Thoughts on Authoritarianism

111I always wonder what Boatsinker is going to come up with for a pic for the show. Sometimes I can’t even imagine. This is one of those times LOL 

That’s right folks, Thoughts of the Day is up! This week it’s all about authoritarianism. I have long stated that the current system will come down and be replaced by some form of authoritarianism. Of course you know what kind I advocate for. But what about the left? What if we wind up with some form of Communist authoritarianism? Let me tell you, the useful tools such as the LGBTQRSNZOF or whatever the hell they are community are in for a rude awakening. They are not the only ones. Even a Communist form of authoritarianism will be forced to deal with the Jews. Why? Because people make the trade off for authoritarianism in order to get rid of the chaos. It’s a fun and multifaceted discussion this week. We’ve also got an excellent listener question/comment this week and of course, the always popular Church of the Lampshade. So quit dragging your feet. Get in here, get cozy and get to listening to Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.



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