Another Good Boy, Taken Before His Time

It’s a wonder that we’re not running into a shortage of blacks. I read daily about these good boys being gunned down and I can’t help but to be amazed. It would seem that being gunned down before your time and being black goes hand in hand like usury and Jews. This phenomena has been studied by many a brilliant mind and yet, the answer to this remains elusive. Today I present to you yet another case of a young black male having his life taken from him in such a shocking and sudden manner as one can’t help but to be stunned.

A Missouri boy was fatally shot in the head on his birthday, an hour after he posted on Facebook saying: ‘I’m just glad I can say I made it to see 17’.

Now normally the use of the term “boy” in reference to black males is considered racism. However not in this case since this was actually a child.

Armond Latimore, of St. Louis, was shot around 1pm on Saturday as he was picking up food from a nearby restaurant.

About an hour prior he shared a status online saying: ‘Thru all the bulls***I den been thru I’m just glad I can say I made it to see 17’.

And let me tell you, he den been through alots.


He was pronounced dead in the hospital following a gunshot to the head.

Police have not released information on a suspect or motive behind the shooting and homicide detective are investigating the incident.

That’s the thing about young black men being killed: it’s always a complete mystery. It’s almost as though nature has something against them or it may just because of racism and slavery.

His mother Chandra Payne, 38, said she went to a nearby store to buy ice cream to go with her son’s birthday cake when she received the heart-breaking call.

‘He told me that he wanted ice cream. I went to Save A Lot and three minutes later I received the call,’ she said to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

His life: snuffed out just like the candles on a birthday cake.

222Before you go jumping to conclusions: that money in his pocket was for buying ice cream for the entire neighborhood.

He was a sophomore at Vashon High School. After learning of the shooting, Payne said she found a paper he wrote for school on his dresser.

In it he wrote about a bully who wouldn’t stop harassing him, but she says he never told her about any problems. His father and siblings didn’t know about the bully either.

SMDH another victim of this bullying thing. These schools really need to do something!


His mother said people have pointed out images on his Facebook posing with wads of cash and an alleged gun, but she maintains that he was a hardworking kid who never owned a gun and the money in his photos was borrowed

So in other words, he was a good boy who didn’t do nothin’.

‘He was always a helping-hand child. He would cut grass, wash your car or sell water. He loved music and loved money and always made it the right way,’ she said on her son.

See? He made that wad of bills slingin’ lemonade at his lemonade stand.

Family and friends took to Facebook to share condolences to Latimore’s family.

‘My heart is broken. Still can’t believe this is real. You will never be forgotten Armond Latimore. Chandra Payna I love you so much cousin. Stay strong,’ one relative wrote.

‘I still can’t believe this. You’d be the last person I’d think to leave so soon,’ a friend shared.

I too share in their shock and grief. Granted I never personally knew this child but when I look at the pictures of this young and budding entrepreneur I can’t help but to feel a certain kinship as he strove to make this world a better place. While we may never know why this young child had his life taken so soon we mustn’t allow ourselves to become used to this happening. It’s easy to just shrug this off and say, “I didn’t know what he den been through” but we can’t allow ourselves to do this. We must demand answers. We must cherish each of these young and promising children who have so much to offer this world. Armond may have grown up to find the cure for cancer but we’ll now we’ll never know because he never got the chance. We must discover why this is happening. It’s time for the government to spend six million dollars to get to the root cause of why these good boys are being gunned down at random. They probably won’t do this though. Why? I’m figuring it’s due to racism and possibly the Democrats.

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  1. Their vocabulary and grammar are reason enough to shoot them in the back of the head.
    The English language was never meant to be butchered like that.

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