The (((Left))) Already Warming up Their Excuses

It’s funny watching the left go on about the upcoming midterm elections. On the one hand, they do the usual passive aggressive confidence routine, “Ha! Trump won’t finish out his term when we inevitably win the mid terms because if anyone doesn’t vote Democrat they are obviously stupid. After all, Stephen Colbert told me so.” On the other hand, we see articles such as this one, where it is obvious they’re not actually quite so confident and are in fact, warming up their excuses in case the blue wave winds up being the equivalent of the blue wave of toilet water going down the drain.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is poised once again to meddle in an American election, and there’s little the U.S can do to stop him, an expert says.

Of course, we’ve yet to see any evidence he meddled in the previous one but you’re not supposed to notice that.

putin anime girls                                                       The only thing this man is guilty of meddling with are my 2D waifus! 

“The midterm is vulnerable to attack. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s too late — if Putin wants to attack our midterm, he will.” Barbara Simons, a former IBM researcher and the co-author of “Broken Ballots: Will Your Vote Count?” told Grant Burningham, host of the Yahoo News podcast “Bots & Ballots.”

Wait what? Attack the midterms? Like, is he going to nuke the polling places or what?

Having spent the last decade trying to warn politicians of the vulnerabilities of computerized voting systems, Simons, who received a PhD in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley, says that states like Georgia, New Jersey, Delaware, Louisiana and South Carolina that have switched to paperless elections are especially ripe targets.

This is rich. Can the electronic voting machines be tampered with? Yes. Can they be hacked? Hell no, they’re not even connected to the internet. Look, I don’t claim to be an expert in every area of interest but this sort of thing only requires a very basic understanding of how things work. I’ve been pointing out the problems with electronic voting machines for years but the problem isn’t that someone can hack into them. The problem is whoever sets the machines up and provides the software can fix them to change your vote to something other than what you select. By the way, we saw this multiple times during the presidential election when people were voting for Trump only to discover upon reviewing their electronic ballot that their vote had been switched to Hillary. We were of course told at the time that these were just glitches but by pure coincidence the glitch only worked to switch Trump votes to Hillary votes. Strange, isn’t it?

Simons said.While U.S. officials say they have not turned up any evidence that Russia was able to disenfranchise voters in the 2016 presidential election or pad the rolls with fictitious identities that helped sway the vote in any given state to Donald Trump, proof itself may be difficult establish even if it had.

So I read this double talk of “Well sure Goyim I mean fellow concerned citizen there is no proof but that doesn’t matter because it would be too hard to find any proof if it did exist so we can just assume that it’s true” and I’m like, man this has to be a rat Kike trying to Jew us over. However far be it from me to claim someone is a Jew without investigating first. So I go to her Wikipedia profile……..nothing. I’m like, hmmmm, just a shitlib leftist woman then? Let me look for her pic………….


I then compared this to my database of Jewess pics…………

female le

Ha! Looks like an 88% match! Further investigation is required!

My dad was a lawyer. Well, my dad was trained as a lawyer, but he actually ended up being—how would you call it? I’m not sure if “executive” is quite the right word, but basically, he was running non-profit Jewish institutions. When I was growing up in Cincinnati, he was the Assistant to the President of Hebrew Union College, which is the major institution for training Reform rabbis in the United States.




So now that for the six millionth time conservative normies are faced with finding an excuse for the fact that it is a Jew trying to screw them over, let’s continue.

“When you say digital only, you are saying there’s no paper ballot, no paper record. That means that there’s no way to recount. You have to basically trust that the information that’s stored in the computer is correct and hasn’t been tampered with,” Simons said.

Yes and we all know that nobody has ever tampered with paper ballots before in the history of mankind.

“The fight against paperless voting systems was led by computer scientists in the early 2000s because we understand that you just can’t trust computers for a whole variety of reasons

That’s funny because that’s exactly how I feel about the Jews.

“Members of the intelligence community are talking about the fact that we are under cyberattack from Russia. This isn’t me saying this, this is members of the intel community saying this. But the country is not acting as if we are under attack. And in particular we are not defending our elections the way they need to be defended.

dynamic duo

Just like their father the devil (atheists please just pretend that’s a metaphor), the reason the Jews are such good liars is the fact they mix in a little bit of truth to season their lies. Take the above quoted statement. First, you need to define what exactly qualifies as “cyber attack”. Now most people hear this term and imagine someone hacking in and shutting down the power grid. Well, the last time I checked the lights are still on, so that must not be it. If we’re talking about countries and organizations trying to use the internet to gain intel on other countries and organizations then yes, pretty much every nation on the face of the planet does that except perhaps for African nations because they’re still trying to make a computer out of a rock and cow dung.  However nobody with any credibility including intel agencies are claiming the Russians are hacking the voting machines. If you look closely, neither is this deceitful kike but the objective here is to get you to come to that conclusion on your own. They do it this way so that if any pesky truth telling Nazis come along and point out they’re full of shit, they can be like, “Oh no silly Goy, I never actually said that!”. Oh don’t worry, the jewing only intensifies.

“Anything that uses a computer is insecure. That includes paper-ballot-based systems because almost all of them are tabulated by scanners, and the scanners basically are computers,” Simon said.

Obviously what we need are more women in tech! Again, I’m not claiming to be a computer expert. I can manage this site, Bitcoin and uploading a world wide listened to radio show but a tech genius I’m not. Yet, even I can read the above statement and be left breathless at how amazingly stupid it is.


“That means we can’t trust any of these outcomes. We have to check them. We have to verify them.”

…..until we get the result we want.

“Oh, I’m damn scared,” Simons says about the threat from governments like Putin’s. “I’m not saying everyone else should be, but I am. A little knowledge can be disconcerting.”

Well just imagine how I feel with the vast amount of knowledge I have concerning you rat Jews and how you work non stop to destroy our societies? It’s a miracle I can even sleep at night! All the while, normies are like, “Blah blah NAJALT muh greatest ally ever derp”. Still, I along with many others will continue to sound the alarm and pull back the curtain that you rat Jews try to hide behind. We’ll continue to hose off your filthy lies with the refreshing spring water of truth. We’ll continue to force you to own what you are doing. And do you know what? More people are becoming aware every day. More people are slowly taking off their blinders and admitting to themselves and others that you Jews aren’t an ally at all, much less our greatest ally. Everyone of these people who wakes to this fact then will in turn try to inform others. The dominoes continue to fall until one day guess what: it’s a free trip to a resort of our choosing.



pepe has a gold star


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4 thoughts on “The (((Left))) Already Warming up Their Excuses”

  1. GPL:The JEWS have vowed overturn the 2016 elections results no matter what the (goyim)constitution say and they will crush anything and everything that stand in its way…the main objective is to break the will of the any goyim resistance, any fantastical illusions and democracy by the people. Rotshitstein is the main rat…he publicly vowed to destroy Trump, he let Awan/Wasserman let go free, he covered the JEpstein, BHClinton, Obama, Soros, Comey, Mueller terrorist pedo mafias. Just when pres. Trump is about to meet with Putin to talk global peace RotSHITstein announces Unproven, Unsubstantiated charges of comper hacking or the DNC which hadnot beenexamined by any Independent forensic scientific contractor. The main source of the indictments are MUellers alleged findings and a ultra FAKE NYTimes (Chait) article… Meantime Sessions is MIA….so pathetic…The jews wil not REST until they pull another JFK hit. or another Watergate bs…Wake up America MASS resistanec to the JEWS NOW…in writing, marching, demonstrations, etc.Demand RotSHITstein to be fire for TREASON

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree with you on pretty much everything except for the statement about destroying the illusions of democracy. They are in fact desperate to keep the democracy sham going, which is putting them in a bit of a pinch as they’re not sure how far they can push. This is why they’re so desperately trying to create this anti-Trump momentum with their narrative in order to make any move to push him out appear to somehow be the will of the people. Make no mistake: if the people check out of the democracy sham, this leaves the Jew in a much more precarious position.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Right Eric~ He is probably THE ONE orchestrating the big cover with Mueller and Sessions is doing what? I think we better demand Shitstein’s ouster now! But, what I’m thinking is article isn’t just pointing to the (((left))) warming up their excuses. This is what they are going to do to discredit the whole election as it swings wildly right. And behold ~ maybe it will be the last attempt at an election in our country at all, bc followed by massive chaos much greater than 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

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