He’s a Good Boy, Going to Go to College

I’m so sick of white people.

No, you read that right.

I write a lot here about how sick of blacks I get and how I wish we could ship them all back to Africa but I’m not going to lie, I am so sick of these white people I feel like doing the same to them.

pepe wojak gunpoint                                                                              Gas the boomers, generation war now! 

Of course by white people I mean these idiots who refuse not only to acknowledge the problems all of these foreign races pose but actually promote the stupid narrative that they are all just like us but for the color of the skin. Sometime back, buried in the myriad of black crime stories I’ve written, I wrote about an old white lady who naively thought she could ask some “teens” to turn down their loud jungle beats while they used a pool that they weren’t paying for.

around-blacks-never-relax                                                            Yes, she relaxed. 

Unsurprisingly, this was immediately interpreted through the tiny negro brain as “Dis bitch done gone n disrespec me”. The groid then proceeded to body slam her to the concrete and throw her into the pool. Thankfully the woman’s dogs, which she had with her on a leash weren’t harmed. Well the teen has finally had is day in court and his victim had the opportunity to confront him. Sadly, I’m not surprised by the outcome.

A 68-year-old grandmother and the teen who body-slammed and dragged her into a pool in a shocking viral video came face-to-face during a dramatic court appearance.

It was dramatic because the old lady, still hurt and angry over the incident told her attacker, “I’m so sick of you niggers. I wish Adolf Hitler would come back from the dead and gas your black asses in a concentration camp”.

No, not really.

111Looks like a fine young man with his whole life ahead of him. 


‘What he did was a very cruel thing. Very cruel. Very inhuman,’ James told the court, before addressing Balfour directly.

Yeah, she’s about to let him have it with both barrels, I’ll tell you.

‘You have so much ahead of you,’ she told Balfour. ‘You’re a young kid. You’ve got college. You got hopes. You got dreams, and you know what, unfortunately, this will follow you forever.’


Honestly, it’s shit like this that sometimes makes me wonder why even bother doing any of this. When I originally wrote about this story, I actually felt sorry for this woman though I’ll admit, I was more concerned about the well being of her little dogs. I mean come on: the only reason the little dogs were even there was because this dumb bitch drug them into the middle of a pack of dindus. He’s got college and hopes and dreams and blah blah blah blah. WTF is even wrong with this dumb old bitch? Did she drop too much acid at Woodstock? I tell people that one of the reasons that people don’t want to hear us is because these things we talk about don’t necessarily effect them personally. However here we have a case of a woman who got up close and personal with a pavement ape and yet, regurgitates the “He’s a good boy going to go to college” line. I’m not going to lie, when I read about stuff such as this and consider the number of hours I’ve spent trying to “save our people” I feel like a real idiot.

Balfour turned to James to apologize………’I mean this from the bottom of my heart that I had no intention of inflicting any pain or harm on you,’ Balfour said as he read an apology.

Yeah I’m sure he totally meant it too.

444He a good boy, really sorry for what he done. 

Despite the traumatic experience, James saw Balfour as a young man with a promising future, even if he did a stupid thing.
She asked the judge to sentence him to 200 hours of community service and a 8pm curfew on weekdays and 6pm on weekends.

A promising future. Aaaannnnddddd there you have it folks. Even after being personally assaulted by this genetic throwback, she’s still sees him as a good boy with a bright future ahead of him. Maybe our people really would rather die than to appear even slightly racist. If so, perhaps we should take some sort of vote or something. I mean, if that’s the case then the rest of us can all go live out in the desert or something and leave these dumb asses to their own fate. After all, it’s not as though I don’t have better things to do.


Fashy Frogcast Time


It’s that time once again folks, time for Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.  As usual, our topics are all over the place. From following up on our marriage subject from last week, to going back to what the Founders of the country attempted to put into place to much much more. We talk about all sorts of fun things on this show and this week is no exception. We have listener questions/comments this week which always adds to the fun. The Vegas shooting has really sucked the air out of the room of political discussion this past week but it won’t suck the air out of ours. We’re full steam ahead and full fash as always. So whether you are a conservative type who is just looking for a sample of some of this other further right wing stuff to check out or a long time listener, climb aboard and strap yourself in. It’s always a fun time on the frogcast.

Give Up Those Freedoms and Do It For the Shekels

Andy Serwer (doesn’t appear to be a Jew) is what we call a good Goy. He understands the significance of what a danger all of these freedoms represent. Why, just think about all of the money it’s costing you (well not you but someone else).


Freedom isn’t free.

You may think that statement is trite. I actually think it makes a ton of sense.

You may think this is going to be an article about the price our veterans have paid to keep us free by fighting wars for the Jews but you would be wrong.

Americans are rightfully proud to live in the Land of the Free. We have more freedom than most countries in all sorts of awesome ways: religion, speech, movement, etc.

But how much freedom is just too much? Don’t worry, Andy Serwer is here to tell you.

Of course, there are limits to our freedom. We are not free to murder and pillage, sell heroin, run naked onto an NFL field.

You know where this is headed, right? If you guessed “Mean words on the internet that the Jews don’t like = the same as murder” you would be correct.

There are also what I call ‘debatable freedoms,” those which we have hashed out to decide whether or not they are worth exercising. Our acceptance of them evolves over time. Think legalized marijuana or same-sex marriage.

That’s funny because I see this example as more of a demonstration of “give the Jews an inch and they’ll take a mile.”


And then there are other societal freedoms many of us seem to believe in that come with huge, often under-recognized, and to my mind, hard-to-defend costs.

You may think that these things should be decided by learned men. Well, your wait is over. We’ve found our judge of what should and shouldn’t be freedoms given to us and his name is Andy Serwer who writes for Yahoo.

Three examples here are free, unfettered financial markets; a wide-open internet; and nearly unlimited access to firearms.

It’s funny in a way. We see the same old tactics over and over again. The first one: unfettered markets is the bait. People read that knowing that ((Wall Street)) is screwing them over and they are supposed to think, ‘Yeah maybe this guy has a point’. However do you really think that is the one they are interested in? LOL silly silly Goy.

You could argue that the financial crisis of 2008/2009 came about in large part because of deregulated or under-regulated financial markets. Speculation in credit derivatives and mortgage-backed securities, along with accompanying risks that were poorly understood, created systemic risk, which badly damaged our nation’s economy and much of the rest of the world’s as well.

I seriously doubt those who were running these scams on Wall Street didn’t understand what they were doing. In fact considering virtually all of them came out smelling like a rose pretty much confirms this. So as  Nazi, I’m all for getting a grip on these out of control investment markets. At least Andy and I have this in common, right? Right? I mean, if Andy is for cracking down on these Wall Street shysters that’s something I can get behind. So tell us Andy, what do you propose to crack down on these guys? Outlaw corporations? Special laws to protect certain accounts so people like Jamie Dimon can’t raid people’s money? Labor camps for crooks? How about simply reinstating the old law that forced banks to keep their investment business separate from their banking business?

I’m thinking mostly about increasing the amount of capital for securities firms.


That’s right. His answer is they should have more money. Wow. Andy is not afraid to put forward these tough and controversial decisions. Now let’s get to the ones that he really cares about.

Next the Internet.

Of course. Why am I not surprised?

First let’s acknowledge that the internet isn’t completely free to begin with, even in the U.S. You cannot legally post child pornography or sell opioids on the web, for example.

And do you know what’s just as bad as child porn? Saying things and posting memes that the Jews don’t like, that’s what.

111                                                            Honestly stuff like this is probably worse than child porn. It just sends a shiver down my spine. Besides, the kiddies may actually like it, right Goyim?

Again, I know Americans will hate to admit this, but clearly we need more regulation. Why? Because the costs are too high not to.

Costs? What costs Andy? Unless you’re calculating all of the time I’ve had to spend resetting up accounts on Twitter over the years for offending Marxists and kikes, I don’t really see it.

For instance, how much did the hacks on our parent company Yahoo cost?

Wait what? I’m pretty sure hacking is already against the law Andy. Besides, the fact that Yahoo and these other companies are so incompetent as to not have adequate security kind of comes off as passing the buck here.

And there are the real biggies: What is the cost to our society of Russian trolling and fake news on Facebook and Twitter?

Ah now we finally get to it. Trolls on the internet are too expensive.

…………maybe you saw that Facebook just announced that it was hiring 1,000 people to review its content. That figures to be a $100 million cost. But these millions are just snowflakes on the tip of an iceberg of costs.

Don’t you love it? Faceberg is hiring a thousand people to shut down speech that the left doesn’t like and the problem is people saying things the left doesn’t like.


…………..these companies must own up to one degree or another that they are responsible for all content on their platforms

Which will virtually end these companies. Great call Andy. I can see why this guy got fired from his last job and is now working for Yahoo. Honestly he’s lucky he’s not stuck somewhere like Buzzfeed, though he’s not far from it. So he thinks that social media companies with millions if not billions of people posting content on their sites should be ultimately responsible for all of the content on their site. Andy, you are supposed to be a smart guy. Can you not possibly see a problem with this reasoning?

The cost here is massive. But the cost of allowing Russian trolls and Macedonian teenagers the unfettered ability to destabilize our society is far higher.

I have news for you Andy: by now everyone knows that whenever you people say “Russian trolls” you actually mean anyone not a leftist. You aren’t fooling anyone with that shit.

And finally we have the freedom in America to buy nearly any kind of firearm our heart desires, even if these guns aren’t designed for hunting or self-defense.

Starting off with a bald faced lie, never a good sign. For those of you in Europe let me clue you in on something: contrary to what the ((media)) tells you, one is not able to buy any kind of firearm that your heart desires in America.

Ted Miller, a researcher with the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, estimates ……….that a typical day in America costs $600 million for shootings. Miller’s tallies include medical and insurance costs, the cost of police and first responders, the cost to employers and the dollar value of lives lost.

Look Andy, it’s not as though Grandpa Lampshade doesn’t realize we have a problem with these things. So how about we actually address the real problem? Are you ready to discuss addressing the black problem in our country? After all, the vast majority of these gun crimes you are kvetching about are blacks, not white people going around doing drive bys.

Limiting access to guns reduces shootings, which among other things reduces costs to our society.

But if we got rid of niggers, we would eliminate most of our gun problems as well as basically being able to eliminate the welfare system. Think of how much money that would save Andy!

Am I worried that limiting the public’s access to assault weapons will confer too much power to the government? Not so much that I wouldn’t make the trade-off in a second.

Do you live in a black neighborhood Andy? No, of course you don’t. Why not Andy?

So, you see what I say all that freedom not being free. But maybe it’s not so much about framing it as reducing the amount of freedom we have in the financial markets, or on the web, or in buying weapons. It’s understanding the costs and the trade-offs and then making smart decisions.

Yes and I’m all about making smart decisions Andy. Financial problems with the nation: get rid of the Jews. Problem with the internet? Fixed at the same time as the financial sector, sort of a two birds with one stone sort of thing. Gun violence? Ship the blacks back to Africa, problem solved. Come on Andy, you’re obviously not afriad to propose controversial solutions to these problems, how about it?

Just Another Day at NIGDonald’s

Man it’s been a tough week or so when it comes to writing. I will be speaking a bit tomorrow on the Thoughts of the Day program about how one of the things that has been a result of the Vegas shooting has been to suck the air out of the room when it comes to political discourse. Let me tell you, as someone who tries to write daily on this space it’s sucked the air out of other topics to write about as well. We will of course keep on keeping on but between show material and writing here, it’s really made things difficult when it comes to topics to cover.

Thankfully however, we always have blacks.

There are some out there who think that blacks contribute nothing to our societies. When I encounter these people I know right away that they’ve never had to write a blog about current topics before. Let me tell you, as someone who does just that blacks provide an invaluable service when it comes to material to write when one is in a dry spell. Let’s take today for example. I’m sitting here, it’s getting late in the day and even though I’ve seen a few things that might be ok to write about there really isn’t anything entertaining enough to cover that can’t be simply said in a brief GAB post with a link to the original material. Yet, it’s bad enough that content here at the Semitic Truth Center slacks off during the weekend (gots to record dat show n all) but I really try to keep at a minimum at least one fresh article a day up. Yet, all that’s out there is Vegas shooting stories that are rehashes or celebrating brave cops and celebrity crap that nobody cares about. Sure there’s the Weinstein thing but coming from a stand point of knowing how these degenerate kikes operate, it’s sort of like trying to get motivated about writing about how it’s hot in the summer or cold in the winter: not exactly ground breaking material.

444TFW you really need to find something to write about. 

So what’s a Nazi writer to do? You keep your chin up and look no further than NIGdonald’s for some entertaining chimp out material, that’s what.

This is the moment a pregnant woman holding a young child becomes caught up in a brawl in McDonald’s.
The fight broke out at the fast-food restaurant in Houston, Texas, last week.

Houston plus McDonald’s = guaranteed nigger story.


Shocking footage filmed by bystander Dexter Kennedy shows the two women arguing before coming to blows.

I don’t know about shocking. I mean seriously, is there anyone left who is shocked when niggers chimp out for no apparent reason?

Carla DeLeon, a mother-of-four who is expecting her fifth child, claims she was standing in line with her three-year-old daughter when she noticed her looking scared.
When she turned around, she claims a woman swore at her and asked what she was looking at.

What a perfect metaphor for America 2017: a meskin with an abundance of bambinos facing off with a jungle monkey. This is going to be the rest of the country in a few more decades: blacks and browns fighting over what little fragments of civilization that are left behind by the dwindling white race.

The woman then appears to strike Ms DeLeon, who is holding her child, before throwing a drink over her.
Ms DeLeon then retaliates before a staff member intervenes to break up the fight.

Who the hell eats at NIGdonald’s? Let’s be honest, the last positive contribution that McDonald’s gave our country was those moon commercials back in the 80’s.

444                                       Hey, I know that guy! 

During the fight, the woman can be heard shouting: ‘This is ghetto b****!’

I thought they were still yelling, “Worldstar!”?

Ms DeLeon claimed she reported the incident, which took place at the restaurant off the North Freeway by Little York Road, to police, and is waiting for the assailant to be identified.

Let me put this in a language you can understand Ms DeLeon: “When aroundo de negros, nolo relaxo”

From “You be disrespectn me” to full chimp out in under a minute. 

Short time preferences and poor impulse control: the perfect summary of blacks if there ever was one. The thing about blacks is, they have no ability to grasp a future that could be different from their circumstances right now beyond perhaps “Ima gets da money”. The United States as it stands today will not remain. This nation is in the process of coming apart. Now obviously nobody knows what this will look like for sure but we can reasonable entertain several possible outcomes. Let’s take a look at a few.


White’s uncuck themselves and reclaim the land of their ancestors. This may sound far fetched but we actually have the numbers to do this right now. For this to happen however would require a mass awakening as a people and a throwing off of the Jewish bonds of white guilt. If this were to happen one of the first truths that everyone will be addressing is why are we tolerating these blacks.


If whites fail to uncuck themselves and demographics are allowed to play out, we will wind up living in a brown nation ruled over by brown people. This is where we are headed if current trends were to hold. Now this may sound like a doomsday scenario but as someone who has lived in a heavy brown state their entire life, I will say that as bad as it would be they won’t be looking to purge you or anything. They will simply rule over you and you will be second class citizens.


This is the one I’m betting on as most likely, due to the fact that historically it’s what usually takes place when a nation is stupid enough to try multiculturalism. In this scenario you wind up with the current one big country splitting up into smaller nations of homogeneous peoples. This scenario isn’t all roses either, as you are looking at whites being relegated to smaller and smaller nations and if the people aren’t fully awakened they will still be susceptible to the same trap of listening to the Jews’ lies and could wind up right back in the same mess as before. This is why having a strong authoritarian system is really going to be very necessary to ensure the long term future of our people.

Now, out of the possible outcomes above do you notice one scenario that’s missing? That’s right: Nigtopia. No matter how this plays out, there is no future long term for these blacks. I have spent my entire life around brown people and let me tell you something, they hate niggers. I mean they really really hate them. I have ran into a few brown people who also hate whites but for the most part, they tend to be relatively neutral towards us. Not so with blacks. Meskins hate niggers far more than you can imagine. If white people wind up back in control of their own destiny it will be after levels of negro fatigue that we still haven’t yet achieved and we are seeing extremely high levels of negro fatigue as it is. In other words, white’s will have no inclination to live among blacks and in fact, will probably want to put them into a gas chamber and turn them into lawn art or some shit. Yet, blacks just keep chimping along as though somebody will always be willing to take care of them when none of the trends point to this being a reality. So what will the ultimate outcome be for blacks? It’s really not that hard to figure out.


More Like “It’s a Jew Thing”

Ah the Jews. They really just can’t help themselves. As our nation rapidly approaches peak negro, one has to believe (or at least hope) that peak Jew can’t be far behind. We had these recent revelations that were shocking to some who for whatever reason or another have no clue as to the filthy nature of these kikes, that the Hollywood Jew Harvey Weinstein has been doing what Hollywood Jews have been doing for decades. If you think this is something new, read Shirley Temple’s book about life growing up dealing with these rat kikes, it’s an eye opener. Somewhere along the lines, someone apparently noticed that the show Saturday Night Live (which hasn’t been really relevant since the 1970’s) gave Weinstein a complete pass. When asked why, the shows owner actually suggested the reason was  New York. 


Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels has seemingly admitted the show chose not to roast Harvey Weinstein because the embattled film heavyweight is from New York.

Yeah that sounds totally believable. I mean, I can’t think of the show ever roasting anyone from New York, now that you mention it.

When Michaels was asked as he was leaving SNL’s after-party at 4am why the show avoided the Weinstein controversy, the producer smiled and responded: ‘It’s a New York thing.’

Whoa, wait a minute though. Isn’t Trump from New York?

The show had earlier been criticized for not mentioning the sexual harassment allegations leveled against Weinstein this week.
But DailyMail.com has since learned that the cast did try out a Weinstein joke during dress rehearsal – it just never made it to air.


Hey, you’re not allowed to make jokes about anyone from New York! Everyone knows that!

activate it                                                                        You want to make a joke about someone from New York? I don’t think so. 

SNL regularly pokes fun of President Donald Trump and he has previously lashed out at the show for their impersonations of him.
Trump also hails from New York but that hasn’t stopped him from being a SNL target.

Yeah that’s weird. It almost makes that whole, “We don’t make fun of fellow people from New York” excuse seem like bullshit. I wonder what else it could be?

But hey, let’s not jump to conclusions here. I mean, the guy that runs the show is named Michaels. Sounds white to me! Right?

333                                            Surprise surprise Goyim! 

Oh what’s that? His actual name is Lorne David Lipowitz? Well hell I for one am just shocked beyond words that it’s the Jews again. I mean, I thought maybe it was a liberal or a Democrat or even a Yankee thing. As it turns out, it’s just a Jew thing……………again.

For those of you who are new to this let me explain. Jews do everything and view everything through the lens of “is it good for the Jews”. Now this in and of itself might not necessarily be a bad thing. The trouble comes when they ensconce themselves into positions of power and influence in your society, often times by trying to pass themselves off as being not a foreign race, just as much so as these desert hajis but instead white just like you or me. They may claim to be all about ‘Murica! or capitalism or whatever but trust me, all they are ever about is what’s good for the Jews. When you know this, it comes as no surprise that whenever one of their fellow ne’er do well tribe members gets caught doing the same sort of stuff they always get caught at, they work very hard to sweep it under the rug and give them a pass.

Now if you are new around these parts, this may be a bit hard for you to accept. Perhaps Grandpa Lampshade is just like everyone else on the planet who seems to wind up hating the Jews for no apparent reason but the color of their shekels. I would suggest you ask yourself a few questions. Questions such as: if the Jews aren’t a hostile foreign parasite, why do they so often like to change their names to sound less jewey? It seems to me the only reason would be to attempt to deceive the Goyim. The other question you should ask yourself is this: If these evil Nazis are wrong about the Jews and they really are God’s chosen people and just as American as the rest of us and our greatest ally ever, why is it that their detractors are able to name them time and time again? It’s seems a bit curious doesn’t it? Especially in light of the fact that they are like 2% of the population and yet, we can name them time and time and time again.

But hey, who knows. Maybe me and everyone else who has kicked them out of 109 countries over the centuries are completely wrong and these poor Jews are just getting hated on for no reason whatsoever except maybe jealousy. Yeah that’s probably it after all. You should definitely keep trusting them.

8888“Hi there Goyim……..I mean my fellow American. My name is Mr. Jones and I’m here to help you…………..”


A Little Under a Week in and Here’s Where We Are At

It’s been a difficult week to write here at the Semitic Truth Center. The past couple of days I have been dealing with horrific internet issues which have basically kept me from being able to get online at all but for a few brief minutes. The other reason it has been difficult is due to the fact that this Las Vegas shooting is like a news quantum singularity that has sucked everything else into it’s gravitational pull. As I stated before: it’s a bit hard to write about misguided feminists and dumb blacks when all anyone is thinking or talking about is this shooting.

pepe tinfoil hatI’m not gonna lie: it’s been real hard for me to resist the tin foil on this one.

As you all well know, Grandpa Lampshade really likes to deal in what we do know, not just wild guesses or theories that someone more or less pulled out of their ass. Needless to say, there has been no shortage of the latter. I clicked on a link to an article yesterday that had all sorts of grand explanations as to what happened and the events surrounding this guy that sounded really feasible…………..and absolutely nothing to back it up. Back before the internet, my daddy used to always tell me, “Anyone can write a book son”. Well one must remember that anyone can post anything up on the internet.

The thing is, we all want to know what’s the story behind this and yet, there is very little information to go on. I have often used the illustration of trying to figure out what a picture is with only a limited amount of puzzle pieces to go by. In this case, there are damned few puzzle pieces to go by. However that won’t stop us from going over a few things that raise red flags. Also, one can sometimes make assumptions based on the pieces that are missing. Here is an article about the latest information released by the police on this case.

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock had a cell phone charger that did not match any of his phones inside the hotel room where he carried out the massacre, it has been revealed.

The discovery adds confusion to the chain of events which led up to the attack as, despite its discovery, police insist there was no one else in the room with Paddock on October 1 or in the days beforehand.

pepe glasses

One of the things I have found interesting about this case in how vehemently the police are insisting that there was no other shooters. Now it’s entirely possible that they have reviewed the security footage and there simply wasn’t anyone else in the room. This cellphone charger could very well have simply been left by a previous guest. However it still is pretty hard to believe that this guy got the sheer amount of weaponry and ammunition up to his room all by himself without any outside help or anyone noticing. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though the local police have been the face at the press conference, the FBI is conducting probably about 99% of the actual investigation. It’s also entirely possible that they know there are others involved but don’t want to tip their hand as they try to track them down.

The undersheriff also dismissed, again, the repeated claims from ISIS that Paddock carried out the attack in the name of Islamic terror.

I find this curious. Why dismiss it outright instead of simply leaving it in the vague area of “still under investigation”? For some reason, the police seem very adamant that it can’t be ISIS. The reason I find this so curious aside from the obvious is that ISIS is a state sponsored group. In the factual context of all terror being state sponsored on some level or another, ISIS attacks are funded and planed with state backing from actual state actors. ISIS appears to be generally funded by the U.S. and Israel along with the Saudis.

111                                                               Yes, virtually everyone in the world minus the U.S. citizenry are aware of this. 

If it were ISIS, then that would imply that our greatest ally ever and/or rouge elements in our own intelligence agencies would have had a hand in this. Again, these are bits and pieces that we can put together with information that we do have without going off the conspiracy theory cliff.

He confirmed that Paddock was the only gunman, as suspected, and said there was no proof that anyone else accessed the room in the days before the attack.

Whenever there is a big happening such as this, there will always be a lot of disinformation out there. That’s to be expected. That having been said however, this isn’t the 1960’s and the “lone gunman” thing is a bit harder to sell when those facts don’t add up.

111   It was a lone gunman. He just knocked out two windows to shoot from so he would have more options. 

This however opens up the next question: what’s the endgame? The left of course immediately jumped up and started yelling for gun control before they had even hauled all of the bodies off the scene but they do that whenever one of these things happens and it usually winds up going nowhere. The fact of the matter is that there are so many guns in circulation already in America that no matter what gun control they may pass, they’re not going to effectively disarm the American public. A lot of this is just low IQ politicians wanting to be sure to look as though they are doing something.

At a press conference on Friday, Las Vegas Metro Police Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill said detectives were no closer to understanding what motivated Paddock’s killing spree.

This is what bothers me about this more than any other aspect of this story. When people make a big move such as mowing down a large number of people, they are doing so to make a bold, loud and clear statement. People who do these things usually think they are actually doing something heroic. The one thing they don’t do is leave their reason for everyone to guess about later. You pull off a mass shooting or terror attack to draw attention to your grievance or cause. Yet when it comes to this guy………….nothing. It makes no sense. Either the police do know and are lying or there is a huge cover up going on. However again when you look at this in the light of ISIS insisting they were behind this, you have to ask, “Doesn’t that make more sense than just ‘we don’t know maybe he’s just crazy'”?

111This guy was all about gooks and guns and he was all out of gooks.

So yeah, that’s about where we are. Again you must remember we’re less than a week into this thing and there is bound to be more information moving forward but in all likely hood we will have to really look for it in between lots and lots of disinformation and outright lies. I don’t trust much of anything the government and law enforcement tells us but we can take the information they do give out and sift it along with other information that other sources find so we can try to create some sort of picture of this event that makes sense. There are people all over the internet right now that are probably finding out more about this guy and his past than even the FBI. Such is the way of the webs. We will of course stay right on top of it as best we can here at the Semitic Truth Center as more information becomes available. Until then, we always have nigger crime stories, Jews and feminists to write about. If we’re lucky, we’ll even be able to combine some of them together.



Bad Internet Day

sad pepe nazi

Just wanted to put up a quick note to let everyone know why there has been no new content up here today.

I have been busy as hell for the past few weeks, making it extremely difficult to keep content up to date here. Well to top it off today my internet stopped for all practical purposes. Ok, technically it was still working but it took about 15 minutes to load a single page. It’s working for now but I’m tired. Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.