Trump’s SC Nominee: Well, at Least the Jews Seem to Hate Him

Monday night President Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice Kennedy. Even though nobody knew for sure who he was going to announce, apparently it didn’t matter too much as the left (read the Jews) were all poised to break out in the all too predictable outrage. I find this interesting and humorous on several levels. I mean, has it occurred to anyone that if the policies and laws of your nation are actually decided by you the people via voting, then what’s the big deal about who’s on this court? Of course as I’ve pointed out previously this is a huge deal because the court acts as the fail safe to head off anything not approved by the Jews who control your politicians. The voters pass a ballot initiative banning same sex marriage? No problem, have the court throw it out and make fag marriage the law of the land. Who voted for that? Well you see, it’s the will of the people Goyim and our values….. When you understand the actual role that the court plays in the system, it’s easy to see why they make such a fuss over these nominations. Now granted, I’ll admit that I don’t know any more about Trump’s pick than the rest of you. However I am seeing early positive signs. Namely it would appear the Jews hate him. 

Seven people, including a city council member, have been arrested for civil disobedience during protests Monday night over President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Following the president’s announcement, dozens of people gathered at Trump Tower in Midtown to express concerns that the nominee will set the country back decades.

Wow, it’s almost as though voting doesn’t matter and instead we’re ruled by some form of black robed authoritarian regime.

The protest began peacefully with people marching along the sidewalk chanting ‘Hey hey ho ho, Trump’s nominee has got to go!’


LOL I’d swear, Boomers and Jews have got to be the most unoriginal bunch on the planet. Pro tip: if your protest chant starts with “Hey hey ho ho….” you need new material.

Things took a turn when a group of protesters sat down in the middle of Fifth Avenue, blocking heavy traffic near the corner of 57th Street.

The NYPD came through and arrested the protesters without incident – among them City Councilman Jumaane Williams.

What the hell sort of City Councilman gets himself arrested at some sort of Jew organized protest?








Protests against the nomination of the conservative judge broke out in cities across the country, including in Washington, DC, where hundreds gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Wow it’s almost as though someone had this all organized and pre-planned. But who would do such a thing? LOL Just kidding, it’s the Jews.

Among them was Sen Bernie Sanders, who told the crowd of protesters that they should be ready to challenge the nomination.

‘Are you ready for a fight? Are you ready to defend Roe vs. Wade?’ Sanders said.

‘This is a tough fight but it is a fight that we can win.

Jews: always at the forefront of making sure shiksa sluts have the right to kill their babies.

222   A few quick observations: first, this kike looks totally sane we probably should listen to him. Second, what’s that fat gook on the left doing there? The only selling point for someone impregnating a gook bitch is that she’s supposed to be thin. If we wanted fat bitches we already have plenty of those. Finally, LOL at the bitch between Sanders and the fat tub of non waifu, she’s so far past child bearing years what is she even on about? 

‘We have the American people on our side, now we have to go state by state by state to make sure senators do what their constituents want.’

Mmmm, yeah okay Bernie if you say so. I mean, I’m one of the American people and personally, I’m just sort of hoping for right wing death squads so we can start rounding up rat Jews and shitlib Boomers and throw them into a labor camp but I guess you’re talking about different American people.

 Kavanaugh has been named to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement at the end of June.

Kennedy was known as the swing vote on key issues, including abortion, same-sex marriage and affirmative action.

Kavanaugh is expected to vote conservatively, forming a right-leaning block with Justices John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

For those of you who don’t know, “vote conservatively” means he’s less likely to just pull new laws out of his ass and we all know we can’t have that.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been leading the charge against Kavanaugh, tweeting after the announcement: ‘I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have.’

Oh look: it’s another Jew.


shumer jew star“Goyim, I’ll protect the right of your sluts to kill their babies with my last dying breath.”

He added: ‘Judge Kavanaugh got the nomination because he passed this litmus test, not because he’ll be an impartial judge on behalf of all Americans.

‘If he were to be confirmed, women’s reproductive rights would be in the hands of five men on the Supreme Court.’

Don’t you just love the never of these Jews? I mean seriously, you have to almost admire how ballsy they are with their lies and double talk. The constitutional right to an abortion was flat out made up by the Supreme Court and now this kike has the nerve to posture about litmus tests and being concerned about the Supreme Court deciding on people’s rights out of thin air. This is the way it works though. The SC invents a new constitutional right = it’s totally legit. Think the SC can later reverse that invented right? No way! It’s the law of the land!

333They want you to believe that they are the future. However look at this picture. Now mentally erase blacks, Boomers and Kikes and tell me what you have left. 

This of course all a show. Abortion is big business for all of these groups. The Planned Parenthood side lines their pockets with government money and jumps at these things in order to scare their childless old boomer donors into giving them money to protect other women’s right to kill their babies because liberation or something. The anti-abortion side also lines their pockets when these things come up with the money from donors who they convince that they are just thiiiiis close to outlawing baby murder. Now, it doesn’t take a whole lot to figure out that if it’s in the interest of both sides of an issue to maintain the status quo, then the status quo will remain. All of the rest of this is just theater. The fact of the matter is no matter who is on the court, a skank’s right to kill her bastard spawn isn’t going anywhere. At least, it isn’t going anywhere under the current system. When the current system falls however, all bets are off.

hitler with children                       What’s that Goyim? You love kids and don’t think they should be murdered? Well guess who else loved children…………



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2 thoughts on “Trump’s SC Nominee: Well, at Least the Jews Seem to Hate Him”

  1. I don’t trust the new Trumps SCOTUS pick…He buildt his career accommodating the Jewish agenda in America. I was revolting the jewish MSM news shows called female pro life judge Barret a Religious (CULTIST) for being a Catholic. The problem is that She is not reading the Talmud enough…..In Los Angeles, A Black lady hit a (illegal) Mexican man with a brick..all MSM blamed Trump and suggested that the attacker was WHITE…


  2. This tells me everything I need to know about Trump.

    Yes – watching this – it is very painful.

    I wouldn’t trust him that much.

    There is no hint of irony in his eyes.


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