Early Signs of the Jews Being Holocausted by Their Own Creation

Simply from a standpoint of studying history and people, the Jews are really an interesting group to look at. While my expectations when it comes to people in general are usually quite low when it comes to things such as self awareness and being able to foresee the all to predictable outcome of certain actions, when it comes to the Jews they’re on an entirely different level. Which I suppose isn’t all that surprising. I mean, you don’t get booted from 109+ countries over the centuries for no reason at all.

So we’re all familiar with the fact that at some point our brilliant leaders decided, “Hey, you know what we should do? Let’s invite a bunch of subversive Jews that Hitler was trying to run out of his country due to their subversive activities to come here and take over our university system so they can be subversive here”; see the Frankfurt School. I mean don’t get me wrong, I bitch about the Jews as much as anyone but you have to hold a special level of contempt for those who were supposed to be leading the nation who chose instead to hand everything over to these Kikes, be it the monetary system or the educational system. Now as we should all know by now the Jews in the university system have pushed relentlessly the agenda that all brown/black people are oppressed by evil white people. When white people started to notice, the Jews predictably fell back on “Who me? I’m white like you Goyim” or “Don’t hate me for my religion”.

white like you le

Now, if one had just a modicum of foresight you would be able to see where this would eventually lead. Then again, this is the Jews we’re talking about here. 

A former University of Maryland professor is preparing for a legal battle against school administrators who she claims discriminated against her over a trip to Israel.

“I’m as American as you. How dare you question my trip and loyalties to another country?”

Dr. Melissa Landa, a Jewish professor who worked in the Education Department at UMD until last June, claims that her contract was not renewed by administrators due to discrimination against her pro-Israel beliefs and her stance against the “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” (BDS) movement.

While it’s true that the BDS movement is largely a leftist creation, I support it 100%. This is a classic example of the Jews creating a monster that has now turned around and attacked them. Only the Jews could be shocked by this result. Think about it: after spending decades telling these college students that blacks and browns are oppressed by evil white people, is it really all that surprising that this happens when these same college students turn on the TV and see “white” people shooting down and oppressing poor brown people in the mid east?

According to its official website, the BDS movement claims to work “to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.”

Don’t they know that those laws are only for them?! What the hell do they think “chosen” means anyway?

In a video published on her website, Landa, who has been vocal regarding anti-Semitic, pro-Palestine movements, argues that her active stance contributed to her being “ostracized” by colleagues and eventually dismissed from the university.

What is one of the things that people on the left and people on the right have in common with just about everyone else on the planet? Eventually they all wind up hating the Jews. Must be a problem with everyone else.


“Across the country, Jewish professors and Jewish students are being intimidated and silenced for their opposition to the BDS movement,” Landa states in the video. “This must stop.”

Cry me a river.


In one of her most significant allegations, Landa claims that on May 5, 2016, John O’Flahavan, the associate chair of the Education Department, removed her from teaching a literacy course that she helped develop and later taught for nearly ten years.

Maybe the fact that you’re an abrasive Kike has something to do with it.

Landa asserts that O’Flahavan did this after being informed of Landa’s agreement to partner with the Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv……..

But don’t worry, the Jews are just as American as you and to claim that they may have loyalties elsewhere is just anti-semitism.

“There was no evidence to indicate that my work [in Israel] as a private citizen was impeding my professional performance,” Landa told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “Once my involvement with Israel became political, that is when things started to change.”

Don’t you just love it? When white people keep their politics out of their job but speak out on their own time against the destruction of their nations, these same rats cheer and applaud when they launch a successful harassment campaign against their employers in order to get them fired. Yet now what? We’re supposed to feel sorry for them? Yeah right.

444……………your Marxist diversity creation turns on you because it views you as a part of an evil white system oppressing poor brown Palestinians and you try to explain to them that you aren’t white but at the same time the only people sending money to your Gofundme page are white conservatives who think you’re white just like them. 

Several other incidents of alleged discrimination against Landa followed, including being passed over and excluded from teaching elementary education courses with doctoral students.

Here’s a crazy idea: since she loves Israel so much why doesn’t she just go there and teach?

According to the timeline, on January 9, 2017, Landa requested permission to be given access to one of O’Flahavan’s classes in order to collect data to research.

“You are not welcome during any class sessions or any on-site team learning meetings, or PDS sessions,” O’Flahavan allegedly replied in an email.

“You are not welcome………..” man have the Jews heard that at least six million times or what?

“The University of Maryland has a vibrant Jewish community and robust array of programs with Israeli-based institutions,” Jennings added. “We are proud of the support, education, and home we provide to one of the largest Jewish student populations in the country.”

Yeah well do you know where else they have a vibrant Jewish community? Israel that’s where.


jews booted

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3 thoughts on “Early Signs of the Jews Being Holocausted by Their Own Creation”

  1. I can not remember his name but a White college kid attended a rally to protest the Removal of Southern Monuments. The JEWS and his tax finance institutions began a campaign to smear him. They publish his name in the school newspapers, they harassed him constantly in FBook, they had his landlord evict him and demanded he was fired from his job. The poor guy had no house,no job and no social support. He ended up taking his own life. The JEWS probably celebrated his death as part of their crusade to END Whiteness in America and the World (SAfrica, Australia, Europe). One day I was taking a course in Economics, the (jewish) professor fell ill, the dept. chair (jewish) appointed another sub/professor (a jew)…later WE found out that the sub had no PHD, and he was working on his doctoral thesis in Sociology!!!!….and yes he got the job permanently….PD: GPL, I saw the charred body of a 5yrs old Palestinian baby, victim of a Israeli chemical attacks…chosen people of GOD…BS….the most EVIL people on the face of the earth.

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  2. “You assert that your mothers had no commerce with he-goats, nor your
    fathers with she-goats,” Voltaire demanded of the Jews…
    “But pray, gentlemen, why are you the only people upon earth whose laws have forbidden
    such commerce? Would any legislator ever have thought of promulgating this
    extraordinary law if the offense had not been common?”


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