Shiksas be Liberated Now


In a huge move to further liberation and progress, it would appear that Ireland has voted to further liberate their THOTS by being sure they can kill their unborn children.

Abortion rights activists proclaimed victory for Irish women Saturday as referendum results indicated voters in largely Roman Catholic Ireland overwhelmingly backed repealing a 1983 constitutional ban on abortions.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I want to waste my time on a people who appear to clearly be determined to commit suicide.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, speaking Saturday after exit polls suggested voters chose to liberalize Ireland’s strict abortion laws by a margin of more than two to one, called the result the culmination of a “quiet revolution.”

A real revolution would involve throwing all of the kikes and sand niggers out of your country, not choosing to help them out by taking their side in your own genocide.

111Guess which demographic of women won’t be participating in the killing of their nine offspring each. 

“The people have spoken,” said Varadkar, a medical doctor who campaigned for repeal in Friday’s historic referendum.

Welcome to clown world 2018, where doctors campaign for the right to murder what are supposed to be their patients. Why would he campaign for the destruction of the Irish people? Oh wait. 

Varadkar is the first Irish government Minister of Indian heritage. During the 2015 same-sex marriage referendum, he became the first openly gay Irish government Minister.


Voters were asked whether they wanted to keep or repeal the Eighth Amendment to Ireland’s Constitution, which requires authorities to treat a fetus and its mother as equals under the law.

Don’t worry. It’s not as though we can’t always import an infinite number of new Irish.

“This is a monumental day for women in Ireland,” said Orla O’Connor, co-director of the Together for Yes group. “This is about women taking their rightful place in Irish society, finally.”

You’ve come a long way baby!

444         Oh look! Another bat shit crazy cat lady! 

The vote is a “rejection of an Ireland that treated women as second-class citizens,” she said, adding: “This is about women’s equality and this day brings massive change, monumental change for women in Ireland, and there is no going back.”

Yes because if there’s one thing that screams that women are second class citizens, it’s refusing them the right to commit infanticide.

The mood was jubilant at Dublin’s Intercontinental hotel, where the Together For Yes group was celebrating its apparent victory.

What do we want?! To kill our babies! When do we want it?! Right now!

555How many of your own unborn children have you killed shiksa? Oh you’re so brave.

Some supporters had tears of joy running down their cheeks, and many women hugged each other. Cheers erupted every time partial results were shown on two big screens transmitting the latest television news.

666Finally I’ve reached equality. I can finally exercise my God given right to have my unborn child hacked up into bits and sucked out of my vagina. 

Katherine Zappone, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, said she is confident new abortion legislation can be approved by parliament and put in place before the end of the year.

Why are so many of these prominent women at the forefront of wanting the right to kill unborn babies?

Katherine Zappone: She and her wife, Ann Louise Gilligan, founded An Cosán which supports individuals and communities to actively engage in the process of social change through transformative education.

Some of you may find it shocking that the same people who pushed to legalize fag “marriage” are also those pushing for more abortions for the native white population. You shouldn’t be surprised by this, it’s all a part of the larger plan.

We are quickly reaching the point where if I saw some nigger raping a bitch in the street that I would just move along with total indifference. We expend all of this effort to save a people that tell us time and time again that they have no interest in being saved. These same people will literally side with those working toward their own genocide in attacking those of us who are trying to do the right thing because somehow by pointing out that being genocided out of existence tends to be a permanent thing is mean or because of the muh equality fantasy. Can we turn this around? I’ll be honest, I’m doubtful. All we can do is continue to speak the truth and warn these people of the unimaginable calamity that is set to befall them. Some of you will not like this but it’s the reality. If a person is bound and determined to kill themselves then there is nothing you can do to prevent them from eventually succeeding.

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3 thoughts on “Shiksas be Liberated Now”

  1. Don’t ever forget that the women who get press coverage are these deranged, anti-nature, degenerates. Most, 80 percent, want to marry and have children. In America, I think the percentage is about 70% that are against abortion. But we don’t rule America. It wasn’t that long ago, when I was a teenager in the 70s, that most women were virgins when they married.

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    1. Don’t let the black pills get you down GPL. They have a lot of momentum on their side right now, but the pendulum will swing back the other way.


      1. Yeah today’s show is a bit black pillish. I’ve just been in one of those “Meh time to move to the mountains and watch the whole thing burn” kind of moods. It happens now and then and I usually get over it in a week or so.


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