that.

    These are, of course, in addition to jewry’s usual constant cheering squad the “MSM” jews-media, althoug the controlled opposition is the main subject of the link below. Although there are sections of the report with which I heartily disagree, I urge everyone to read the full article below, and some of the comments also make very good points.

    “The Alt Right was Led Into a Trap in Charlottesville, Pro-Whites Now Seen as Terrorists”

    “It is my contention that the leaders of “Unite the Right” are enemy agents who led the lemmings into a situation that would gain nothing for our cause, and would in fact damage our efforts in many different ways. Many people were injured, the public at large will have no sympathy for the racist Whites who terrorized a city, and ZOG will be given ever more powers to silence our dissent. Actually, even more Confederate statues are going to come down due to the debacle.”


  4. Up and finished with rosary, 1 1/2 hours, pre 1958 version, in Honolulu and
    + See that DS is hacked.
    + Yesterday, AA’s comment was way past the point at which he should have stopped – referring to the last one seen about HH.
    Looking back since it’s been about a year since visited noticed the message about being sued and the issue was related to Rockfish incident with RBS’s mother. At the time, I saw that the army I saw was sent from DS of comment posters on other websites was dishonest in what they wrote – imaginary details to dramatize – this earned AA his initial problem resulting in the suit he needed $ to counteract.
    Only because of prayer have I distanced myself though I clearly understand situation with whites. Looking ahead, as am sure many have already written, it will be separation, not in my lifetime, and breakup of the country or transformation of it will be complete to the point we can all probably see ahead.


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