Everyone Needs a Little Time Away


I’m going to be out of pocket for a week or so. Thus, classes are dismissed here at the Semitic Truth Center for the time being. I hate to disappoint you Jews and shabbos lackeys but no, you haven’t eradicated me from the internet, I’m just going to be traveling on vacation. Since my idea of getting away usually involves being somewhere in the boonies I can’t count on reliable internet access. I don’t anticipate any interruption when it comes to the Thoughts of the Day program as I’m leaving after recording the next one and I plan to be back in time to upload the one after that. Now, there have been rumors that I am going to be away secretly constructing fake shower room gas chambers using cardboard boxes and cans of Raid but I just want to say right now that those rumors are purely unsubstantiated. However if you do so happen to have any coupons for bulk quantities of Raid or similar insecticide you can feel free to send them to the following address:

GPL c/o Anti Defamation League

605 Third Ave.

New York, NY 10158

Enjoy your summer vacation and be sure to be prepared when classes resume in a week or so.

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Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

2 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Little Time Away”

  1. Dear GPL ~ Great show this week and I loved many of the points you made. I must however weigh in with a few comments (food for thought I hope!) and maybe a question or two. Being a boomer in the middle age group of this generation – albeit a VERY BASED one – I still must object to the memes many in the younger generations seem to dwell on to no good effect or purpose whatsoever! I mean how counter productive is it to direct so much resentment to “boomers” that seems to be so misplaced? Oft repeated accusations of most selfish, self centered, solely responsible for the destruction of the family, lazy, and so on. Funny thing is~ I hear boomers voicing the same complaints about the younger ppl, especially millennials, and how entitled they are. So I guess what it boils down to is the rotten “boomers” raised some rotten kids, and well, I guess our parents also then raised um, the most rotten group of ppl ever to walk the face of the earth, and I suppose we could go back, blaming and blaming (like why did my parents generation kill their own in WW2 -so many U.S. citizens were Germans? Why didn’t my grandparents protest in the streets until the Fed Reserve/central bank was thrown out once again before it was too established? for 2 examples). In short, we could resent and hate them all, but this just goes nowhere. So let me put it in a different light here. I think many of us “Nazi’s” know painfully well by now that cultural marxism has been at work programming ppl and chipping away at western societies for oh, at least a century now, and the family under attack for a long time, it’s economic well being destroyed whether by divorce or not so that many ppl have to struggle just to get by. The cultural marxist program really kicked into high gear in the 50s and 60s with the advent of television, and the subliminal often sexual messages entraining us to want more than we need ala Freud & Bernays. But somehow the boomers grew up in a vacuum and were just bad apples all by themselves! Since there is no perfection on earth, every parent, every generation has made mistakes, had their own lessons to learn. I’ve heard ppl say they hate boomers and never want to have to talk to any. This is so ridiculous and so sad! If younger generations have a problem w/their own parents then they should work on resolving it, not project their anger onto a whole generation. I think that its really a minority of boomers who have earned the bad reputation for the majority. Isn’t that how it always works? I know so many boomers who have worked hard, and are so dedicated to their families. The government & banking system has stolen our best years from us, spent the money, devalued it, and now the same happens to all the younger gens. Lots of boomers in their 60s and 70s will never be able to “retire” in part because the money we were forced to put in the system (i.e. SS) with inflation added buys little now and is being given away to illegals & refugees. Same is happening in the socialist countries of Europe thanks to the invasions. If we could have changed all this back then, if our protests wouldn’t or didn’t fall on deaf ears of the law makers back then as now, then a lot of things could have changed for the better long ago….. But we KNOW why they haven’t! So let’s make sure we direct our anger to the right places!
    The BIGGEST TAKE AWAY I have is this: In our country the boomers are mostly WHITE PEOPLE, so how much are we going to allow ourselves to HATE OURSELVES and from whom & where we came from?? How long are we going to fall for that crap? Dividing the generations, and creating enmity and hatred among us is just another divisive and disgusting tactic of cultural marxism that we must learn to perceive and guard against! Please, white ppl lets stop falling into this trap! Older people can still be very useful, many have more time to figure out what is going on even if they are clinging to the hope our country can still be saved and don’t want to see it’s almost dead. Most boomer conservatives that I see commenting are very aware of race & disgusted by the Illegal immigration problem. They are very concerned about their grandchildren and the future of our country for them. Perhaps they/we will come in handy soon to help home school the kids, because it’s gonna be increasingly needed the more this transgender horse shit rains down! As to we are the past – I say no – we are still here in the present and can make a difference somehow until we are dead (just think of George Soros). Yeah, so let’s take a lesson from the jews and get more tribal. The children can always benefit from being around the old ppl, so let’s come together to solve our problems and not let ourselves be driven apart. As to the (white) nationalist movement, how do you think we can help Grandpa? Some boomers aren’t even 60 yet and there’s plenty of life left in us, and plenty of willingness to do our part.


    1. To answer your question as to what you can do, the answer is simply the same thing as the rest of us: anything you can. For everyone that answer is going to be something different. Help WHITE people in the community or teach your grandchildren the truth about how the world works etc.. The things we can do to help our people really don’t have so much to do with generations as it does with individuals in that we each find something we can do and hope that collectively it makes a difference.
      As to the rest of it i.e. boomers: you’re just going to have to accept that for what it is. As a Christian living in these current times when Christianity is represented by the modern cuck church it’s not exactly a real thrill to see the constant attacks on Christianity. However I understand the context of why those attacks are not necessarily invalid and as a result, I simply speak the truth to my faith without running around screaming NACALT. Again, I’m not saying the points you raise concerning this aren’t valid, I’m saying that you are not going to force everyone to stop feeling the way they do towards the boomer generation so you should save yourself the frustration over it. FWIW most people do understand that these generalizations do not = each and every individual and are willing to welcome and accept those who are doing what they can. Like we Christians, the best thing you can do is grow a thicker skin and be proactive in doing whatever you can to effect positive change in this jewed out world we live in.


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