Diversity is a Weapon and You are the Target

Here in America, we are stuck with only two political parties. The entire system has been rigged to ensure that this remains the case all the way until the entire thing collapses on itself. As the Jews continue to flood our nation with diversity the D party unsurprisingly has now cemented itself as the party of “Anyone except normal white people”. For competition on the other side of the coin we have the R party which has become the “Everyone who isn’t a liberal but we don’t judge people by the color of their skin because that would be racist and we hate racists because the Democrats are the real racists” party. Obviously this doesn’t appear to bode well for our future when one party is openly hostile to us while the alternative are for the most part limp wristed faggots. However all hope is not lost. Internet Nazis everywhere are working day and night to cram red pills down as many people’s throats as possible, even if by force.

asobi asobase oliviaYou want to take your red pills now don’t you?

I do not understand how these people who self identify as so called “patriots” think they are going to oppose an enemy who is committed to their destruction with half assed defensive positions based on muh Constitution and muh Martin Luther King. We have moved beyond diversity being an anti white weapon as something that can be brushed off as Nazi conspiracy theory as we are now at a point that even a blind man can see that diversity always means anybody except normal white people. Here is a perfect case in point: an article celebrating the Democrat party fielding a wide range of diverse candidates. It only takes a few minutes to notice that diverse doesn’t include you.

Democrats embraced diversity in Tuesday primaries…………

And after all we know that diversity is always good, right?

In Vermont, Democrat Christine Hallquist won the Democratic nomination in her quest to become the nation’s first transgender governor.

Just in case some of you are thinking that IRL traps are anything like anime traps………..


Look at that and let it sink in: this is the D party’s candidate to become Governor of a state. How the hell does anyone doubt me when I point out that the U.S. empire is in decline? God bless America? Ha! What if I told you that perhaps God was going to make an example of your nation by having you be invaded and defeated by a shitty country like El Salvador or something? Think it’s not possible? Take a look south and get back to me. Every time I see you people out there waving your little flags made in China singing “God Bless America” I think to myself that all you’re actually accomplishing is pissing God off.

Vermont Democrats also nominated Sen. Bernie Sanders, who hasn’t ruled out a second presidential run in 2020………

Hell yeah, a Communist Jew now that’s what I call diversity!

Three Minnesota women won Senate nominations, including incumbent Democrats Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith.

The best part: no white men!

My Approved PortraitsMeet Amy Klobuchar. While most of the time I am careful to get Jew verification, when I come across a pic and they look like this I assume it’s a safe bet. 

Smith, who had been appointed to replace Democrat Al Franken, will face Republican state Sen. Karin Housley, ensuring a woman will hold the seat…..

In case you forgot, Al Franken was………….

al franken jew star 2                                  Surprise! 

Rep. Keith Ellison, the Democratic National Committee’s deputy chairman, captured his party’s nomination in the race to become the state’s attorney general. That’s after Ellison’s candidacy was rocked by allegations over the weekend of domestic violence…..

This is shocking that someone in a party of inclusiveness and diversity would be accused of such thing!

Rep. Ellison (D-MN), House Democrats, And Gold Star Father Khizr Khan Speak Out Against Trump's Recent Immigration BanOk maybe not so surprising. 

Also in Minnesota, Democrat Ilhan Omar, the nation’s first Somali-American legislator, won her party’s congressional primary in the race to replace Ellison.

Hell yeah! Importing Somalis has long been known to be the key element to make your countries more diverse and we all know that more diverse always means better!

444Honestly, I’m at a loss as to how this nation even survived before diversity. 

Connecticut Democrats picked former teacher of the year, Jahana Hayes, to run for the seat being vacated by Rep. Elizabeth Etsy, who is leaving Congress after bungling sexual abuse claims levied against a former staffer. Hayes could become the first black woman from the state to serve in Congress.

Now this is what you call diversity. Yet, it’s not actually very diverse is it? Blacks and Jews and mentally ill trans faggots. The one thing missing: normal white people. You know, the people who actually made the place into something that was so good that everyone else on the planet wanted to come here to get in on it. Now it may make you feel better to chalk all of this up to “those crazy liberals” but it’s much more sinister than that. You are being replaced and when I say replaced make no mistake, this soft level of replacement is only the early stages. Once you’ve lost all of your political power, then the hard replacement will take place (see South Africa to get an idea of what that looks like). Do you think they’ll coddle you once you become a minority? Do you think you’ll still hear things such as “to be racist you have to have power” when you are the one who is actually powerless? You’d better consider these things very seriously because as difficult as this struggle is now, once you’ve lost all of your power and your majority it will be almost impossible. Trust me, that’s the plan.

Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

5 thoughts on “Diversity is a Weapon and You are the Target”

  1. I know you are right, and it’s not funny! Pretty scary actually bc we are not tough prepared Germans (and they still got beat); more like the innocent lambs in Russia after WW1. I do know that many of us are no longer innocent yet, I don’t know how long our guns will hold off the enemy, no matter if we get to keep them. So honestly we look to be pretty much screwed…. Unless perhaps we band together in the whitest areas. Hopefully, more than we know are secretly preparing for the worst on every level possible & getting to these whitest of places remaining. I think this is our only hope & HAC may have had it right, that the rural Pacific NW (minus Seattle & Portland) is our best bet where we can set up our own place as things go down. It’s a BIG place and pretty much conservative and white still (unlike that big state to the south called Texas). On another note I do understand why you make fun of these silly patriotic boomer folks who just keep holding onto their ideals & memes from the past about ‘Merica that no longer exist. They live in the past, and cannot see what is going on, brainwashed TV droids that they are. Such is the lot of many older ppl, but NOT ALL OF US are brain dead ~ far from it!


  2. Hello Grandpa Lampshade,

    Can you look into this matter?

    Gab is worse than Twitter.

    Free speech my ass.

    Twitter will delete your account, but Gab will ban your ip address.

    I am using Tor Browser to view Gab.

    In the past few days, Gab has systematically BANNED all of the TOR ip addresses….

    When I try to view Gab, I get this message.

    “What happened?

    The owner of this website (gab.ai) has banned your IP address (2a06:e80:1::10).”

    And this happens for every TOR node.

    Even Facebook and Twitter don’t ban your ip.

    Is this an operation meant to force people to reveal their real ip address and therefore get doxxed?


  3. We all really should be targeting those nine largest “resettlement agencies”, who are the illegal (((importers))) biggest agents. These agencies are actively at work, paid by the government, to bring in even more of them. How much more stupid can it be than for “us” to allow them to continue? The biggest ones are named and more information is given about them in the report below:

    “Refugee Resettlement: The Lucrative Business of Serving Immigrants”



    1. “US Catholic Bishops launch campaign to pressure Trump to admit large number of refugees”

      “It is no surprise that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—the largest resettlement agency of the nine NGOs hired by the US State Department *** to place refugees in your towns and cities, is launching this campaign directed at Donald Trump.”



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