Turns Out Meskin at Whataburger Was a Good Ese, Didn’t Do Nothin

I’m not going to lie: this actually took a little longer than I expected it to. By now you’ve all read the story about the belligerent Meskin who assaulted some white kid who was less than half his size. There was much outrage and condemnation as people get quite uncomfortable when confronted with the reality of the race war around them. However you can all settle down now, as an anonymous source has come forward to inform us this Meskin was a good homie, didn’t even do nada.

111We as a society, owe this man an apology. 

A Trump supporter who had his red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat violently taken away in a San Antonio burger restaurant may have made racist comments about ‘hanging blacks’ to provoke the incident.

And we all know, if there is one thing that will enrage a Meskin, it’s talk about hanging niggers.

The assailant seen in the video, 30-year-old Kino Jimenez, was arrested on Thursday and charged with felony theft of a person.

However now that an anonymous source has come forward to inform us that he is actually the victim, I’ll bet he’s got tons of calls from Jew lawyers offering to make sure he gets paid for this abuse he’s suffered by the system.

Richard says Jimenez came up to the table where he and friends were eating at a Whataburger and pulled his hat off his head, grabbing some of his hair with it.

I love how the media tries to frame this now as “his word against the other guy’s”. No he doesn’t just say this guy did this, it’s on the video.


But a witness who says he was at the restaurant with family claims that the 20-second video doesn’t tell the whole story.

He said that moments before the attack Richard and his friend were heard making racist comments about hanging blacks and deporting them to Africa.

The only question left is whether this so called witness’ last name is Lopez or Shekelstein.

The witness made the comments to KENS and insisted on anonymity after he said he and his family were receiving death threats for talking about what they saw.

Ok thanks for clarifying for us right away that this entire story is bullshit. So this anon witness has to be anon because  nobody knows he existed but he’s already been receiving death threats from people who didn’t know he existed. Got it.

He said that he and his family left the restaurant moments before the attack, which they did not see.

I was fixing to ask why they aren’t in the video but I see they’ve got that covered.

444Honestly, I wish the kid would have been making racist comments. However I’m afraid I just don’t see it. 

‘They were talking about for the Fourth of July hanging black people from trees, that that would be the perfect party,’ the witness claimed.

So it just dawned on me: can anyone go to a TV station now and claim to be an anonymous witness and get their story reported with absolutely no proof and verification? Because if that is the case then I think Trump may be on to something with this whole “fake news” thing.

‘Hopefully, with Donald Trump within the next few years, we can celebrate a white country, a real country without blacks. Maybe we can deport them to Africa.’

LOL yeah these young men look like they’d be totally  talking about that and not the latest video game release.

The witness said Richard and his friend were talking about the dystopian horror movie The Purge, a fictional film about an extremist party taking over America and allowing citizens to break any laws for a 12-hour period once a year.

According to the witness, the teens said they hoped The Purge would be implemented in real life – but only against blacks and Latinos.

‘They said they wanted it to be legal for white people to kill any other race for the Fourth of July,’ he said.

Man this witness got every detail, including that about a movie most people have never heard of.

The witness also said that other people in the restaurant heard the teens making these comments and asked them to stop.

They just all disappeared as soon as the camera started rolling,  giving the impression the place was empty.


This entire episode probably can be considered a positive thing for Hunter and his friends. I mean, none of them were actually hurt and Hunter has learned that there is no such thing as a patriotic middle or any other such nonsense. Hunter has learned he’s in a race war and while at first he had people jumping to his defense, those same people now will turn on him and rip him to shreds on nothing more than an obvious bullshit anon story. Ask yourself this: do you think Hunter is likely to be more or less racist after this entire incident? I’ll tell ya, some days I just sit back and let society do my work for me. Now all we need to do is tell Hunter and his friends about the Jews……….

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2 thoughts on “Turns Out Meskin at Whataburger Was a Good Ese, Didn’t Do Nothin”

  1. GPL: Do you think that this Mexhomie would had pulled the hat from a 200lbs black guy???….I could tell you endless stories about the pain and horrors of going to a all Mex High Schools…Hillary Running AGAIN…omg!!! …please write a column about the next SCOTUS…another jew…??? please NO. Bibi Natanyahu is quoted a saying …”America is the Golden Calf which we (jews) will break up, chop up, and sell it into (scrap) parts…that’s what we (jews) do to all nations that refuse to become our slaves…” (UNZ Review July 06,2018)….


  2. They said they wanted it to be legal for white people to kill any other race for the Fourth of July,’ he said.

    No, not on the Glorious Fourth. How about on April 4th – the other MLK Day?

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