Modern Day Nazism for Conservatives: an Introduction


It’s Tuesday once again and once again we sit down for a cozy and entertaining installment of the Thoughts of the Day program. This week I thought we’d do a show for conservatives. If you’re a conservative, why in the world should you listen to the very same people who lie about you when they tell you who these modern day Nazis are? What? Do you think that in this case, they’re probably telling the truth and they only lie when they’re talking about you? This is an up front and honest discussion about who we actually are not the caricature that is so often painted of us. Thus if you’re a conservative what do you have to lose? An hour of your time? Trust me, you’ll wind up laughing and it’ll fly by before you know it. We’ve also got a listener question/comment this week about raising kids in this messed up society we now live in. As always the Church of the Lampshade wraps up the program with a sermon on a topic seldom discussed anymore in the modern cuck church: judgment. Good times and uplifting conversation as always this week folks. Whether you’re a new comer conservative tuning in to see what we’re about or a repeat Nazi listener, you’re bound to find something interesting when you tune in to Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

Thoughts on Authoritarianism

111I always wonder what Boatsinker is going to come up with for a pic for the show. Sometimes I can’t even imagine. This is one of those times LOL 

That’s right folks, Thoughts of the Day is up! This week it’s all about authoritarianism. I have long stated that the current system will come down and be replaced by some form of authoritarianism. Of course you know what kind I advocate for. But what about the left? What if we wind up with some form of Communist authoritarianism? Let me tell you, the useful tools such as the LGBTQRSNZOF or whatever the hell they are community are in for a rude awakening. They are not the only ones. Even a Communist form of authoritarianism will be forced to deal with the Jews. Why? Because people make the trade off for authoritarianism in order to get rid of the chaos. It’s a fun and multifaceted discussion this week. We’ve also got an excellent listener question/comment this week and of course, the always popular Church of the Lampshade. So quit dragging your feet. Get in here, get cozy and get to listening to Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.



On Commies vs Socialists


We are back again this week for another installment of the much anticipated Thoughts of the Day program. You’ve all heard by now about the avowed socialist Meskin who beat out a white guy in a Democratic primary. However she is not a socialist, she’s a Communist and we’re going to talk about why that is. We’re going to touch on quite a few subjects this week including the crazy guy shooting up shit lib leftist reporters, why Israeli Jews are no different than the rat like parasites we  have in our own nations as well as tips on dealing with disagreements among ourselves. In the listener questions / comments segment we’re talking Alex Jones! AJ may be lulzy but make no mistake: he’s playing a role and it’s not hard to guess who it is that’s writing the script. We convene the Church of the Lampshade this week to discuss faith in the context of trying to carry out God’s will in your own personal life. No, this isn’t some feel good fluff like you get in cuck church, come on this is the COTL we’re talking about here. Thanks again to our Bitcoin bros who chip in to support the show, it’s always appreciated and thanks to all of you who take the time to tune in for the funnest hour on the internet: Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

It’s All About the Percentages


As you might imagine, I’m one busy lampshade. However I’m never too busy to stop for a visit. That’s right, it’s time again for Thoughts of the Day. If there’s one constant theme for this week’s all over the place show it’s the theme of percentages. There is no such thing as assimilation or racial multicultural harmony, there are only percentages. If you have an overwhelming majority then you have relative harmony since everyone knows who is in charge. However when that is lost, then all of these different racial groups start jockeying for position. It’s an hour full of fun discussion from the crying beaners at the border to why giving the people one enemy to focus on is the most effective strategy. We’ve got great listener questions/comments this week as well as an uplifting sermon from the Reverend Lampshade. So come on in and get comfy for this week’s visit with your host Grandpa Lampshade.

Triumphant Return of the Lampshade


After being on hiatus for a week, Thoughts of the Day returns with perhaps one of the most fun and fashy hours on the internet. We’re playing catch up after missing a show last week so we’ll be covering a lot of ground this week. As Boatsinker’s art suggests, we’re going to talk about the differences in philosophies on how to move forward when it comes to voting. This difference in opinion often shows up as fights over particular candidates but actually boils down to whether or not you think voting can save us. We’ll talk about frustration. Sure, you may think it’s frustrating to keep pointing out these Jews while people refuse to see it but we’ll reflect today on what it must be like to keep falling for the same Jew trickery over and over again and yet being unable to understand why it’s happening. Our sermon in the Church of the Lampshade is hellfire and brimstone this week as we talk about the evil of tolerance.

I missed the visit last week but hopefully we’ll make up for some it this week. So tune in trust me, good times lie ahead on Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

No Show Shade

pepe shades

As I warned in last week’s show, I wasn’t able to get a new one done this week. I was basically traveling all weekend and getting a show done in a timely manner in order for the network to get it up just wasn’t possible. Rest assured a new show will be up next week and no doubt we’ll have a ton of stuff to talk about. In the meantime I’ll try to keep some fresh material up here. In case you missed it, here’s an article I wrote earlier today. Stay tuned, keep in touch and keep stopping these kikes.

A More Upbeat Show


** Programming note: if you used Bitcoin to sponsor the show the past couple of weeks and didn’t get a  mention, drop me a line so I can get that done. In today’s show I talked about no sponsorship yet again when in reality the outfit I use for Bitcoin apparently decided to wipe out my personal settings so I wasn’t being notified when any came in. Anyway thanks again to any and all who sponsor the show and no, I wasn’t ignoring you.**

As promised, a new more upbeat show as compared to last week is up and running! We’re all quite well aware that the left lives in a fantasy world of their own creation, devoid of almost all traces of reality. However when you get down to it, the soft right’s fantasy world is actually very similar. In this same vein we’ll discuss the lie of assimilation. I see people all of the time complaining that these immigrants simply need to assimilate the way they used to when the truth is they never assimilated. Assimilation is a complete and utter lie and we’ll break down why that is right here. We’ve got listener questions/comments as well as an uplifting sermon from one of the few non cucked Reverends left; Grandpa Lampshade. So come and get it, it’s a jolly good time right here on Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.