Dear Fat People: Everyone Finds you Disgusting

There are things I hate in this world, namely the Jews. Then there are things that I find utterly disgusting in this world, namely fat bitches.

A plus-size fashion blogger has used her platform to attack big name brands such as Zara and Alice + Olivia for not making her size of clothing, and she does this from the inside of a dressing room.

Want to know exactly what stage of clown world we’re in? This is international news.

Katie Sturino, 34, is a fashion publicist turned beauty entrepreneur and blogger who started her blog, The 12ish Style, in 2015 after she realized there was a gap in the market for fashion inspiration for curvier women online.

“Curvy women” used to mean this………..


……… it means this…………….


The New Yorker, who used to be married to meme king The Fat Jew, alerts people of the problem with sizing by taking pictures of herself in the largest clothes at prominent brands.

I have a popular blog as well as a world wide listened to radio show. Why is it I can’t make a living doing this and she can? Oh wait, I think I’m starting to get it.

These images, posted on her Instagram, show the shocking display of how exclusive clothing can be for women at certain stores with fuller figures.

What’s shocking is that women who are this fat have no shame in showing it off.


“Let’s see, the problem has to be either the fact that I eat three pizzas a night or the clothing companies. Hmmmm, I’m thinking it most definitely must be the clothing companies.” 

Katie uses the hashtag #MakeMySize to inform brands about their lack of inclusiveness and to encourage other people to share their own problems with finding clothing that fits.

Or I dunno, you could possibly lose weight you disgusting fat ass cow.

@zara is at the top of the #MakeMySize list bc they have been making me feel bad in the fitting room for years,’ Katie wrote in a recent Instagram post featuring herself in a dress that was too small.

No you hungry hungry hippo, it’s not the store or the clothes makers making you feel bad, it’s the fact that you are a revolting fat tub of shit.


Muh inclusiveness. 

What Katie does is she finds the largest size clothing for specific pieces and sees how they fit on her own body. But this sometimes demonstrates how exclusive a store can be to plus-size people.

TFW you try the XXXL hippo size and it’s still too tight.

‘What kind of message are you sending to high school, college and basically any aged woman who walks in your store when I’m shown here in the largest sizes that you carry?’ Katie asked in her most recent post featuring multiple clothing items from Aritzia.

Hopefully they’re sending the message that being a fat disgusting degenerate isn’t socially acceptable.


You can do it! She’s just one more family sized taco combo order away from the breathtaking “Ass in the front as well as ass in the back” look. 

None of the clothes came even close to covering her body, which shows how lacking the brand is in inclusive sizing.

No it shows your incredible lack of self control.

Since launching her blog and personal Instagram account, Katie has built a loyal following (she currently has more than 225,000 followers).

Imagine if you could sell her followers by the pound because I can tell you, there are virtually zero men following for the fap material.


I’d rather do a tranny. 

Despite receiving relatively positive feedback about her body positive posts, Katie revealed recently how she has been the subject of name-calling online.


In one Instagram post in May, Katie shared a picture of herself posing on the beach in a leopard print bikini, with various offensive names and phrases Photoshopped into the background.

These words included ‘whale,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘cover up,’ along with the phrases ‘nobody wants to see that’ and ‘lose some weight’.

Internet trolls: the last bastion of sanity in an insane world.

‘When I was a lot slimmer than I am now, I used to criticize myself in the mirror, feel shame for being “the fattest girl in the room” and blame my problems on those final ten pounds I couldn’t lose.’

However, when Katie finally learned to accept her body and herself, she also started to feel good about her body at any size, and harsh words and criticisms became ‘irrelevant’.

Yeah sure they did. Look, nobody outside of perhaps blacks find fat bitches attractive. If you’re married and fat, you’re doing one of the worst things possible for your marriage and your husband. If you’re single and fat your relationships will never amount to more than a drunken shame fuck or raising some suddenly invisible black man’s baby. As you age you get to enjoy diabetes, bad knees and handicap parking at Walmart. Now if all of this sounds like a less than desirable outcome, how about just stop stuffing your pie hole and lose some weight? Imagine, being able to post pics of yourself in your new outfit where everyone isn’t laughing or throwing up? Imagine actually garnering the attention of desirable men? Granted it won’t be easy, everyone always wants to find a way to lose weight without being hungry. Let me tell you, that shit doesn’t work. However unpleasant the initial feeling may be I can assure you that you’re not going to die or starve to death. Or you can do like this bitch and just go around pretending everyone isn’t laughing at you while you post skin pics of yourself. In this case, the only ones losing weight are those around you……..from throwing up their lunch.

Jews Attempt Last Minute Trickery to Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

I’ll admit, I don’t know that much about  Brett Kavanaugh but as the old saying goes, you can tell a lot about a man by his enemies. The leftists (read Jews) have been acting as though this guy is ready to force them into court ordered physical labor which though I wish it were true I have to believe it simply isn’t. Perhaps they’re worried that Trump is about to make all six million of the Q anon prophesies come true and he’ll have a court that will back him. Or it could be the usual Jew neurosis showing up once again. The last option is where my money lies by the way. Anyway, since the usual hype attempting to get the vagina niggers all worked up over “Muh abortions” hasn’t worked, they’ve had to intensify the jewing.

jewing intensifies

A Democratic senator said Thursday that she has ‘information’ about Judge Brett Kavanaugh that she has referred to federal investigators, just a week before the U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Ah the old “We’ve received some last minute super secret information” routine. Sounds legit.

Feinstein is a liberal California Democrat who has called on her colleagues to slow down the march toward confirming President Donald Trump’s pick to succeed Justice anthony Kennedy.

Feinstein’s a liberal, eh? Is that one of those new slang terms for rat faced kike?


Meet Diane Feinstein, the voice for liberalism and vagina niggers across the nation. She just so happens to be a Jew. 

She hasn’t said what the information is, but reports swirled on the margins of Congress that it concerns a woman whom Kavanaugh knew in high school, decades ago.

Seriously? This is what we’re now down to? Information from an anonymous female that the guy hasn’t seen since high school graduation? Don’t laugh goyim, we live in the new modern era where a woman can make any accusation with no evidence and it has to be true because vagina and victim.

The New York Times reported Thursday that sources believe the accusation relates to sexual misconduct. The Times also reported that Feinstein received the letter ‘this summer’ – meaning she may have held onto it for dramatic effect at an inopportune moment for Republicans.

Sexual misconduct from high school. If that’s the new standard then I can tell you that every single man in America can be disqualified from anything.

Debra Katz, a Washington, D.C. lawyer best known for representing women who make ‘#MeToo’-style accusations against powerful men, is reportedly representing the unnamed woman. Katz was seen leaving Capitol Hill on Wednesday night.

Debra Katz is a ……………. wait for it………oh you’re never going to guess this one…………





….and there came a lone voice in the wilderness, speaking up for all of the victims of the # (pronounced pound) me too vagina niggers and her name was Debra Katz. 

Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, told the Associated Press that Feinstein’s potential bombshell has been referred to the FBI.

Black militants threatening white people at the polls? Meh. Antifa terrorists attacking people for their political opinions? Yawn. Information from an random woman about something that may have happened back in high school with no proof? We’ll get right on it!

A tight-lipped Feinstein released a ryptic statement Thursday afternoon saying that the woman who provided the information about Kavanaugh ‘strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision.’

(By the way, does the Daily Mail not hire proof readers?)

Now it’s not enough that women can accuse you of anything with no proof and it’s up to you to prove that they’re wrong. Now they don’t even have to let you know who they are.


“Stop the war on women”. Bitch you’d better hope that we don’t ever actually decide to wage war on you because I’ll tell you, the magic of the vagina is wearing off real quick. 

Buzzfeed claimed Thursday that it believes it knows who Kavanaugh’s potential accuser is, and has for at least a week, but hasn’t been able to reach her to confirm it.

Well there ya go: Buzzfeed says they actually know who she is so it must be totally real. I bet Bob Woodward is working on his next book as we speak.

A White House spokeswoman complained about the timing of the vague and gauzy revelation.

The Trump White House: complaining when a Jew sticks a knife in their back for the six millionth time in the past six months.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, she said, had ‘promised to “oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have,” and it appears he is delivering with this 11th hour attempt to delay his confirmation.’

And Chuck Schumer is……………my greatest ally ever worried about the future of freedom and democracy?

chuck shumer jew

LOL Nope. Just another subversive kike. 

Kupec added that the FBI had already ‘thoroughly and repeatedly vetted Judge Kavanaugh, dating back to 1993, for some of the most highly sensitive roles.’

Yes but obviously they failed to apply the new standard: finding random women from your entire history dating back to kindergarten to ask if they may think you may have said or done something that now umpteen years later they find to be offensive.

Feinstein received her information in a roundabout fashion. The Intercept reported late Wednesday that the alleged incident was described to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who then wrote to Democratic Rep. Ana Eshoo, who represents the area.

Back in my day this was referred to as gossip.

Eshoo passed the letter to Feinstein, but neither lawmaker will describe what’s in it. Eshoo’s office says it’s considered part of an active and confidential constituent-service case.

Feinstein is closely guarding it, refusing to share it even with her fellow Judiciary Committee Democrats.

What in Judge Kavanaugh’s records are Republicans hiding?’ Feinstein exclaimed.

Meanwhile we look at the Supreme Court to take a quick look at the Judges already sitting on the bench…………..

ruth bader ginsburg

One has to believe that at some point, even the most strident NAJALTer hits a breaking point where they just can’t deny the hook nosed presence when it comes to all things subversive and destructive in their society. When and where that point is I can’t tell you because apparently it varies from person to person. For the average boomer it would appear to be well over six million but hopefully for everyone else it’s somewhat lower. If you’re having a hard time wrapping your mind around this and accepting this hard reality just remind yourself that at roughly 2% of the population, these Jews sure do seem to come up real often when it comes to these things. I realize that after a lifetime of programming this can be a very difficult thing to accept. However here’s the thing: imagine that you’ve been kept in an information prison your entire life. In this prison the guards abuse you constantly and the conditions you’re in get worse every day. Then one day you realize that you’ve had the key to your chains in your hand all along. The guards, fearing you are going to unchain yourself threaten to call you all sorts of names if you decide to unlock the shackles. So what do you do? Remain chained or free yourself? In the end, the choice is yours.

unchain yourself

Just in Case You Needed a Reminder About the Holocaust

It may come as a shock to many of you but I’m actually glad the Jews are doubling down on pushing their stupid hoax on everyone. I mean, there comes a breaking point where even the most staunch Holocaust worshiping Goyim start to get sick of it. Have you ever watched a TV show that you really liked? The series starts out and you’re like, “Hey, this is a pretty good show!” but then after season 27 as the Jews attempt to milk it for the last shekel, you’re just wishing the main character would die already so both of you can be put out of your misery. It’s sort of like that. Even those good Goyim who worship at the alter of the false god of the Holocaust at some point are bound to reach a point where they’re just sick of it and start to wonder why something that allegedly happened before they were alive has to be constantly shoved down their throats. You don’t have to be a real life modern day Nazi to at some point start to wonder why it is that this single historical event has been elevated to the point of being a religion that you are demanded to adhere to. Sound over the top? Remember in many countries in Europe you can go to jail simply for questioning any aspect of this supposed event. Sounds a lot like heresy laws being enforced by the state, doesn’t it?

muh holocaust

With all of this in mind, today we are presented a story about the Holocaust in color because some of you may have forgotten for a millisecond that the Holocaust totally happened just as the Jews said it did.

Heartbreaking images of the Holocaust have been colourised to show the true horrors of World War II and make deniers of the genocide ‘see more closely the barbarism they defend.’

Actually, we’d just like an actual forensic investigation done to prove that people were actually gassed to death with bug spray and turned into lampshades and soap. Is that really too much to ask?

In the series of striking shots starving children can be seen begging for food in the Warsaw ghetto and the bodies of prisoners at Buchenwald concentration camp are looked at by American Senator Alben W. Barkley, a member of a committee investigating Nazi atrocities.

Nobody denies that though. Where are the gas chambers and where did all of those six million bodies go?

Other shocking images show piles of gold wedding bands removed by guards and the exhumed bodies of 30 Jewish women are lined up as German citizens are forced to walk by.

Because those German citizens were totally responsible for whatever happened in the labor camp.

holocaust shoes

The pictures of shoes aren’t getting it anymore so what do we do next to prove that six million Jews were turned into lampshades and soap? I know, we’ll show them a picture of a pile of rings!


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you definitive proof that Jews were killed by masturbation machines. 

The original black and white photographs were colourised by Joel Bellviure, 17, who lives in Spain.

Well hell, he’s 17 so no doubt he knows exactly what he’s talking about. We should all just shut up and listen to this guy.

He said he made the project to combat Holocaust deniers and to show that even seventy years on ‘the essence of evil will never evolve.’

The essence of evil will never evolve? What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

Mr Bellviure said: ‘First, because of negationism. All this time, the Holocaust has been abused both by academic history, as well as cinema and popular culture.

‘The lack of a true comprehensive history and the search for answers to a catastrophe that killed more than ten million innocent people, including at least five million Jews, has left room for denial, which questions in an interested way the previous numbers or even the Holocaust itself.

hitler laugh

Whoa wait a minute. The lack of a search for answers? An event that has been abused by academia and Hollywood? I’m starting to think this is a big troll.

‘They refer themselves as ‘revisionists’, although they violate any historical method and their only objective is hatred. Perhaps these images make them see more closely the barbarism they defend.

I’m wondering since when exactly a historical method = take anything the Jews say is true and write that down in the history books.

‘A colourised Holocaust picture can raise awareness that, although being seventy years old, the essence of evil will never evolve, that death doesn’t need to be romanticised because of being in black and white.’

Cut the shit and show me the lampshades!



In this colorized image, we can see that the Holocaust was totally real as two innocent children are seen sitting on a sidewalk which isn’t located in a death camp. 


In this photo which provides definitive proof that six million Jews were gassed to death in fake shower rooms, we see dead bodies in a camp which had the food supply cut off due to bombing done by those looking on in shock. 


Since the Nazis vaporized the six million bodies you’re going to have to settle for this picture of a dozen or so. 


After narrowly escaping the gas chambers, the two men pictured went on to receive six million dollars in reparations for their suffering. 


We may not have forensic proof that Jews were gassed with bug spray that was used to exterminate lice at the time but what we do have is proof that the Nazis took mugshots of their prisoners. 

For the six millionth time: nobody denies that Jews and other assorted malcontents were put into camps. Nobody denies that people died in the camps, mainly from Typhus. Nobody denies that after the allies had bombed all the German supply lines that these same liberators unsurprisingly discovered the prisoners were starving. Since it is illegal in so many countries to question any aspect of the Holocaust we would be satisfied with just a few simple things:

Forensic proof that the shower rooms were actually used as gas chambers.

Evidence of the six million bodies. That’s a lot of people and it has already been proven mathematically impossible for that many people to have been cremated in ovens burning wood.

Actual human skin lampshades. Remember no aspect of the Holocaust can be questioned and since human skin lampshades is a prominent aspect of the Holocaust I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have someone, anyone actually present one for examination. 

Soap made from the rendered fat of starving Jews. 

Seriously, this is all we so called “deniers” ask for. Not photos of stuff that nobody actually denies, that’s nothing more than a straw man tactic. I think it’s time for these Holocaust believers to put up or shut up. If you’re going to demand that everyone believe you then let’s see some actual proof. Or could it be they know they can’t do that? Could it be that those at the top of the food chain when it comes to demanding adherence to the Holocaust doctrine know it’s all a lie? This is really important because if that’s the case then the next question inevitably becomes “Why?” and trust me, that’s the big question they really don’t want you asking.


Jews Begin Openly Talking About a Coup

with jews you lose

Donald Trump is truly a classic example of how with Jews you lose no matter what you do. On the one hand, he bends over backwards to kiss the kosher hand of these kikes; he pledges his undying loyalty to their rat base in the mid east, hell he even offered up his hot daughter as a sacrifice in a rat breeding program. During his campaign he promised that if elected, Israel would have no better friend than him and he has pretty much come through, even granting them one of their long held demands by naming Jerusalem as the rat capital of the Mid East. All of these things he has done to show his submission to the Jews and what has he received in return: constant undermining, back stabbing and outright attacks by these very same rats.

serves him right

Honestly, nobody should be surprised by this. 


I honestly can’t tell you why it is they hate Trump so much beyond the fact that they hate anyone who isn’t a Jew. In the end the reason why is irrelevant. The bottom line is they hate Trump because they hate the white Americans who elected him against their wishes. Their neurotic need to be in control of each and every aspect of the nation to avoid being turned into lampshades and soap goes beyond what you or I can even begin to comprehend. Don’t believe me? Then take a gander at this article where a Jew in Congress is bragging about his open plans for a coup.

Describing President Trump’s recent behavior as “completely bizarre and deranged,” a House Democrat says he is picking up fresh support for legislation creating a congressionally appointed panel that could declare the president psychologically unfit and remove him from office under the 25th Amendment.

The terms “bizarre and deranged” in the context of coming from a Jew pretty much equate to they don’t have any tapes of him having sex with infants to keep him under their control.

While the proposed measure remains a definite long shot, the events of the past few days have produced a “surge” of interest in the 25th Amendment bill, which now has 65 co-sponsors, said freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md

“Who is Jamie Raskin?” you ask? Judging by the name I’d go with perhaps a person of Polish descent.


LOL Not really, it’s a Jew again.

“People around the president are saying that his behavior is completely unstable and erratic and unpredictable,” Raskin said.

We know this why? Because the JEW York times says so. Of course, they can’t provide us with any evidence or names but they are our greatest news source ever so we absolutely shouldn’t question the validity of these claims.

“And there are people who now are apparently boasting they are subverting the president‘s orders because they are so deranged. That strikes me as the kind of prima facie evidence that there is a very serious problem of capacity to successfully discharge the power and duties of office.”

I’ll be honest, this entire NYT op ed thing is probably a big hoax but if it isn’t a big hoax I can almost guarantee you there’s a Jew at the bottom of it.

The idea of invoking the 25th Amendment got new traction this week after an anonymous “senior official” in the Trump administration authored a New York Times op-ed asserting that in the early days of the administration there were “whispers within the Cabinet” about invoking the provision but that the potential rebels backed off for fear of precipitating “a constitutional crisis.”

Remember when Bush said that we had to save muh free market by bailing out big banks, insurance companies and corporations who accidentally shot their whole wad on Wall Street? Well this is sort of like that only for muh democracy.

miss me yet bush

Yes we do. It just wouldn’t be a labor camp without you in it. 


The amendment, ratified in 1967 to address questions of presidential succession, created new mechanisms to force the removal of a president on medical or psychiatric grounds. It is a completely separate process from impeachment of the president for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Sixty years ago, you could simply assassinate any President who got ideas of his own. Now things are a bit trickier but fear not, the Jews have a plan and you should totally trust that plan Goyim.

Under the 25th Amendment, if a majority of the Cabinet, along with the vice president, were to conclude in writing that the president is physically or mentally “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” he or she can be removed and replaced by the vice president. Were the president to challenge such a designation, Congress could still uphold the removal if two-thirds of both the House and Senate vote to do so.

Sounds pretty straight forward to me that the Congress can’t implement this thing at all. Who the hell can twist this to mean such? Oh yeah, a Jew that’s who.

But Raskin, a former constitutional law professor who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, noticed that, in additional to empowering a majority of the Cabinet to make the initial designation of incapacity, the 25th Amendment authorizes “such other body as Congress may by law provide” to do so.

He’s not jewing you over. He’s a law professor so you stupid plebes should just shut the hell up and listen.


Yet in the 51 years since the 25th Amendment took effect, Congress has never set up such a body.

That’s because the Jews never felt a need to. The old film them while they’re raping an eight year old tactic worked pretty well right up until the voters elected this guy and when they went to the film vault, came up empty.

Raskin’s bill would fill the void by creating an “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.”

Wow it even sounds totally legit. Absolutely no way we’re going to get jewed over with such an official sounding commission.

It would be a nonpartisan panel appointed by congressional leaders composed of four physicians, four psychiatrists and three others, such as former presidents or vice presidents, or other former senior U.S. officials.

The slang term for this panel will be the bipartisan kosher/shabbos committee to overturn elections when the stupid Goys go off the reservation.

le at the table

Raskin told “Skullduggery” that recent revelations — the New York Times op-ed, which also disclosed the existence of senior officials inside the administration thwarting the president’s initiatives because of concerns about his erratic behavior, and a new book by legendary reporter Bob Woodward detailing Trump’s seemingly irrational outbursts — have only underscored the need for Congress to act on his measure.

To be honest, this whole NYT op ed reads like a total ripoff of Qanon.

“When we first put this in, a lot of people were saying, ‘How dare you talk about the mental health [of the president] in public?’” Raskin said. “Which we weren’t actually doing. We were talking about incapacity, which is a different question. Now the whole country is saying, ‘Oh my God, what are we going to do?’”

Not the whole country. Just the Jews and their shit lib shabbos Goys who are scared to death that their level of corruption may get exposed.

He said that one of the more disturbing indications of presidential incapacity is Trump’s penchant for “picking fights with individual citizens; picking fights with leaders of foreign countries; name calling; the insulting, impetuous abuse of people; constant provocations leveled at other people. That strikes me as completely bizarre and deranged behavior.”


Before we start calling people “Bizarre and deranged” we should first find an expert, a moral compass if you will. I look around and I’m thinking this guy should do the trick. 


As I look at these things taking place, I can’t help but to be amazed that there are still people who try to tell us that naming the Jews is the wrong way to go. They tell us that what we need to do is be vague and hint about who it is. Stick with terms like “Globalist” or “Big bankers”. At some point in an undetermined future the people will figure out it’s actually been the Jews all along without us having to do a thing. Yes and I’m sure the Jews will just sit back and do nothing while this clever master plan of defeating the Jews by not ever mentioning the Jews comes to fruition. Or then you have the conservatives who on the one hand acknowledge the fact we need to stop the bean invasion from the south but then on the other demand that we can’t point any accusations against the Jews unless we know each and every individual Jew on a personal basis because otherwise that would just be racist. Can you imagine trying to fix your car without first finding and naming the problem that is making your car run poorly in the first place? “My engine is missing, I better get new tires!” Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It is ridiculous because you would spend huge amounts of time and money on your car when you could have simply diagnosed the problem and then dealt with that. Yet so many people think that they can fix what ails our white nations world wide in that very manner, throwing things at it without addressing the cause. But hey, what do I know? Maybe if we can convince the Jews that we aren’t really anti-semitic then the ones who actually love America will join our cause and prove to those bad evil Jews that what they’ve been saying about us is all wrong. After all, it seems to be working for Trump.

Labor Day and the Importance of the Worker


I often point out that America is an empire in decline. While many see this in the obvious ways such as the nonstop promotion of degeneracy there are many more subtle ways in which one can witness the decline of this empire. Here in America today is Labor Day, a holiday that was created to honor the American worker. Like so many holidays anymore hardly anyone actually stops to think about why this is significant. In other words, why is the worker significant?

In our new consumer based economy, if you talk about the worker you are more likely to be talking about someone working a dead end job at a superstore for wages that don’t support much more than food and a tiny place to live, not actual manufacturing workers. Yet this was not always the case. After all, America wasn’t built on consumerism or service jobs, America rose to economic prominence as a manufacturing powerhouse. While other nations were perfectly capable of manufacturing products, none could match the quality with the sheer volume that America could, they had to take an either/or approach. In other words, they could produce a lot of something but the quality would be total crap or they could produce something of high quality (perhaps higher than that the Americans were producing) but they couldn’t come anywhere near the amount of sheer volume. A classic example of this is WWII. For much of WWII, Germany and Japan produced far superior aircraft to America. However what they discovered was that regardless of this fact, the Americans could simply produce their sub par aircraft faster than the Germans or Japanese could shoot them down.


All of this hinged on the backs of the American worker. If you were to ask the vast majority of people who it is that wins wars, you would more than likely get a response about soldiers or perhaps generals. However if you were to talk to anyone well versed in these things, more than likely the first word out of their mouth would be logistics. Soldiers can’t fight without guns, ammo, food, equipment etc. and those things have to come from somewhere or to put it more accurately they have to be produced by someone. I find it hilarious when the average moron points to the U.S.’s current high tech military toys and mouths off about how we could “Kick China’s ass” when in the name of short term profits and the stock market we have outsourced virtually all of our manufacturing capabilities to China. Do these people imagine that if a conflict broke out that the Chinese would somehow simply hand that capability back? This is beyond foolish and let me explain to you why. Some would point out that America still possesses the ability to go back and build factories and set up the machinery to produce things and while that is true to an extent (that extent being that it is not something that could be done overnight) the key point missed is what they can’t provide; people capable of operating it.


When Germany fell at the end of WWII, the Americans swept up all of their scientists while the Soviets swept up all of their equipment. The Soviets soon discovered they got the short end of the stick, as they had nobody capable of knowing what to do with that equipment. Tell me again how America would kick China’s ass in a conflict. Sure we could get to work setting factories back up provided we had the time to do so but where are you going to find people who know what to do with it? Some point to automation and say that workers are obsolete anyway because the robots do all of the work. This is usually stated by people who are completely unfamiliar with how these things work. Take sand mining as an example: like many industries it is heavily automated. There are machines that do 99% of the work for you. However if you go to work in the sand mining industry, I can guarantee you that at some point in time you will be handed a shovel and told to get at it. Why? Because machines break. In manufacturing all of the best designing, automation and computers may work wonders but there are also many times that on the assembly line it is discovered that despite all of that something just simply doesn’t work as designed. When this occurs most of the time the solution is discovered by a guy with a grinder and a cutting torch.


The robots will save us! After all, it’s not like machines ever break down or anything. 


We used to know these things, it was a part of the public consciousness but not anymore. Far from being recognized that he is owed a debt of national gratitude, the worker is derided and looked down upon. Those who are successful are people who manipulate numbers on Wall Street and ransack pension funds to make themselves filthy rich who have never produced anything of actual value their entire lives. Those who are held up in high esteem are celebrities who are famous because we’re told that they are famous. Nobody ever stops to ask why exactly these people are famous to begin with or more importantly, who it was who decided that they would be famous. Do you want national recognition? Be a sports star who can run fast and play with a ball! If you win the big game you will be hailed as a hero.

The empire is now nothing more than a rotting carcass that the buzzards are picking off the last little bits of flesh. It spends resources it doesn’t have going around the world making threats it can’t carry out should another large country ever decide to call its bluff. Its people wallow in their own self importance and try to create importance in their lives by what they post up on Facebook. Its people’s dreams of doing something great are relegated to topics starting with, “If I win the lottery some day……….” At some point someone somewhere is going to call the old Empire’s bluff. When this happens it will quickly become apparent that sports stars, sex tape celebrities, Instagram models and hedge fund managers are of absolutely no use. In desperation they will run back to the well of the American worker only to make an unsettling discovery. You see, somewhere along the line someone of high importance decided that well would be much better suited as a latrine and after all, who wants to work with their hands anyway? They will be like those dying of thirst who drop the bucket down to find nothing but their own waste. They will choke on it as they are crushed under the boot of their opponent and ultimately that boot will not be that of the soldier but that of the worker.

The Experts are Worse than Useless

If there is one thing that we are not having a shortage of it’s experts. No matter what the issue whether big or small you can throw a stone and more than likely hit some sort of supposed expert on the topic. Is the topic of national attention? Quick, grab an expert and put them on TV! Problems in your marriage? Fear not, there is an army of counselors and social workers at the ready to “help” you with their expertise. There’s only one problem with this: all of these experts are actually useless which when you think about it isn’t really all that surprising. Consider; to become an expert and receive your official title of expert on a piece of paper that you can hang on the wall, you must first complete several levels of indoctrination from the Jewish controlled higher education. Of course this means that the only thing they are actually experts in is promoting ideas and solutions that support the narrative which also just so happen to mean the destruction of your society and you. Here is just a random example of many where we can see a supposed expert working tirelessly to give sound advice that falls in line with the narrative.

The question

I’ve been together with my wife for nine years, married just over three. She was a soccer player, very fit, and exactly what I wanted from a wife so I stuck with her. But she gained 80 pounds about two years into our relationship. I always saw her working it out and getting back to her old self. Instead, she has regressed further, both physically and personality-wise, whereas I am very driven and active and want to experience all I can in life. I’m at the point where if she doesn’t take things seriously soon, I’ll want a divorce. Is this wrong of me to want a deeper connection and attraction? I’ve given so much time to waiting without result.

pepe fat woman couch

This is all too common a problem so one would think that at this point the answers would be pretty straight forward. Guy marries a woman who in short order totally lets herself go. Forget all of this about “Oh but you’re supposed to love her no matter what”, yeah try quitting your job and laying on the couch gaming all day and see how long she sticks with that line. The fact is that men are wired towards physical attraction so when his wife purposely becomes unattractive she sends him a message that she is no longer interested in him beyond whatever assets she can extort via the one sided marriage contract. Save me the bullshit tears and “What do you mean intentionally?” You don’t wake up one day and you’re 80 fucking pounds overweight by accident. This guy’s choices are few and none of them are exactly real good. He can either A. keep his stuff and just resign himself to a no sex marriage unless he can drink heavily enough to get it up for rolling around on one of those mechanical bull things or B. give her all his stuff which she didn’t earn and start all over again. If he’s young enough option B is probably the better way to go but as you get on in years it starts to become unfeasible to start all over living like a college student out of a micro apartment.


Save me the lines about how he needs to lay down the law etc., if she was worried about any of that she wouldn’t have become a fat tub of shit to begin with. Now, let’s see what sort of answers the so called expert has.

 It’s funny: We live in a culture where this is a taboo topic. It’s “fat shaming,” we should all be happy with our bodies the way they are, and so on.

And to be honest, I’d feel a lot more comfortable with this question if the sexes were reversed and it was a wife complaining about a husband.

Damn we’ve just started and I already hate this faggot. So from the get go he admits that he’s not comfortable criticizing anything when it comes to women and really wishes the roles were reversed so he could hand out some tough love to a slovenly husband.

Google “my spouse got fat.” Hundreds of online forums pop up. You tend to hear more from the women, and the common thread is along the lines of: “I love my husband, he has a great personality, but he’s become a tubby hubby and refuses to do anything about it. Now I’m finding I’m not attracted to him and thinking of leaving him. What do I do?”

It’s been a problem for me, too, I won’t lie. My wife loves me, we’re soulmates, but I’ve always wrestled with my weight. And I know my wife has wrestled with it (my weight) too.

WFT does this even have to do with the guy’s question?! I guess since he didn’t get the question he wanted he’s just going to pretend he did.

333Have a problem? Ask this guy, he’s an expert. Of course if the question doesn’t fit into the narrow social confines that make him feel comfortable he’ll just pretend that you asked something completely different. 

Time passes and wrinkles and grey hair happen to everyone, but she has the right to a reasonable facsimile of the hot guy she married.

This isn’t about you and your wife who is probably fucking the gardener.

Or at least someone who’s trying. And I do: I go to the gym (I live across the street from one, so I really have no excuse), watch what I eat. I fight the fight.

“Dear Eddie, I have a problem and I’d sort of like to get some advice on it but not nearly as bad as I’d like to hear all about you…………..”

(Cyril Connolly famously said: “Imprisoned in every fat man, a thin one is wildly signalling to be let out.” But Kingsley Amis was truer and funnier, I think: “Outside every fat man is an even fatter one trying to close in.”)

Dude, seriously the question was not from a woman about a fat husband. Did you even read the freaking question?

Which leads me to your question.

Wow, finally.

Two words jump out: “regressed” and “divorced.”

Are you sure it’s not a medical or psychological issue? If so, she should see a shrink or a doctor prontissimo.

So he finally gets around to addressing the actual question, after having shared what he had for Thanksgiving dinner and an inventory of his wife’s broom closet. And when he does finally get to it what does he open with? Excuses; she might be sick, she may need to see a doctor or a psychologist it’s probably not her fault and since you assumed it was you’re probably a real dick of a husband.


If you were a real caring husband you would understand what she’s going through. 


If not – well, it’s unclear if you’re communicating your concerns, or the gravity of your concerns, but if you aren’t you should start to do so immediately.

I’m quite sure he’s made his displeasure clear. When the guy says, “If she doesn’t start taking this seriously…..” it would tend to imply that he’s voiced his concerns and she’s like, “Hmmm let’s see he can either put up with it and keep paying for all of my shit or he can divorce me and I get all of his shit without having to listen to him complain. Decisions decisions.”

But you have to do it gently, tactfully. Gaining weight can be a vicious cycle: you get fatter, you get depressed about it, gain more weight, etc.

Yes, you mustn’t upset her highness, Queen Lotsafat.

You have to help her, not hurt her. It’s a fine line between insulting and “fat shaming” a person and making them even more depressed and self-conscious, and encouraging and praising them into getting their old self/mojo back. It takes delicacy and diplomacy. Show her you care.

This faggot, I can’t even. It would be sounder advice to tell him to just start banging a waitress on the side.

Meanwhile: Have you taken a long look at the man in the mirror and asked if he really loves his wife?

Well well well, who didn’t see this one coming? Yeah sure your wife may be a selfish slovenly fat piece of shit that nobody not a nigger would want to have sex with but have you stopped for a moment to consider how all of that may actually be your fault?

It was interesting, I thought, you mentioned she was fit and a soccer player and “everything you wanted in a wife,” but not one word about her personality or loving her or being soulmates.

Yeah because actual men with testosterone start at physical attraction. All of that other stuff comes in second. Even with that having been said, let’s be 100% honest here: I hear this claptrap about “her personality” all of the time but how many fat bitches have you ever met IRL have actually had nice personalities?


Seriously, who would take advice from this guy? 

Could you have gotten married for the wrong reasons? If so, the sooner you open the Yellow Pages to “Lawyers – Divorce” the better, so she’s still got time to find someone who really loves her.

Sure you were sold a bill of goods when you thought you were marrying a fit in shape sex dynamo and as soon as the ink dried on the one sided contract you found out that what you actually got was Fiona from Shrek minus the cute personality but still the problem actually lies with you for not being happy about it. Perhaps you should divorce her…… she can find someone better.


He’s probably just intimidated by her strong will power and drive to succeed. 


If you can honestly say you love her, then realize: These things go in cycles. According to my calculations, in your eyes she’s been overweight for seven years – a long time, but not that long, really. If you love her, give her more time to get her old self/mojo back.

Yes by all means, waste more years of your life because if there’s one thing that will show her you’re serious about this, it’s continuing to pay for all of her shit while she gets even fatter.

But ultimately motivation has to come from within. She has to want it herself. No amount of hassling or browbeating or encouragement or praise is going to change that.

Yeah don’t worry, as soon as you divorce her fat ass she’ll start dropping the pounds as she goes out and starts making the circuit riding the carousel and hitting the clubs with your money and taking them back to the house that you were forced to give her. The fact of the matter is this stuff isn’t all that difficult. I would suggest that you find someone older than you to confide in and seek advice vs some random so called expert. The fact of the matter all these experts do is repeat the narrative and frame your situation to fit into the confines of that narrative. As for the guy who wrote in, his choices are simple: keep living with her getting ever fatter or give up half your shit and expect about 7 years recovery time. If you are going for option 2 then you are better off doing it sooner rather than later because the older you get the harder it is to make that recovery financially. Over the years I’ve had women ask me what they can do to be a good wife and my answer is always the same: don’t be fat and don’t be a bitch, everything else is negotiable. Outside of something extreme like cucking him with a nigger there is nothing worse you can do to your husband and your marriage than getting fat. Men are wired towards physical attraction whether you like it or not. See how easy that was? And I’m not even an expert. Well, not outside of Nazi circles anyway.

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