Because Science Deniers are Stupid! Who Would Want to Deny Science?

Back in the day, science was something really respected and admired. We had seen all of these huge improvements to our standard of living and we were told they were all thanks to science. We had dreams of space exploration and were told all we needed to do was wait for science to work it all out.

111Warning Will Robinson: it’s not the science you grew up with!

I remember having it explained to us that science was all about coming up with a hypothesis and then performing experiments to test the hypothesis. The experiments would then have to be able to be replicated to verify that the science was doing it’s science thing.

Sadly, those days are gone. Like so many things now, science has devolved into pretty much nothing more than a lazy funding scam. Want to study climate change? Put some thermometers out over your central air unit….tada! We’ve proven global warming with science! However I do have to hand it to the climate scammers, at least their version does take a little bit of effort. Most of the time what is passed off as science today is nothing more than lazy statistical studies that can’t be replicated and which never actually get around to proving the hypothesis. Let’s take a look at this latest scientific breakthrough. 

Teenagers with a weak grip are more likely to suffer from diabetes and heart disease in later life, warns new research.

Scientists say although children should exercise and eat a healthy diet – not enough emphasis is being placed on improving and maintaining muscular strength.

legend of the galactic heroesWe once thought science would send us to the stars. Instead we got this shit. 

The Baylor University-led study found boys and girls with weaker grips were up to three times more likely to suffer from a decline in their health.

Of course it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that so many people in America are fat as hell.

For decades, grip strength has been used a good indicator of frailty or health in older people, with stronger grips being linked to an early grave.

If you’re old and you have a strong grip: death.

If you’re young and you have a weak grip: death.

Thanks science!

But the new research, conducted on students in the US, is the first to test over time if muscle weakness in teenagers predicates ill-health in adulthood.

Oh ok so they carried out this study over a course of years. It must have taken decades to conduct this research, right?

Nearly 370 students were tracked from fourth-grade (year 5) to the end of fifth-grade (year 6), with their grips measured in both their dominant and non-dominant hands.

One year. Seriously, that’s it? One freaking year? Now I’d like to stop here to point out that this article is supposedly about grip strength and poor health. Now, you may think that the one bright side to this story is at least you don’t have to see any sort of anti-white propaganda, right?

222Guess again Goy! Watch as the blonde watches her mystery meat boyfriend crush the hand of the weak white guy. 

The Baylor researchers carried out the study in conjunction with the University of Michigan and the University of New England.

And the team found teenagers that developed a stronger grip did not see any drastic improvement in their health – suggesting it is the weaker teenagers who are most at risk.

So if you have a weak grip as a kid, you’re basically screwed because science apparently says so. Here’s an idea: perhaps the fact that as kids mature and their grip gets stronger and yet their chances of heart disease and diabetes stays the same, could mean that grip strength has nothing to do with it?

Professor Paul Gordon, senior author, said: ‘What we know about today’s kids is that because of the prevalence of obesity, they are more at risk for developing pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease than previous generations.

Yeah well no shit.

He called for further trials to better understand how weakness during childhood can have a lasting effect.


And there you have what’s called the money shot. All of these bullshit studies that purport to be science always have the same conclusion: “We’ve made this shocking discovery………but you need to give us more money in order to find out whether or not it’s actually true.” These studies are nothing more than a scam to keep getting funding to do more studies. Most of the time their so called shocking discoveries fall into the category of either common sense that anyone could have told you was true or pure bullshit that anyone could tell you was bullshit. No need for  million dollars in funding, just a little common sense. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that once all of the old Nazi scientists died off, that was pretty much the end of science. Here’s an idea: I’ve just conduced some scientific research that proves that the Jews are grossly over represented when it comes to people subverting our society. Of course I need more funding to find out for sure (lol not really, I already know). I’m sure the money will be rolling in at any moment. Don’t worry, I won’t be holding my breath. I’m sure there are certain (((requirements))) that must be met in order to get in on this lucrative scam.

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    Sometime late yesterday WordPress shut down No specific reason given. The “terms of agreement” contain specific reasons a site may be shut down. None of them apply to Saboteur365 except the generic “reserve the right … for any reason” BS. This after the opening “We support the First Amendment” yadda, yadda, yadda … but …

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      1. They also shut down Yukon Jack’s wordpress blogs….

        A few of his blogs are still up

        But all his blogs with the “Jew” word in there have been deleted.

        Except this

        Make no mistake, this will not end on internet. They are coming for you, like in 1918 Russia, and they will kill you.

        I don’t fucking know what happened to Smoloko. Is he in jail? Is he dead?

        This is why there are no innocent Jews.


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