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Welcome back once again for another instalment of Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day. The frogcast is out of the studio and mobile this week as no matter what we have going on, we always strive to bring you thought inspiring conversation week in and week out.

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the ability of people in general to be in denial when it comes to an unpleasant reality. We see this in our day to day work of trying to bring the masses to our world view. The people want to believe that even though things are getting worse, they’re not actually that bad and surely they won’t get any worse. Yet, things do continue to get worse. Things continue to degrade and no amount of telling yourself otherwise will change that.

I always try to get people to understand the difference between the micro (i.e. personal) and the macro, so I thought this week we would also give an illustration of how seemingly harmless personal decisions contribute to larger problems and destruction.

Listener questions/comments kicks off with Charles who is enjoying the Alex Jones melt down. What’s the deal with Jones? Should we even care? After all, we heard not a peep out of him when we were all kicked off the same platforms.

Next up Bigvalbosky brings us a great illustration of micro vs macro as he relays his personal experience with Jews and this question/comment serves as a great opportunity to better illustrate our earlier discussion on this same topic.

Church of the Lampshade this week deals with having a core belief or principle that you don’t compromise on while at the same time being able to be open minded when it comes to things that don’t come into conflict with that core belief or principle. As Christian believers that core principle is Christ crucified and resurrected and the gospel of Christ. But how does this coexist with our work in preserving our people and opposing the lies of this world and our primary enemies the Jews?

We’ve been having lots of fun while we’re out on the road and you won’t want to miss this instalment of the Grandpa Lampshade traveling road show folks! It’s fun for the whole family.

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