Collapse of the Empire


It’s time once again for one of the most anticipated hours on the internet: Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day. As usual we will be discussing a wide range of topics including the observable reality that the U.S. is an empire is in decline while Russia and China are on the rise. What does this mean and exactly where are we now? We’ll try to paint a clear picture of the current world stage. We get into the Alex Jones banning in this week’s listener questions comments. The internet is all abuzz about Jones being booted of multiple platforms including Youtube. Needless to say I don’t really fell a lot of sympathy since none of these people cared about our being banned years ago but still, this is an opportunity for us to continue reaching more people. For Christian listeners, the Church of the Lampshade tackles the topic of the temptation of Jesus. Most people read over this and take away nothing more than what information they get about Jesus. However this is actually a very informative story as it tells us quite a bit about our enemy, the devil and the more you know about your enemy the better prepared you will be for battle against him. We ran a few minutes long this week but I think it’s worth the extra few minutes. Lots of fun and hopefully a little something for everyone. So get in here and tune in for Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day. You won’t be sorry!

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7 thoughts on “Collapse of the Empire”

  1. Now that thousands of Alex Jones fans have taken refuge on Gab.

    This is a golden opportunity to red-pill them about the Jews.

    Squads of internet posters should post facts, diagrams, memes about the Jews to these people.

    Nope, it’s not happening.

    Instead, you have nazi autists calling them “faggots”. Of course, the Alex Jones fans mute them immediately.

    Every person that is banned on twitter and moves onto Gab should be welcomed and redpilled (in a civilized manner — using facts and information
    Not insults and autistic rants about Jews -).

    The so-called Alt-Lite are the next to be red-pilled about the Jews. Not the libtards.

    We should concentrate all our propaganda efforts on them.

    And propaganda should be lacking emotions, rants – just presenting facts and allowing the reader to connect the dots and draw the conclusion.

    The best propaganda is not when you tell the reader what to think….

    It’s when the reader reaches the conclusion you want him to reach — and he thinks it’s HIS IDEA.


    1. That’s a good and sensible comment, Greg. I’ve seen some great people already doing that, and the so-called “alt-lights” who call themselves alt-right are in dire need of deeper information. The trouble may be that they remain too immature to comprehend the materials in conjunction with the leftist-indoctrinations which they have absorbed from their everyday environments already. It’s difficult to condense the materials they need into 5 second soundbites.

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    2. I do not myself have the time or inclination to frequent the alt-light sites, but I’ll leave some suggestions and hope those may help those who do go there. I may be too old to be of real help, but I’ll try. One of the important things is to know who we are and what we are facing.

      I have not read the book yet, but found something in the beginnings of it which probably is descriptive of all of us from all our White nations.

      “Most of us know in our hearts what it is that we are
      fighting for but its hard to put into words. We know that we
      want to preserve our great American heritage for future gen-
      erations. We want safety (not quite the same as security)
      for ourselves and our families. We are willing to accept
      personal responsibility in return for individual freedom.
      We’re not afraid of competition and we want the right to
      compete fairly for the better things of life. We cherish our
      personal privacy and the right to be left alone. We expect
      to make our own decisions and accept the risks involved.

      To the true individualist each of these things is im-
      portant. Added together they are so important that we will
      gladly risk our lives to preserve them.

      The collectivists, on the other hand, are incapable
      of creative thought and they fear personal initiative in
      others. Their security lies in being part of the herd. They
      are distrustful of the mavericks who prefer to go it alone.
      Yet, the right to ‘go it alone’ is the essence of individual
      freedom. Thus the collectivists are the mortal enemies of

      Freedom cannot be destroyed but it can be sup-
      pressed. It may be suppressed temporarily by force or by
      fear. To suppress freedom among a large number of people
      over a long period of time requires organized effort and this
      in turn, requires a bureaucracy. As our government bureau-
      cracy becomes larger, our freedom becomes ever more re-
      [Flanders – And, jewry and Freemasons who build those systems
      becomes ever stronger]

      The one and only way that individual freedom can
      be increased is to reduce the size and power of the gov-
      erning bureaucracy.” [Page 7]
      “In addition to their ability to think (to calculate but
      not reason) they are also organized. They call their sys-
      tem Socialism (rather than Parasitism). When their victims
      become too alarmed they may change the name to the
      ‘democracy’, the ‘New Deal’ or the ‘Great Society’.” [Page 5]

      “Blueprint For Victory” – Robert DePugh


    3. Very Important.

      I could not locate the original article cited within this report, but the point it illustrates, if valid (and it does sound logical), could well be the most important key point for us to fully understand and to convey to others:

      “Klein goes on to recount various small-scale academic studies that found that when researchers point out to white people how fast they are being demographically overwhelmed, they worry about it. Whites who are made aware by researchers of just how precarious their children’s long-term political position will be are likely to favor more conservative policies. It’s almost as if citizens assume that the point of the United States is, as the Preamble to the Constitution states, to benefit “ourselves and our posterity.”

      If whites are shown the extent of demographic change, they turn right-wing. Not only right-wing on immigration. They swing to the right on nearly every issue from defense to taxes…. Whatever the reason, there is one and only one red-pill that should be pushed above all others: demographic change. Mass immigration.”


    4. An old partial comment from my much earlier files.

      “Flanders – Jews war against Whites
      Using communism and minorities as Weapons”

      “There is no such thing as communism, except as a term to hide behind. Communism is a tool (a historic jewish way of life) which is used to advance a jewish war against White people and to advance jewish control. The terms used by communists are non-sensical symbols used in order to shield the jewish intent to practice hatred against Whites and to rally ignorant and jealous minorities into the struggle against Whites. Doctrines of class warfare are actually warfare directed against White ownership and peace [under our current settings].

      No matter where or when communism has been utilized as a symbol, it has been to create war against Whites or to solidify jewish control. The dialectical process has been employed, primarily as an obfuscation, to avoid discovery of this process by Whites of an intent to defeat and overcome which is directed against them.

      Wars conducted under the communist influence have been for two major aims. Those are to kill Whites, often utilizing Whites warring against Whites, and to advance the jewish goals of their jew international state [Israel is NOT that, but only one smaller part], often under the guise of opposing the spread of communism.”

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    5. One final link, Greg. The entire site is another good one in case you aren’t familiar with it.

      “Repressive Tolerance and Social Media”

      “Most people are well aware of the attempts by violent leftists to shut down free speech on university campuses and at protests and demonstrations held by patriotic and Nationalist groups. The tactics employed by the left to prevent the fair hearing of an opposing political point of view consist of intimidation, violence, obstruction, disruption and sabotage are also well known.

      This intolerant strategy has a name which we have mentioned in many previous articles and that name is Repressive Tolerance. Once these tactics have been employed and chaos has ensued, the left – with help from their media and government allies – play victim so as to portray the alternative message and those speaking it as being violent and aggressive in nature with the aim of deterring the public from considering anything that diverges from the leftist narrative. The public largely remains unaware of the fact that the instigators of the violence are those on the left who want to be seen as ‘defenders’ of the vulnerable and oppressed masses. It is a tactic that has worked for them over the years, but with the free-flow of information on the internet and the ease with which video footage can be uploaded, people are now becoming aware of exactly who it is that is causing the trouble.” [Continues]


  2. A Negress Judge stealing campaign signs seems to think she’s above the law – and whoever wrote this report [a probable Jewess named Lauren Gill] seems to agree with her, although it seems very clear that the negro judge was engaged in TNB and was clearly breaking the law.

    “Activist”, “Faya Rose Touré, 73, is facing charges of fourth-degree theft and attempting to elude a police officer after she led cops on a four-block chase through the city. Touré was the first Black female judge in Alabama and founder of the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute in Selma.”

    “The campaign sign incident occurred following weeks of tension leading up to a July 17 run-off election for a county probate judge between winning Black candidate Jimmy Nunn and white candidate Nicholas Switzer. Despite having an 80 percent Black population, Sanders said, the city had never, to his knowledge, had a Black probate judge.” We know at least one judge that they should never have.


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