The EU and UN Exist to Make Your Life Better

You may not know it but the EU, UN and NATO exist for the betterment of mankind. If you didn’t realize this don’t feel bad because before today neither did I. However I’ve seen the light now. I know grasp how mankind’s continued advancement hinges on the health and continued existence of these organizations. Why? Because I just read this article where a washed up singer from a group I never liked says so.

Irish rock star Bono warned Monday that the United Nations and other international institutions including the European Union and NATO are under threat — and nations must work together to ensure their continued existence.

I’ve been a staunch opponent of the UN, EU and NATO for quite sometime. I had always reasoned that the UN did nothing more than grant leverage to shithole nations who hate us, the EU was a puppet of the globalist Jews and NATO ceased having a reason to exist once the Soviet Union fell. However I’ve come to realize my own limitations in understanding these complex issues. Instead, we should defer to the opinion of an expert. In this case, it’s this guy……………………………


The Dublin-born U2 singer and activist gave a sobering speech to several hundred U.N. diplomats and staff at an event launching Ireland’s candidacy for a seat on the powerful Security Council in 2021-22 saying “you can count on Ireland to do its part in that work.”

Well he does have a point. Ireland has been working as hard as any other nation to rid itself of it’s once great white population.

While Bono didn’t name any countries responsible for threatening global institutions during these “troubled times,” his words appeared clearly aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump, who has criticized the EU and NATO.

Well that’s it. Everyone who once supported Trump will soon withdraw that support now that Bono has spoken.

The American leader has also pulled out of the Paris climate agreement which the singer cited, and taken aim at the World Trade Organization with new U.S. tariffs, an institution Bono said is also under threat.

I have a question though: how have any of these institutions made anyone’s lives better?

222Don’t question it, he’s an expert! 

Speaking of the United Nations, Bono said, “I love that it exists, and I’ll tell you, I don’t take for granted that it exists, or that it will continue to exist because let’s be honest, we live in a time when institutions as vital to human progress as the United Nations are under attack.”

Let’s take a quick review of all of the things the UN has done to advance human progress:





Well they did get busted running a sex ring for kiddy diddlers. However I’m sure he’s probably not talking about that. Then again……hmmmmmm…….

He then said the EU, NATO and the Group of Seven major industrialized nations have also been threatened.

“And not just these institutions but what they stand for — an international order based on shared values and shared rules, an international order that is facing the greatest test in its 70-year history,” Bono said. “Not just these institutions but what they’ve achieved is at risk.”

Shared values? International order? In case you needed some clear evidence that some people do not live on the same planet as the rest of you, well here you go.

Ireland is expected to be in a three-way race against Canada and Norway for two seats reserved for Western nations on the Security Council. Elections to fill the seats for a two-year term will be held in June 2020.

And the only thing that matters is what the U.S., China and Russia decide. All of these other faggots are just along for the ride and the free pizza.

un humanity

Bono said he just came back from Canada and praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “a remarkable leader who’s put together the most diverse Cabinet on the planet.”

When it comes to these people, “diversity” always means fewer (preferably no) white people.

“That Canada is nice is the worst thing I can say about them,” he said.

That’s funny because for me it’s something like, “Canada is full of sand niggers and their PM is a total faggot”.

But he said the world needs Ireland’s storytelling talents and its ability to compromise “because that’s how you achieve peace.”

That’s funny because from where I’m sitting it seems as though peace is accomplished when other countries are afraid to fuck with you.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar formally launched Ireland’s campaign for a council seat at the reception on the U.N.’s lawn that included Irish dancing and music — but no singing from Bono.

“We see ourselves as an island at the center of the world,” Varadkar said. “And we’re deeply aware that in an interdependent world, the great challenges of our time do not know international boundaries.”

“The United Nations is the conscience of our humanity,” he said. “In these troubled and uncertain times, as a global island we want to play our part in defending, supporting and promoting its values.”

Let me help you with a little translation: “Do not know international boundaries” = white nations shouldn’t have borders. Everyone on the planet has the human right to your nation. The so called values they will defend are not values at all but instead are nothing more than a blatant anti-white agenda. I know many people still want to believe that when I say these things it’s some sort of tin foil hat crack pottery. I only wish it were. The fact of the matter now is all you have to do is simply look at the agenda they are carrying out. Canada is brave and wonderful because they are voluntarily giving up their nation without complaint.

pepe tinfoil hatI wish fam. 

Do not listen to their sugar coated lies. All of their talk about values, love of humanity and equality are nothing more than sugar to make the poison go down easier. Instead look at their actions or to be more specific, look at the results of their actions. They really do want to wipe you off the planet. They really do want to kill you. They really do want to turn your once great nations into the third world. The evidence is right out in the open. However all is not lost. While they do have much power they still largely depend on you going along with your own demise voluntarily. While they do have the power to use force that power does not extend beyond the ability of singling out one individual and making an example out of them. When it comes to convincing all of you as a group to go along willingly, their arsenal boils down to celebrities whom they hold up as somehow being superior to the rest of you and the threat of calling you a mean person in one form or another.

That’s it.

That’s why it’s time to stop cowering at their name calling. Embrace your salvation and that of your children and people. It’s been done before and it can happen again. Embrace it. Embrace what they fear the most.


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