It’s All About the Rally


As you might guess, this week’s Thoughts of the Day program is all about Charlottesville. In fact literally the entire show is about this topic. Not only what occurred but where we go from here and the future actions of our enemies which they are quite openly projecting. They of course are going the shut it down route but it goes much deeper than that. Remember all of those terrorism laws that they put on the books after 911 to supposedly stop the Hajis from blowing us up all of the time but never seemed to work, not in small part because they were importing Hajis into the country the whole time? Well now they’re calling for aiming those laws at American citizens who have realized that they are under attack. Things are definitely getting real. We’re going to be talking about all of this in depth so sit down, get cozy and have a listen.

A Little Perspective

As the ((media)) is in full overdrive condemning and demanding everyone in Washington condemn any and all pro white demonstrators from last Saturday’s rally as evil white supremacists who have no place in America, one might do well to take a moment to cast a pit of perspective on this topic. In normie comments on Yahoo, some random shitlib made the comment, “It was a white supremacist who ran the people over in the car!” in their diatribe condemning everyone who showed up to exercise their Constitutional right to free speech. Right now, on every level demands are being made to throw out what is left of the Constitution in the name of free speech. Politicians are openly saying that  white people who will not submit to the Marxist agenda have no place in America. They still haven’t said where these people are supposed to go. If history is any indication, probably the gulag. Right now because of the actions of one person driving a car though a crowd after his car (and thus himself) were attacked, we as a group are being held accountable for this one person’s actions. Let’s be clear here: it doesn’t matter how much we follow the law to the letter, how many permits we get or how earnestly we plead our case we are going to be portrayed as evil Nazi haters responsible for the actions of the one guy who drove through the crowd of Marxists who showed up without any permit for the sole purpose of using violence to shut down the constitutional rights being exercised by the rally attendees.

9999Haters gonna hate. 

So how about a little perspective here? In light of every single person in the nation who just so happens to believe that we have a right to keep our own country are now being told that not only do we not have a right to have our own country but we’re also told that since one guy drove a car through a mob then that means everyone who is pro white was essentially behind the wheel. Well for all of those haters, all of these politicians who are attacking us, all of the lying media kikes and every shitlib who is preening over this incident I have one word for you: Dallas.

They assume we have no ability to remember anything beyond yesterday so I would propose that in light of the extremely broad brush of guilt that they are attacking us with that we take a moment to remember Dallas and the Black Lives Matter sniper attack against the police and white people in particular. 

My, what a difference huh? You see, Grandpa Lampshade does remember. Grandpa Lampshade remembers how we were told over and over again that these were peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional rights to free speech. I remember how we were told that this one bad apple should not reflect poorly on the BLM movement because muh first amendment.

During the standoff, Mr. Johnson, who was black, told police negotiators that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” Chief Brown said. “He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

Man sure am glad that wasn’t a terrorist attack by a racist or anything.

111He was a good boy, just upset over the constant oppression and racism being directed at him by white people. We need to understand his struggle and by all means we mustn’t condemn BLM over this one guy’s actions. 

So far as I know, the driver of the Dodge that plowed into the crowd hasn’t had any statements attributed to him such as, “Yeah I did it on purpose with the intent to kill as many niggers as possible.” And yet………..ever single pro white person at that rally and now even those of us who weren’t there are being targeted as being guilty of the actions of this one person. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, it turns out that when the Founders wrote the Constitution, the rights declared within only applied to blacks and Marxist groups funded by jews.

 The White House said Mr. Obama would travel to Dallas early next week, at the invitation of the city’s mayor. Later in the week, the president will host a discussion between the police and community leaders to help find solutions to racial disparities and ways to better support police, aides said.

Just in case you don’t remember, there were no demands that President Obama condemn BLM as terrorists and no statements saying that these blacks have no place in America. Instead what we got were half-hearted statements about how it was tragic that these police were killed (the racial aspect that he was targeting whites in particular was quickly eliminated from the narrative) but these black protesters are still right and we need to find a way to appease them and address their grievances.

U.S. President Barack Obama is seen in tears while delivering a statement on steps the administration is taking to reduce gun violence in the East Room of the White House in WashingtonTFW the only way to get the country to address the oppression against blacks is for a few white people to get shot. 

Over and over we heard it: “We can’t paint these black protesters with the same brush as this one guy who set out to kill white people  the police. Yet what are we seeing now? What are all of these same politicians saying now? Not only are they condemning all at the rally but all pro white people with the same brush of guilt as the car driver. The message is clear: when they tell you that you have no place in America they really mean it. It’s not a bluff or rhetoric. If you are a normie conservative or libertarian type and are thinking to yourself, ‘This doesn’t apply to me because I’m not one of those Nazis’ then you have zero knowledge of how Marxism works every time they are in a position to dominate you. You may not like it. You may in fact loath the very idea of siding with pro white Nazis but the fact of the matter is it’s either us or them. You may not like us, you may not agree with us on everything (that’s ok we don’t even agree with each other on everything) but the fact remains that one side says you have a right to the nation that your people built and the other says that not only do you not have a right to this nation but that you actually have no place in it at all. These things have been made perfectly clear and if the perspective we’ve discussed today hasn’t made it clear enough then let me spell it out for you: fairness and equality only goes one way with these people and it isn’t your way.


It’s Time to Seriously Think About Where Your Money Goes


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Look, I get it I really do. Not every single thing in your life has to be centered around your political beliefs. Some things don’t have a deep meaning, they’re just entertainment. I would guarantee that the majority of you reading this right now pay at least $80 a month on cable for television. How much of that money is going to the jew? I don’t bring this up to make you feel bad, in fact I’m saying it’s ok because I get that you have to have entertainment. Now, Grandpa Lampshade doesn’t pay for TV, I’m old school and have an old school TV antenna on the side of my house so I get my worthless jew programming that I don’t watch for free.

111Yeah that’s right, I’m that guy. 

From time to time, your’s truly gets accused of being some sort of gook lover because my entertainment (aside from mocking these rat jews and low IQ blacks) consists largely of subtitled anime and Korean Dramas.

royal gambler gif                          Let’s face it: sword fights are cool as hell no matter who’s doing them. Also, if I ever get one of those big flat brimmed hats I’m totally wearing it while recording Thoughts of the Day. 

In the end, it’s just entertainment, something you do to relax that doesn’t require a lot of deep thought. This is good because you need to let your mind rest as well as your body.


It’s time to discuss nigger sports ball. I haven’t said much about this in the past. Even though quite a few people are critical of watching these teams that glorify negros as some sort of model of studly manliness to be admired I let it slide because again, entertainment. But things have changed. Now the niggers who play this game are insisting on bringing their anti-white politics into play and it’s past the point of simply being able to ignore it in the name of entertainment.

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett sat with a towel over his head during the national anthem just a day after his former teammate Marshawn Lynch did the same.
Bennett, 31, joined Lynch and Colin Kaepernick in their public protests during Sunday’s preseason opener against the Los Angeles Chargers at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.
A number of players from the team locked arms as well during the anthem.

222You’re my hero Mr. Manly negro. 

As we go through this story, please keep in mind that this guy’s guaranteed salary for this year is over $6 million dollars before he gets bonuses.

The football star asserted that he respects the military but that he wanted to raise awareness of the social injustice and racism that still exist in the United States…

Yes, this evil racist country where a good boy who is on the fast track in life is forced to play a game smashing into other good boys and gets paid over $6 million dollars to do it. Man it must be rough.

‘First of all I want people to understand that I love the military,’ Bennett said.
‘My father’s in the military. I love hot dogs like any other American. I love football like any other American. But I don’t love segregation. I don’t love riots or oppression.

Yeah because we all know how white people like to riot at the drop of a hat.

‘I just want to see people have the equality that they deserve. And I want to be able to use this platform to continuously push the message of that.’

I agree with this 100%. Look, it’s not like I’m being critical that this genetic throw back gets paid more than I’ll ever make over my entire lifetime. Obviously someone thinks his efforts are worth six mil. Hell, I’d settle for 500k a year and we’ll call that close enough to equality achieved. How about it?

A staff member at the Seahawk’s front office told ESPN that he is OK with the act ‘as long as Michael is preaching love and not hate.’

We’re safe there because as we all know it’s only hate if white people do it.

He also added that the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where fascist and the alt-right clashed with anti-fascist protesters, served as a catalyst for his decision.

444We all know white people are always exerting their privilege so that blacks can’t earn a decent living.

Yes, white people showing up to say that they want a nation of their own is no doubt a real threat to some nigger who makes more than everyone who attended the rally put together. Lynchings probably aren’t far behind.

‘I’m being vulnerable right now,’ Bennett said.
‘There’s a whole bunch of people sitting at home judging me, but they will never get to this point where they can be vulnerable.

Yeah the guys who were forced to run a gauntlet of antifa and BLM in order to exercise their right to free speech must have no idea how vulnerable your brave act of sitting down must make you feel.

‘Keep fighting for equality. Keep fighting for oppressed people. And keep trying to change society.’

Ok you want to change society. That’s cool so do I. As a member of the evil far right, I want to change society a lot. I want to trash this democracy sham and replace it with a merit based system where laws are judged on whether or not they benefit the people vs if they benefit the jew or the corporation. I’m pretty up front about that. So tell us Mr. Negro ball player, how do you want to change society? Whenever I see blacks make these statements, I never really get a clear answer. They usually grunt something about all dem good boys who get sent to prison or something so all I can take away from that is they don’t want blacks to be arrested for any crime, ever.

So why do these black ball players who are filthy rich, get away with spitting on your nation and on your beliefs? Why is it that some regular Joe who just so happens to be white and not support the Marxist agenda gets fired from his piss ant level job because of something he put on the internet while this guy pulls down a huge salary and gets called brave for making a stand? I’ll tell you why: because the league and thus, the owners of these teams think you’re all idiots and let’s be honest; they’re not necessarily wrong. I see these sports ball fanatics out there and I’d swear, one of these groids could probably drag a random white girl from the stands and gang rape her on the 50 yard line and the white fans would cheer them on as long as they went on to win the big game. Do you want to know something that you can do that doesn’t risk losing your job over? Stop watching this shit. Stop supporting it completely. Let their ad revenue plummet and see how quick the league rushes out to pass a new rule banning players from political statements on the field. The reason these underprivileged groids get paid this much money is because the teams are able to turn a profit off of them and that profit comes from you people who keep watching your sports ball no matter what these pavement apes do. Every time one of these niggers does one of these protests, every time one of them wrecks his car while drinking too much cough syrup, every time one of them gets in trouble with the law remember: you’re paying for them and their life style. I know entertainment is important but there comes a time when you have to actually make a sacrifice for the cause. Is giving up nigger ball too much for you? If not, then don’t worry. I can always give you some great recommendations for anime or Korean dramas.


Do to several circumstances, not the least of which I have to work and my cash funds suck, Grandpa Lampshade didn’t make Charlottesville. However just like most of you, I am catching up on the whirlwind of events that have taken place. More details will come forward in the aftermath of the event from those who were actually there but I thought I would offer some brief points on what we have learned so far.

The Police: Unprepared or taking sides?

I have made it clear on more than one occasion that the police need to realize who it is that supports them. If white people drop their support for the police, they will be on their own. 

Reports from the scene are that the police pushed the legal protest out of the park and attacked the protesters and pushed them toward the Marxist groups. Who do the police think puts that stupid blue tape on their cars and signs about “backing the blue” in their yards and on their businesses? Marxist street niggers? I realize the city has a jew mayor and this is probably where this came from but that aside, this is a very bad move on the part of the police themselves. Literally the only people in the entire nation who are on their side when they are forced to gun down some good boy who didn’t do nuffin on his way from his Grandma’s house are white people on the right. Actions such as what occurred today will draw that support away. The days of following orders hoping to draw a pension down the road and make your paycheck are over. If you are on the police force you will have to take a side and today, you took the side of the very people who attack and kill you. You took the side of those who spit on you and call you pigs. You took the side of those who call you Nazis. You can justify today’s actions away all you want but if you take nothing else away from this you need to understand this: WHEN WHITE PEOPLE WITHDRAW THEIR SUPPORT FROM YOU, YOU ARE LEFT TO FEND FOR YOURSELVES. Some defenders of the police’s actions will say that they were simply overwhelmed and did the best they could. To this my response is that whoever was in charge should be fired immediately for incompetence if that is the case. Seriously, this rally was in the making for sometime and they knew that it had the potential for violence and if they were this unprepared then they are obviously unable to coordinate their way out of a paper bag and are of no use to society or the city.

Based Chally is based. 

333It is a well known fact in the car enthusiast community that Dodge Challengers hate niggers. 

You know how you read things like, “You can’t just run people over to escape a violent mob because the car will high center or blah blah blah”? Well all of that might be true but not if you’re in a Dodge Challenger, the niggernator of the automobile world. It’s rumored that the engineers at Dodge designed the Challenger around the idea of a vehicle being Mad Max tier ready with zero modifications necessary. I would say they’ve hit the mark.

Seriously though, the ((media)) which is almost totally run by rat like jews is trying to frame this as “White supremacist mows over counter protesters” when the police early on and the video evidence would suggest that the driver simply got caught in this mob who started throwing bricks at their vehicle. The driver then did what any sane person would do and tried their best to escape the situation post haste. Of course, I’m sure the JEWdicial system will do everything they can to railroad this person to prison unless it turns out the driver was black.

The Take Away. 

There will be analysis and criticism on the event for months to come now. However we will learn from this and grow. Grandpa Lampshade will not criticize anyone who was able to show up because showing up to this event took a lot of bravery on the part of our people. The lying jew mayor of the city actually had the nerve to call our people cowardly for showing up and facing a violent Marxist mob and as it turns out, their police allies. This isn’t cowardice, this is just the opposite. Leave it to a jew to call what is evil good and what is good evil. These kikes wouldn’t know how to speak the truth if someone gave them lessons. In the future, there needs to be plans and contingency plans, that is obvious. For example: if we are pushed out of the planned position we will fall back to this position and reorganize but all of that is just details. As I said, we will learn from this and grow and whether you want to admit it or not, learning is a process and not always a pretty one.


Here’s the thing folks: no matter what ((they)) say. No matter how ((they)) try to spin it. The fact is that today we won. Today we sent a message. Today we told the world that white people are back. We are not going to sit idly by while the jew destroys our nation. We’re not going to be shamed into silence while we watch our culture and people fade off into oblivion while some rat faced jew rubs his hands together. We will not be intimidated by low IQ niggers claiming that they own what we built. We are not afraid of hairy arm pit leftist feminists screeching at us. If these Marxists want to take our nations from us, if they want to destroy the future of our people they’re going to have to fight for it. It may not look like much to you now but make no mistake: the lion is rising.

Random Musings

As we all sit around and wait for WWIII to kick off, I find my mind wandering to random topics which to be honest, isn’t really anything new. I was thinking today about this one: how you can always guess the race before the story.


Now I’m not just talking about stories such as, “Robber shoots convenience store clerk for no apparent reason” as those are a given. I’m talking about other, slightly more subtle stories usually designed to offset the observable reality that blacks and other racial groups cause us so many problems while contributing nothing to our society.

On the local news, they always do a segment titled something like, “Tell Us Something Good.” It would appear that nothing good must ever involve white people because I don’t think I’ve seen a single story that wasn’t about blacks. You could have a white kid going to college at the age of 13 but the TMSG segment will be something like: “Watch this amazing video of this young man making this incredible basketball shot!”. You already know the race of the “amazing young man” before the film even rolls. We get criticized over stereotypes and yet everything framed as positive about these people usually centers around some form of sports ball.

It’s back to school time again which means that it’s time for all of the altruistic white people to put on a drive to provide school supplies to “underprivileged kids”. The good news is that white people are apparently never underprivileged because when they show the film, it’s always crammed full of blacks and meskins.

111                                        Daiz ready to get their learnin on n sheit. 

The only white people present are usually the people running the operation. As many of these events that are put on around the nation every year, you would think that the black community would show us some appreciation but the last time I checked, they still hate us. Perhaps it’s time to try something different.

I saw a filler story today titled something like, “Watch video of amazing moment a toddler starts singing with it’s grandmother in church”. We all know white people don’t take toddlers to church and even if they did, they never try to sing. Sure enough, it was boon time once again.

It’s easy to just brush these things off as harmless but in actuality they serve a much darker purpose. If they are constantly bending over backwards to portray blacks and other ethnic groups in a positive light then the direct correlation would be that they are not doing that for whites, in fact it’s just the opposite. When blacks commit crimes it’s “A man” or “Teens” but when it’s a white male his picture and race are featured front and center. When you couple that with the transparent effort to always portray blacks in a positive light, it’s not hard to figure out the conclusion they want you to form: blacks = good whites = bad. Oh well, we’ve got to find a silver lining in every situation one way or the other. If Kim Jong-Un nukes us, at least it’ll kill a lot of niggers.

North Korea: What the Hell is Going On?

We usually like to keep things fun and light here at the Semitic Truth Center. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t also do serious articles as well. The North Korea fear mongering and war talk is reaching new highs each day. Just this morning I saw that they are now threatening to attack Guam. Guam?! Of course, we as normal citizens have limited information to go on but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the information we do have and use our common sense to try to form some sort of picture as to what is going on. The purpose of this piece is to take a look at what we’re being told from several different angles, compare it to the information we have and try to draw a picture that makes at least some form of sense. I’m going to go through several narratives we’ve been given, some facts and yes we’re going to form some theories even though we are lacking enough information to draw definitive conclusions. The thing is, this is very very important and if there is a topic that deserves our time in stopping and studying, I believe this is one of them. Now, let’s take a moment to look at some of the explanations of events and what I think about this situation one by one.

Kim Jong-Un is crazy. 

111     He’s a mad man I tell ya! 

One of the most limp dick excuses someone can give you to explain your observation that everything you’re being told doesn’t line up with reality is, “Well yeah but he’s crazy!” Can I explain all of Kim’s actions? No but I can explain many of them. However when presented with the choice between “I’m being lied to” and “He’s crazy!” I will lean toward choice #1 each and every time. Literally insane people rising to power isn’t unheard of in history however it is pretty rare. If you ask me my opinion on Stalin, I can think of all sorts of words to describe the man and what he did but “crazy” isn’t one of them. Thus, now that we have established that “He’s just crazy” isn’t an acceptable explanation when what we’re being told doesn’t make sense we should keep that in mind moving forward whenever we’re given this explanation in response to our pointing out that what we are being told doesn’t line up with reality.

North and South Korea want the same thing. 

This proposition may sound silly at first glance but trust me, Grandpa Lampshade has thought about this quite a bit. The one thing that both North and South Korea want is for the status quo in their relationship to remain. First as to what Kim himself wants personally. Kim Jong-Un wants the same thing that all rulers want: to remain in power. North Korea may be isolated but trust me, they’re aware of world events. They have watched what has happened to countries and leaders who didn’t have the threat of nuclear weapons to defend themselves. In this context, North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons makes perfect sense. If this were the Kingdom of Lampshade we were talking about and it was I who watched as each year another leader is toppled and labeled “evil” and executed, I would be developing nukes as fast as I could. There is nothing “crazy” about the fact that Kim is doing the same. Now as to the fact that both North and South Korea want the same thing. If the DMZ were suddenly dissolved tomorrow it would be an unmitigated disaster for both countries. Peasant rice farmers from North Korea would not be content to keep farming rice patties but would instead flood across the border in hopes of trading in their farm tools for skinny jeans that are too short.

222                                   Goodbye farming and hello skinny jeans! 

I would be willing to bet that any spies that North Korea sends to the South are vetted to be sure they have families in the North and are not single unattached guys to guarantee that they don’t get any funny ideas. Even if you go to the South to discover that it’s the land of milk and honeys when it comes to first world living and top notch TV programming, knowing that your entire family back home will be executed if you pull anything is a pretty good motivator to stick with the mission. I would also bet that upon arrival back to the North, these people disappear without ever returning home. For the South, loss of the DMZ would be equally if not more disastrous. Imagine suddenly having your country flooded with people who have no skills beyond peasant work and virtually no understanding of how your world works. Your entire economy and systems would be overwhelmed almost immediately and you would be facing societal collapse. Which brings us to another interesting thing to consider.

Is the target of all of this war talk actually South Korea?

Wars are fought primarily for two reasons: to benefit Israel and to keep the jewish usury scheme afloat. Obviously this part of the world doesn’t have much to do with Israel’s expansion but what about the global usury scheme? Think for a moment about America’s economic boom time right after WWII. Even though everyone is aware of this period of time as being a time of booming prosperity in America, few stop to consider why it was a booming time. Much of Europe as well as Japan had been decimated. Thus, in the sense of production capability America was by and large the only game in town, or in this case on the planet. When all of your global competition has had their infrastructure bombed back to the stone age, it’s not hard to figure out why times are good and everyone is able to buy a new Chevrolet. Looking at these things through this context, destroying North Korea wouldn’t really reap a whole lot of benefit.

333Hey, there could be a market niche in this country for peasant farmers if we only get the North Korean competition out of the picture. 

However South Korea is an entirely different story. Besides being one of the top exporters of quality TV programming, South Korea is a major player in the areas of technology and innovation. If this competition were suddenly removed from the global market, it could provide the much needed shot of life support that the global economy needs. Remember, as people’s lives become less comfortable and their economic situation stagnates, they become more nationalistic and willing to upset the status quo. Now some like to point out that North Korea is one of the few countries left without a jew controlled central bank and I’m sure that fits into the equation as well but consider what toppling Kim Jong-Un’s government means. If the U.S. topples the NK government, they cannot keep the DMZ border with the South in place. How would they justify it? Thus, taking out the NK regime means taking out the DMZ which means the entire Peninsula basically gets destroyed.

We’re being lied to. 

Everyday when you turn on the news, there are new reports of outlandish threats from North Korea. However have you ever stopped to ask yourself how we know that any of that is even real? Why is it that we understand that the ((media)) lies about virtually everything and yet, when they tell us about this we assume it’s true? What if the media is lying about North Korea the same way that they lie about us? Why would we assume otherwise? We know these people lie all of the time and there are very good clues in this current news coverage of North Korea that tell us we are being lied to about at least part of what is happening on this front. Let’s take a look at some of these clues.

Rex Tillerson came out the other day and basically said the Trump Administration was open to negotiating with the NK government. This is a major thing and yet, it received very little coverage. Having the U.S. actually sit down at the table and talk with them has been one of North Korea’s goals for a long time and Tillerson threw them a major bone by putting this out there. Yet, the North Korean reaction that we are told about is that now they are threatening to attack Guam? Remember now, we’ve already discounted “He’s crazy” as a legitimate excuse as to why things we’re told and what we observe don’t line up. Imagine for a moment if you were the North Koreans and you get this news that the U.S. is actually offering to treat you with a little respect by granting you something that you have been wanting for a long time: a face to face meeting. You are thrilled and tell your people to immediately start seeing what you need to do on your end to make that happen only to wake up the next morning and find out that the American ((media)) is reporting that you plan to attack Guam and you’re like “WTF?!” Now obviously we don’t know if that’s the case but let me ask you this: does the entire situation that we see make more sense under the GPL scenario or the media narrated one? We know for a fact that there is a big struggle going on right now between the Trump Administration and these intel agencies and their media allies. Yet all of the information we are fed about North Korea comes from these same intel agencies and the media.

The United States is being driven toward war and not just these smaller Mid East wars of years past, big war. Whether it’s Russia, China or now North Korea the direction we are all being pushed remains the same: a disastrous war which brings us to our final and possibly most troubling thing to consider. What if the actual target of all of this isn’t just these other countries but the United States itself? Any notion that the United States could fight a war with Russia, possibly China and North Korea as well and not be decimated is just a pollyannic dream. What if it’s been decided that the global usury scheme is going to implode one way or the other and the U.S. has just about used up it’s shelf life as a client state anyway so why not just burn the entire Goyim world down while slipping off to the desert crime base? Sound absurd? Perhaps but then again one would do well to remember that in the story about the scorpion and the frog the scorpion winds up drowning.

Housecleaning Time Again

restaurant to another world animeNot technically maids but close enough. 

If you frequent the Semitic Truth Center, you know that I’m big and I mean BIG on using pictures and memes. If you pick any random article here, just note how many images I use and multiply that by how many articles I put up a day. As one might imagine, this leads to my library becoming very very full of different pics, many of which are one off’s that are used for a single piece. The problem then becomes that it bogs me down as I have to sort through this huge file of pictures to find some of my standard go-to’s. Thus it’s housecleaning time once again. Chances are you will not even notice that I’ve cleared many of these out. However if you scroll through some of the older articles you may come across some broken pics if I have deleted them. Sorry but it can’t be avoided.